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BCOT 125 Furniture Finishing and Repair

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Develops knowledge and skills in the technology of refinishing and repairing furniture.Introduces procedures used in

stripping,bleaching,caning,veneering and wood fillers.

BCOT 126 Furniture Door and Drawer Assembly

3 Credits

Prerequisites:BCOT 120.An advanced class that develops skills in the design,layout,and construction of doors,drawers,and table- tops. Students are introduced to various types of hardware and installation methods.

BCOT 127 Basic Theory of Paint and Stain

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduces the basic skills and techniques of fin-

ishing wood products,including proper preparation,staining and

finishing procedures. BCOT 128 Woodworking Hobbies and Crafts

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduces the basic skills and techniques in lay- out and construction of small projects such as bookcases,file cabi- nets, and mantels.Introduces the skills in layout and assembly of small hobby projects such as kitchen accessories,and living room,

bedroom decorations. BCOT 129 Residential Wiring

3 Credits

Prerequisites:CONT 127.Covers the practice of residential wiring, including electrical service,metering equipment,lighting,switches, outlets and other common components,and methods of installation and maintenance of the residential wiring system in accordance

with the current National Electrical Code. BCOT 130 Home Inspection

3 Credits

Prerequisite:None.This course is designed to review the way build- ings are designed and constructed,which areas of buildings should be inspected,and how to inspect them. Students will learn to pre- pare an inspection report;reports designed to meet the specifica- tions of lending institutions and other organizations requiring home

inspection services. BCOT 131 Residential Building Codes

3 Credits

Prerequisite:None.Introduces the students to building code require- ments in Indiana.Students will become familiar with the current code book and how to use it. Emphasis will be placed on examining

those provisions that apply to general contractors. BCOT 171 Landscape Construction

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.Study design and construction of various land- scape construction systems. Emphasize use of the landscape tools and methods for exterior design. Instruct students in additional up- to-date techniques and materials.Introduces“green”practices.

BCOT 172 Kitchen and Bath Construction

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Involves the requirements and space planning

for kitchens and baths,utilizing both standard and custom cabinetry and fixtures.Topics also include plumbing,electrical and current

technologies available in these environments. BCOT 202 Plumbing Fundamentals

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Studies the operation and function of the home plumbing system.Introduces pipe drawings and pipe layout and iso- metric blueprint reading symbols.Demonstrates how to rough in plumbing and install drainage,water systems,fixtures and water

heaters in compliance with the plumbing code. BCOT 203 Masonry Concrete Fundamentals

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Covers materials and methods of construction with concrete block,brick,and forming for poured concrete.Includes

study in the preparation of the building site.

BCOT 205 Advanced Projects in Building Construction I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:CONT 101 and CONT 106.Applies problem solving to common problems in construction.Emphasizes the cooperation between several trades in the construction industry.

BCOT 206 Advanced Projects in Building Construction II

3 Credits

Prerequisites:BCOT 205.Applies problem-solving skills to common challenges in construction.Emphasizes the cooperation between several trades in the construction industry allowing students to practice necessary skills to resolve the problem.Concentrates on

decision-making skills. BCOT 207 Carpentry-Light Commercial

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduces carpentry skills required in light com- mercial construction.Focuses on construction methods and materi- als used for office buildings,clinics,small churches and other non-

residential structures. BCOT 208 Electrical Estimating

3 Credits

Perquisite: CONT 127.This course presents the student with the electrical estimating process for residential and light commercial construction. Emphasis is placed on reading blueprints and specifi- cations, estimating labor,materials,and associated costs. The stu- dent will be using a new computer assisted program to assist with

estimating a project.

BCOT 211 Construction Organization and Procedures

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduces organization and management pro- cedures focusing on subcontracting,equipment and tool inventories,

job materials,codes,inspections and permits. BCOT 213 Motors and Motor Controls

3 Credits

Prerequisites:CONT 127.Studies the wiring and design of motor con- trol circuits,including circuit and conductor calculations,motor cir-

cuits and controls.Includes control transformers and service,circuit layout for motor controls and machine tool hookup and control.

BCOT 214 Wall and Floor Coverings

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Covers modern materials and techniques of inte-

rior floor and wall coverings.Provides instruction on assessing the durability and maintenance of materials and techniques in correct

installation procedures. BCOT 216 Advanced Residential Design

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Studies residential floor plans and elevation.Analyzes contemporary living patterns,cost,pri- vacy, convenience and efficiency,coordinated with needs.Compares exterior styles for cost and aesthetic values.Studies multiple housing, duplex arrangements,apartments and condominiums.Provides stu- dents with opportunities to do floor plans,elevations,and perspec- tive drawings to incorporate the conclusions reached from research.

BCOT 219 Survey and Measurement

3 Credits

Prerequisites:CONT 106 and demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in MATH 050 or MATH 015 or MATH 023.Presents fundamentals of surveying, including use of transit,reading angles,land description,restrictions

and legal problems.Covers topographical maps and their use.

BCOT 220 Electrical Troubleshooting Techniques

3 Credits

Prerequisites:CONT 127.Presents methods and techniques for trou- bleshooting appliances,motors,motor controls,relay wiring,com-

mercial wiring and industrial wiring systems. BCOT 222 Commercial/Industrial Wiring

3 Credits

Prerequisites:CONT 127.Covers wiring methods and material selec- tion for commercial and industrial wiring systems.Studies include mechanical installation of hardware as well as electrical design and layout.Focuses on tool use,material selection,and installation of

machines in the industrial setting. BCOT 223 Plumbing Design and Installation

3 Credits

Prerequisites:BCOT 202.Provides techniques for working with pipes and fittings.Studies residential and commercial electrical hot water heating systems,private well water systems and electrical compo-

nents of plumbing systems. BCOT 225 Fabrication

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Studies concepts and tech- niques of industrialized housing.Covers pre-fabrication,fabrication, jigs and rigging,including manufactured housing,sectional homes

and modular homes. BCOT 228 Advanced Woodworking

5 Credits

Prerequisites:BCOT 120.Applies problem-solving solutions in furni- ture construction,as well as cabinetry construction and installation.

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