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AUTC 103 Principles of Alternative/ Renewable Energies

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Covers basic principles and history of alternative energy sources.Industry and government status of geothermal, wind,solar,biomass,fuel cells and other energy sources will be highlighted,as well as a thorough discussion of Smart Grid Technology.Alternative and traditional energies will be defined and compared in terms of today’s use.This course will provide first responder for hybrid and electric vehicle safety training and will dis-

cuss evolving energy careers. AUTC 104 Liquid Propane Gas I (LPG)

3 Credits

Prerequisites:AUTC 107.First in a series of two that focuses on the use of liquefied propane gas as an alternative fuel,and how it’s used in material handling,automobiles and light duty trucks. Additionally,the theory of operation,installation,diagnosis and cur- rent safety regulations of the use of LPG will be covered in this class.

AUTC 106 Compressed Natural Gas I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:AUTC 107.Introduces students to the role,function and application of compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternative fuel for today’s internal combustion engine.Course prepares stu-

dents to take the ASE F1 exam.

AUTC 107 Engine Principles and Vehicle Service

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None. This course introduces engine dynamics,theory of engine operation and characteristics of engine design. Studies will include component removal and replacement,visual inspection, precision measuring,gaskets,lubricants,sealants,and coolants. Under hood maintenance and service will also be covered.

AUTC 108 Biomass, Biogas, Micro-turbine Technology

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032.Focuses on the release of chemical energy by accelerating the naturally occurring carbon dioxide cycle and the use of this energy to power engines and generators.Natural fuels,fuels made from plant materials and garbage will be discussed.Engine efficien- cy and its impact on lower emissions will be discussed.

AUTC 109 Engine Performance I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.The first in a series of three courses that covers the operating systems of an internal combustion engine.The basic theory and operation of ignition,fuel,emission,and mechanical sys- tems will be presented.Basic test procedures will be introduced. Computer engine system basics will be explained.Basic service and replacement procedures and techniques will also be covered.

AUTC 112 Liquid Propane Gas II (LPG)

3 Credits

Prerequisites:AUTC 104.Second course in the series covering liquid propane gas.LPG II continues with in-depth topics in maintenance, diagnosis and repair as well as conversions and installation using

the liquid propane system. AUTC 113 Electrical and Electronics I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.This first of three electrical classes introduces the fundamentals of electricity and automotive electronics. Digital multi-meters and circuit troubleshooting is covered. Emphasis is placed on understanding and utilizing electrical diagrams. Batteries,starting and charging systems are covered.

AUTC 114 Compressed Natural Gas II

3 Credits

Prerequisites:AUTC 106.Applies skills gained from AUTC 106 and expands them in theory and application.The course focuses on the advanced maintenance,diagnosis and repair,as well as conversion and installation of the compressed natural gas fuel system.

AUTC 121 Braking Systems

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.This introductory course teaches theory,service and repair of automotive braking systems and their components. Emphasis is given to hydraulic theory,repair,and service of system components,including anti-lock and traction control systems.

AUTC 123 Electrical and Electronics II

3 Credits

Prerequisites:AUTC 113 and demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in MATH 040.This second in a series of three courses will study electrical cir- cuit theory and diagnostic procedures.The topics for this course include principles of operation and diagnostics for the various auto- motive electrical and electronic systems. This course introduces

body controllers and multiplexing. AUTC 125 Manual Drivetrains

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.This courses covers theory,diagnosis,and over- haul procedures related to manual transmission/transaxles,clutches,

transfer cases,and differential assemblies. AUTC 127 Engine Repair

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.A study of precision tools,equipment,and pro- cedures needed to repair today’s automotive engines. Focus is placed on proper repair, assembly,and installation techniques appli-

cable to the modern engine. AUTC 135 Automatic Transmission

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.A study of automatic transmission theory of operation,diagnosis,testing,and repair procedures.Theory and diagnosis of computer-controlled transmissions will also be covered.

AUTC 145 Powertrain Service

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.A study of driveline theory and in-car service procedures.Theory and overhaul procedures related to the drive-

shaft and axle assemblies for front and rear wheel drive vehicles included.Removal and installation of transmissions and transaxles covered.Transmission/driveline diagnosis and in car repair included.

AUTC 149 Introduction to Motor Sports

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Provides an overview of the various racing/ motor sports venues in the U.S.Students will gain an understanding of various racing venues and their operations.Emphasis will be placed on professional level racing,although sportsman and semi- professional venues will also be discussed.Students will learn about the various careers available throughout the motor sports industry.

AUTC 150 Small Engine Maintenance

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None. Covers disassembly, inspection, measuring, cleaning,machine repair and proper assembly techniques applicable

to small gas engine overhaul. Includes overhaul of carburetor and ignition systems as well as maintenance procedures on two-cycle

and four-cycle engines. AUTC 152 Diesel Engine Theory

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Operation of the diesel engine and the differ- ences between a diesel and gas engine.Includes instruction on shop equipment,fuels,oils,seals,bearings,lubrication and cooling system.

AUTC 201 Climate Control Systems

3 Credits

Prerequisites:AUTC 113.This course covers air conditioning and heating systems used on modern vehicles.Emphasis is given to the operation and theory of the air conditioning and its components. Vacuum and electronic control circuits are included.Federal regula- tions for handling and recycling of all refrigerants will be stressed.

Automatic climate control systems are also covered. AUTC 209 Engine Performance II

3 Credits

Prerequisites:AUTC 109.This second in a series of three classes cov- ers the diagnosis and repair of ignition,fuel,emission,and computer systems.Extensive coverage is given to manufacturer specific com- puter engine control and fuel injection systems.Topics will include OBD I,OBD II,and future on-board diagnostic systems.

AUTC 210 Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies

3 Credits

Prerequisites:AUTC 103 and AUTC 123.This course provides an overview of the fundamentals of operation,diagnosis and repairing of electric and gas-electric hybrid vehicles. Topics to be covered will include batteries,fuel cells,electric motors,controllers,invertors and auxiliary accessories utilized in the Electric Vehicle and Hybrid

Electric Vehicle platforms.

AUTC 211 Alternative Fuels Installation and Application

3 Credits

Prerequisites:AUTC 103,AUTC 104,and AUTC 106.Focuses on shop safety,gaseous fuel handling,federal fuel standards and industry


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