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Facsimile postage statements must contain data and elements in locations as close as possible to where they appear on the USPS form. Data fields that do not pertain to information and prices claimed in the mailing and other extraneous information that appears on the USPS form do not have to be included. Facsimiles must include all other information pertaining to the mailing, including the class of mail (or subclass as appropriate), postage payment method (e.g., permit imprint), and four-digit form number (hyphen and suffix optional). All parts, and line numbers within each part, must reflect those on the USPS form. In some cases, this can include fields from multiple USPS forms onto a single facsimile. Most importantly, the facsimile must fully and exactly reproduce the "Certification" and "USPS Use Only" fields that appear on the USPS form. A facsimile postage statement produced by software certified by the USPS Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluation (PAVE) or Manifest Analysis and Certification (MAC) program is considered a USPS-approved form for these standards. Others may be approved by the entry office postmaster.


430 First Class Mail


434 Postage Payment and Documentation


3.0 Mailing Documentation

3.1 Completing Postage Statements

[Revise 3.1 as follows:]

Unless manifested using eVS under 705.2.9, any mailing claiming other than single-piece prices and all permit imprint mailings must be accompanied by a postage statement using one of the following approved methods:


Electronic, at PostalOne! facilities only. Copies of finalized postage statements are available online at the Business Customer Gateway. A change made to any postage statement requires the mailer (agent) to cancel the postage statement online and submit a corrected version.


By hard-copy, if the hard-copy postage statements are completed and signed by the mailer (agent). The mailer (agent) may submit a computer-generated facsimile (see 3.8, Facsimile Postage Statements). A change made to any postage statement requires the mailer (agent) to correct the postage statement accordingly and document the correction.  Hard-copy postage statements are processed as follows:


At PostalOne! facilities - business mail acceptance will enter hardcopy mailing data manually to document the mailing and produce a PS Form 3607-R, Mailing Transaction Receipt. Receipts are available to customers upon request but will not be mailed. Copies of finalized postage statements from PostalOne! facilities are available online at the Business Customer Gateway.

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