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  • 19.

    The right is reserved by the Board Directors to reduce the amount of prize money or special awards paid to the exhibitors below the amounts published in the various classes and sections of the prize list, as circumstances and conditions beyond their control may warrant and can be subject to change without prior notice.

  • 20.

    15% of prize winnings will be deducted from Light and Heavy Horse, Cattle and Sheep Classes with exception of Inter-County 4-H Show.

  • 21.

    All Beef Cattle and Sheep Exhibitors must park their vehicles in assigned parking lot.

  • 22.

    All prize money cheques must be cashed before December 15th, 2011.

  • 23.

    (a) Exhibitors of animals, machinery in motion, machinery and all other exhibits, shall guard their exhibits and protect the public from coming in contact therewith except as may expressly be provided for as part of the exhibit as approved by Melbourne Agricultural Society.

    • (b)

      The exhibitor shall maintain in force at his own expense, a policy of liability insurance indemnifying him, his servants or agents by law for damages sustained by the any person on the premises of M.A.S. caused by the negligence of the exhibitor, his servants, or agents on the premises of Melbourne Agricultural Society.

    • (c)

      The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless M.A.S. for any loss or damage for which M.A.S. may become liable by reason of negligence of the exhibitor, his servants or agents.

    • (d)

      The exhibitor agrees that M.A.S., its servants or agents shall not be liable to him for any injury, loss or damage which he, the exhibitor, may sustain by reason of any negligence or want of care on the part of M.A.S., its servants or agents occurring on the premises of M.A.S. and the exhibitor expressly assumes the risk of injury, loss or damage arising from the negligence on the part of M.A.S. on the premises aforesaid.

    • (e)

      Exhibitors will insure that their exhibits will be staffed, operated, shown, ridden or driven by a person or persons experienced and instructed in the proper performance of such work as may be required in the exhibit.

  • 24.

    Only MELBOURNE FAIR TAGS must be affixed to all exhibits (excluding livestock), any other Fair Tag usage will disqualify the exhibit and will NOT be judged.

Parties at a distance may fill in their entry blanks and mail them to the secretary, at P.O Box 129, Melbourne, ON. N0L 1T0. Their entry tickets will be received without delay on the morning of the fair.

Agricultural Hall: (519) 289-5600

All persons entering the grounds must pay the admission fee with NO EXCEPTIONS. This applies to officials of the fair, employees, exhibitors, performers, concessionaires and fair visitors. Members will be admitted with a membership pass to pick up items entered in the fair displays. Thank you for cooperating. CAUTION: The Melbourne Agricultural Society will not hold itself responsible for any accident or injury that may occur on the grounds during the Fair or Tractor Pull. NOTICE: During the time of races, rigs not entered are positively forbidden to be driven on the grounds!

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