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CINS 203 Systems Analysis and Design

3 Credits

Prerequisites: Minimum of 21 CINS and/or CINT credits successfully completed.In this course the student will learn methodologies per-

tinent to the assessment,design and implementation of business

computer information systems. CINS 205 Database Design

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINS 125.Introduces program applications in a data- base environment with emphasis on loading,modifying,querying the database by means of a host language.Discusses data struc- tures; indexed and direct file organizations;models of data,includ- ing hierarchical,network and relational;storage philosophies,data administration and analysis;design;and implementation.

CINS 206 Project Development with High-Level Tools

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Analyzes established and evolving methodologies for the development of business-oriented computer information systems.Develops competencies in tech- niques that apply modern software tools to generate applications directly,without requiring detailed and highly technical program

writing efforts. CINS 215 Field Study

1-4 Credits

Prerequisites:None.A field study class is comparable to on-the-job training activities directly related to the CIS program of study.This must be approved by the program chair and the student must be in his/her last semester.A student must have a GPA of 3.0 to apply for

this study position. CINS 218 Advanced COBOL Programming

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINS 118.Continues topics introduced in CIS 104 with more logically complex business problems.Develops a higher level of COBOL proficiency as well as greater familiarity with debugging techniques.Uses the structured approach through class instruction and laboratory experience.

CINS 221 Advanced C/C++/C# Programming 3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINS 212.Continues those topics introduced in C Language Programming with emphasis on array processing, advanced debugging techniques,dynamic memory allocation,and classes.Introduces Windows programming in C++ using MFC. Provides the opportunity to apply skills in a laboratory environ- ment.Students will be introduced to Object Oriented Design and Programming concepts using C++ language features.Differences between C++ and classical C programming will be addressed.

CINS 222 Advanced RPG Programming

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINS 122.Offers advanced study in the use of RPG compiler language in solving business problems.Focuses on the file processing methods and a working knowledge of advanced features

and techniques through laboratory experience.

CINS 225 Advanced Database Management Systems

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINS 201 or CINS 207.Emphasizes the development of

advanced applications in database management.

CINS 227 Topics in Information Management 3 Credits Prerequisites: CINS 114.Discusses topics of current interest in infor- mation management.Includes examples from production,opera- tions, accounting,finance,marketing,sales and human resources. Focuses on special interest projects.Utilizes field trips,guest speak-

ers, audio-visual activities and seminars. CINS 230 Seminar II

2 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Discusses topics of current interest in computerized information management with emphasis on applications of information management skills during lab time. Identifies and offers various seminar topics each term under this

course number. CINS 236 Advanced Java Programming

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINS 136.Continues those topics introduced in CINS 136 with emphasis on arrays,graphics,inheritance,the Abstract Windows Toolkit (AWT),using layout managers,and other various Java tools and concepts.Provides the opportunity to apply skills in a laboratory environment.

CINS 237 Advanced Visual Basic Programming 3 Credits Prerequisites: CINS 137.Continues those topics introduced in CINS 232.The emphasis is on data file design,data handling,database access,ActiveX,menus,variable arrays,and Visual Basic.Students will use advanced features to increase their level of proficiency in devel-

oping Visual Basic applications.

CINS 238 Advanced Simulation and Game Development

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINS 112.Includes in-depth discussions on creating 2D and 3D simulations and games using game libraries,timers,inter-

rupt handlers,and multi-threading. CINS 239 Advanced Computer Forensics

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINS 139.Presents a continuation of the concepts learned in CINS 139,Introduction to Computer Forensics. Incidents of computers being used in the commission of crimes is increasing, making this a particularly high-demand field. This course presents advanced methods to properly conduct a computer forensics investi- gation for both criminal and corporate cases.

CINS 253 Graphic Image Lab

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINS 102.A fundamental course that introduces stu- dents to computer design graphic software.The focus of the course is on understanding basic computer graphics terminology,the mas- tering of fundamental photo editing and basic design skills and development of efficient working styles.

CINS 257 Advanced Web Site Development

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINS 157.There is a combination of technical and non- technical skills required for those interested in Web site develop- ment. The range of skills includes those required for a designer,a developer,and an administrator.This course provides a basic under- standing of the essential Web designer skills including a review of site development essentials,an in-depth analysis of Web design ele- ments, basic Web technologies,and advanced Web technologies. This course provides the basic knowledge required to sit for the CIW

Site Designer certification exam. CINS 258 Web Applications Programming

3 Credits

Prerequisite:CINS 157.This course will provide a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts involved when designing applications with a server-side programming language and an SQL database. There is an emphasis on logical program design using a modular approach involving task oriented program functions. Students will receive hands-on experience creating,modifying,retrieving and reporting from databases. Students will also develop a business application using a Web-oriented programming language and SQL.

CINS 259 Web Administration

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINS 157,CINT 121,CINT 201.Gives the basics covered in the CIW Server Administrator Certification Exam.Students will learn to configure and manage corporate Internet and intranet infrastructure,monitor and tune Web,FT ,news and mail servers and

configure and deploy e-business solutions servers for midsize to

large businesses. CINS 279 Capstone Course

1 Credit

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Prepares the student for entry into the Information world.Reviews procedures for interview- ing, team participation,and ethical and productive job performance. Provides for taking program outcomes assessments.

CINS 280 Co-op/Internship

1-6 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Provides students with the opportunity to work at a job site that is specifically related to their career objectives.Provides on-the-job experience while earning credit toward an associate degree.Fourth semester standing and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better is recommended for Internship stu-

dents. CINT 105 Operating Systems

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated computer proficiency through appropri- ate assessment or successful completion of CINS 101.Studies of com- puter operating systems,purposes,structure and various functions. Provides general understanding of how comprehensive sets of lan- guage translators and service programs,operating under superviso- ry coordination of an integrated control program,form the total operating systems of a computer.

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