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032.Students gain knowledge and understanding of the manage- ment functions in the construction industry including the project cycle,company and project organization,financial and budgeting considerations, documentation, monitoring, cost control, etc.Emphasis is placed on the responsibilities of managers and their relationship to other agents involved in a construction project.

BCOM 206 Construction Estimating

3 Credits

Prerequisites:BCOM 102 and demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in MATH 050 or MATH 015 or MATH 023.The first in a series of two estimating courses.Students will study fundamentals of performing construc- tion estimates including making material quantity take-offs and labor estimates.The Construction Specifications Institute (material divisions) will be used to organize the estimating process.Emphasis is placed on interpreting plans and specifications to determine accu- rate material quantities and labor estimates,selection of appropri- ate material grades and types,and other miscellaneous cost associ- ated with successful completion of a building project.

BCOM 208 Construction Business Management

3 Credits

Prerequisite:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032.Students gain knowledge and understanding of the busi- ness management functions in the construction industry and describes the functions of managers,including the management of activities,finances business development and personnel. The course focuses on application of guiding principles in construction man- agement. It introduces the basic principles of accounting including debit and credit,balance sheets and income statements. In addition

it addresses marketing in relation to market analysis,plans and

acquisition of work. BCOM 210 Codes and Specifications

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032.A study of the interpretation of technical building specifica- tions, codes,and contract documents as they affect the selection, and application of materials and equipment.The course will empha- size understanding of local,state,and national codes,and explore

contractual relationships and considerations. BCOM 220 Project Planning and Control

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Covers the concepts and techniques for scheduling and control systems for effectively man- aging a construction project.Students will obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively plan and schedule a project,to monitor and control all project aspects,and to anticipate and resolve

problems as they occur. BCOM 223 Advanced Estimating

3 Credits

Prerequisites:BCOM 102 and BCOM 206.The second of two estimat- ing courses with emphasis on using specialized software to perform

estimating and cost control tasks.Estimating projects are focused on

commercial and industrial construction. BCOM 230 Construction Equipment

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or successful completion of MATH 111 or MATH 035 or MATH 043.Introduces principles and techniques for selecting and managing construction equipment.Identification and evaluation of types of site equipment including hand tools,power equipment, earthmoving/excavation equipment,etc.Emphasis is placed on esti- mating and analysis of equipment productivity,ownership and

operating cost. BCOM 235 Safety and Risk Management

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032.Emphasis is placed on identifying and reducing safety risk on the job site.Students will study OSHA standards,accident and fire prevention,protection from hazardous materials,use of protective equipment and clothing,construction equipment and other safety concerns.The role of managers,workers,sub-contractors and others is stressed.Students will gain an appreciation for how accidents and

safety concerns affect morale and productivity. BCOM 240 Professional Internship

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Major focus is to provide practical on-the-job experience working with a construction compa- ny. Student interns might work in the areas of print reading,esti- mating, equipment management,project supervision,or other

management related activities and tasks.

BCOT 104 Floor and Wall Layout and Construction

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Examines the design and construction of floor and wall systems.Student develops the skill needed for layout and construction of floor and wall systems from blueprints and profes-

sional planning documents. BCOT 105 Roof Construction

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Studies the design and construction of roof sys- tems. Emphasizes use of the framing square for traditional rafter and truss roofing.Instruct students in additional up-to-date techniques.

BCOT 107 Electrical Blueprint Reading/NEC

3 Credits

Prerequisites:CONT 127.An introduction to the skills in basic electri- cal print interpretation and understanding electrical symbols,pre- senting the student with the electrical design problems and related calculations in accordance with the most current NEC.Emphasis is placed on reading blueprints and specifications for a single-family dwelling,multi-family dwelling,commercial and industrial applica- tions and hazardous locations.The student will be using a new com- puter assisted program to assist with estimating a project.Emphasis

will be placed on understanding residential and commercial stan-

dards and the proper development of mechanical engineering

drawings. BCOT 110 Cabinetry

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Develops knowledge and skills in building of cabinets,including methods of construction,necessary hardware and installation;also use of portable power tools and stationary

power tools. BCOT 113 Interior Trim

3 Credits

Prerequisite:CONT 101.Develops basic knowledge,skills,and aware- ness of interior trim. Provides training in installation of drywall, moldings,interior doors,kitchen cabinets,and baseboard moldings.

BCOT 114 Exterior Trim

3 Credits

Prerequisites:CONT 101.Develops necessary skills in the finishing of the exterior of a building.The student obtains skills in the installa- tion of the cornice,windows,doors and various types of sidings used

in today’s market place.

BCOT 115 Auxiliary Building Design and Construction

3 Credits

Prerequisites:CONT 101.Develops carpentry skills in construction of garages,storage buildings,wood decks,patios,privacy fences and

gazebos. BCOT 120 Woodworking Fundamentals

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.An introductory study of the basic skills in wood- working. Emphasis is placed on safety,tool set-up and machine oper- ations. Other topics include proper joinery and material selection.

BCOT 121 Furniture Design and Construction 3 Credits Prerequisites:BCOT 120.Develops skills in the design,layout,and construction of furniture.Students are introduced to furniture styles,

types of materials used,and methods of construction. BCOT 122 Woodworking Jig Layout

3 Credits

Prerequisites:BCOT 120.Develops skills in the design,layout and con- struction of holding devices,called jigs,used for special setups on the table saw,joiner band saw,and other woodworking machines.Each jig can be a single function,or a multi-functioning jig.

BCOT 123 Furniture Framework

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduces the basic skills and technology of fur- niture construction,focusing on case construction,face frames and

furniture legs. BCOT 124 Millwork

3 Credits

Prerequisites:BCOT 120.Introduces the basic skills and technology of the production of wood products and focuses on machinery set-up and operations for making moldings,doorframes and picture frames.


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