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BUSN 206 Crisis Management

3 Credits

Prerequisite:None.Explores how to manage business crises,how best

to avoid them,and what managers can learn from the experience.

BUSN 207 Introduction to International Business

3 Credits

Prerequisites: BUSN 101.Provides an overview of the international environment in which business operates today.Demonstrates the global relationships between business activities and how events in one part of the world can influence business decisions and activities

in other parts of the world. BUSN 208 Organizational Behavior

3 Credits

Prerequisites: BUSN 105.Studies human behavior in organizations at the individual and group level,including the effects of organiza- tional structure on behavior.Focuses on using organizational behav- ior concepts for developing and improving interpersonal skills.

BUSN 209 Introduction to e-Business

3 Credits

Prerequisites: BUSN 101 and CINS 101.Focuses on how e-business is being conducted and managed,its major opportunities,limitations, issues and risks.E-business applications to be discussed include those of business to consumer,business to business,and intra busi- ness. Because e-business is interdisciplinary,subject matter will be

directed at managers,professionals,and students who wish an

overview of the e-business potential. BUSN 210 Managerial Finance

3 Credits

Prerequisites:ACCT 101 and BUSN 101,and MATH 111 or MATH 035 or MATH 043.An introductory course in the principles of financial management.Develops decision-making skills related to the finan- cial resources of a firm.Includes techniques of financial analysis, time value of money,capital budgeting,risk and return.

BUSN 212 Principles of Leadership

3 Credits

Prerequisites: BUSN 105.Introduction and overview of fundamental concepts of effective leadership in formal organizations.

BUSN 213 Management in Non-Profit


3 Credits

Prerequisites: BUSN 105.This course is designed to introduce the student to the purpose and function of non-profit organizations. Students will apply planning,organization,leadership and control techniques as they apply to the non-profit sector.

BUSN 220 Conference Leadership Training

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Stresses the importance of the conference in business and industry.Emphasizes the practical application of the various techniques of conference leadership and an understanding

of group dynamics in the conference setting. BUSN 221 Principles of Employment

3 Credits

Prerequisites: BUSN 202.An in-depth look at the employment

process.Emphasis will be placed on the role of recruiting,selecting and training of employees.Techniques in job analysis,behavioral interviewing and on-the-job training will be studied in much detail.

BUSN 222 Benefits Administration

3 Credits

Prerequisites: BUSN 202.Provides an in-depth look at benefit administration.Topics include vacations,holiday pay,insurance, retirement programs and other employee inducements.Emphasis will be placed on cost of benefits in relationship to the overall com-

pensation package.The course will also look at the relevance of reward and recognition and pay structures.

BUSN 223 Occupational Safety and Health

3 Credits

Prerequisites: BUSN 105.A look at the importance of safety and health in the workplace.The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 will be examined in depth with relationship to businesses and their employees.Emphasis will be placed on effective practices,costs, labor and management responsibilities,health hazards,alcohol and drug abuse,worker’s compensation,physical conditions and training.

BUSN 227 Logistics/Supply Chain Management

3 Credits

Prerequisites: BUSN 101.A study of the strategic supply chain con- cepts included in the field of logistics and supply chain manage- ment. Topics covered include:supply chain strategy,planning and design, customer service, transportation, purchasing, forecasting, inventory and warehouse management,global supply chain man- agement, managing supply chain risk,and financial control of logis-

tics performance. BUSN 228 Principles of Purchasing

3 Credits

Prerequisites: BUSN 101.Designed to teach the basics of purchasing management.Topics covered include:the challenge of purchasing and materials management,objectives and organization,function,specifi- cation, quality control and inspection,supplier evaluation,selection, and measurement,supplier development,strategic cost management, contracts and negotiation,purchasing relationships,purchasing trans- portation, purchasing laws and ethics,and global sourcing.

BUSN 229 Transportation Systems

3 Credits

Prerequisites: BUSN 101.Examines the structure and importance of the commercial transportation industry in the logistics sector of business. Topics covered include an in-depth examination of the various modes of transportation including discussions of regulations,economics,charac- teristics, and development in major transportation modes.Also dis- cussed are costing and pricing issues in transportation and relationship

management between buyers and sellers of transportation.

BUSN 230 Business Statistics

3 Credits

Prerequisites: BUSN 101 and MATH 111or MATH 035 or MATH 043.Designed to build student competence in the areas of descrip- tive and inferential statistics,through emphasis on the application

of these statistical methods.Includes an examination of data,proba- bility of occurrence,and basic sampling processes.Uses statistical methods to model results and uses these models for forecasting.Tests to examine the appropriateness of these tech-

niques are introduced. BUSN 231 Business Statistics II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: BUSN 230.Corequisites:MATH 201.Focuses on Chi- Square applications,linear regression,multiple regression,and an analysis of variance.Students will be expected to apply a statistical package to topical applications.

BUSN 235 SHRM Certification Preparation

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Prepares students to sit for the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification exam spon-

sored by the Society for Human Resource Management.

BUSN 271 Lessons in Leadership

3 Credits

Prerequisite:BUSN 105. Leadership styles and strategies of historical leaders and/or modern day leaders are analyzed and applied to 21st century business scenarios. Modern management theories are dis-

cussed in relationship to actual events in historical events to legit-

imize the theories in a practical application. BUSN 280 Co-op/Internship

1-6 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Gives students the opportu- nity to work at a job site that is specifically related to their career objectives.Provides on-the-job experience while earning credit toward an associate degree.

CARD 205 Introduction to Electrocardiography 3 Credits Prerequisites:HLHS 101.This course presents the rationale for obtaining an electrocardiogram as well as related theory including anatomy and physiology,procedural technique and equipment uti- lized. Students will be introduced to basic rhythm analysis including recognizing standard electrical waves and accurately measuring

each normal sinus rhythm and basic arrhythmias.

CARD 206 Advanced Electrocardiograph Technique

3 Credits

Prerequisites:CARD 205.Discusses related anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system,identification of cardiac arrhythmias, their rhythm strip appearance and common treatment modalities.

Also includes event and Holtor monitoring. CARD 207 ECG Externship

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Provides opportunities to observe,perform,and discuss various ECG related competencies

under supervision in selected clinics or hospit


CATX 101 Physical Principles, Clinical Applications and Quality Control I

3 Credits

Prerequisite:Advisor Approval.Provides comphrehensive coverage of

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