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CINT 106 Microcomputer Operating Systems 3 Credits Prerequisites:Demonstrated computer proficiency through appro- priate assessment or successful completion of ENGL 031.Corequisite: CINT 121.Introduces the organization,structure,and functions of an operating system for a microcomputer.Presents the student with operating system concepts such as commands,error messages, interrupts,function calls,device drivers,structure,files and organiza-

tion.Incorporates concepts into practical applications. CINT 109 UNIX Operating Systems

3 Credits

Prerequisites:CINT 106.Studies the UNIX operating System and its use as a time-sharing operating system.Includes basic UNIX com- mands, use of the visual editor,the UNIX directory structure and file management with SHELL commands.Offers opportunities to apply

skills and knowledge in a laboratory environment.

CINT 110 Hardware and Software Troubleshooting

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINT 106.Presents an in-depth analysis of the compo- nents of a computer system and their relationship to each other. Includes concepts of parallel and serial connectivity,installation and maintenance of software,peripheral devices,interface cards,and device drivers.The student will analyze realistic hardware/software problems encountered in the workplace and learn techniques and

procedures to implement solutions. CINT 120 Data Communications

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINS 102.Introduces the evolution of telecommunica- tions and its affect on data communication systems.Topics covered will include the basic components of a communications system,a study of electrical signals used to represent data,the importance of error control when transmitting information,and the functions of network systems and their role in the communication of informa- tion.Students will also have an opportunity to explore data commu-

nications topics through research. CINT 121 Network Fundamentals

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.Corequisite:CINT 106.A study of local area net- works, their topologies and their functions and provides a general understanding of the basic LAN protocols.Topics covered include: fundamental concepts and terminology,the IEEE/ISO Logical Link Control standard,construction of a LAN,and LAN data links for inter-

net works. CINT 125 Windows Client Operating System

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINT 106.Provides instruction to demonstrate ability to implement,administer,and troubleshoot information systems that incorporate Microsoft Windows.Course is designed to follow a path toward the appropriate Microsoft certification series.

CINT 135 Novell Administration I

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINT 121.Introduces the organization,structure,func- tions, and administration of a network operating system.This course is designed to train the student in administration of a local area net- work. Presents network operating system concepts such as file and shared printing,data protection,application installation,and electron- ic messaging.Concepts will be incorporated into practical applications.

CINT 136 Novell Advanced Administration

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINT 135.Provides s the knowledge and skills needed to design,configure,and administer a complex network.The course

is designed to provide students with an advanced skill set.

CINT 140 Cisco Discovery: Networking for Home and Small Businesses

4 Credits

Prerequisite:CINT Program Advisor Approval.The goal of this course is to introduce you to fundamental networking concepts and tech- nologies. This course provides a hands-on introduction to network- ing and the Internet using tools and hardware commonly found in the home and small business environment.These online materials will assist you in developing the skills necessary to plan and imple- ment small networks across a range of applications.This course pre- pares you with the skills needed to obtain entry-level Home Network Installer jobs.It also prepares you for some of the skills needed for Network Technician,Computer Technician,Cable Installer,

and Help Desk Technician jobs.

CINT 141 Cisco Discovery: Working at a Small-to-Medium Business or ISP

4 Credits

Prerequisite:CINT 140 or CINT Program Advisor Approval.The goal of this course is to assist students in developing the skills necessary to provide customer support to users of small-to-medium-sized net- works and across a range of applications.The course provides an introduction to routing and remote access,addressing and network services.It will also familiarize students with servers providing email services,web space,and Authenticated Access.This course prepares students with the skills required for entry-level Help Desk Technician

and entry-level Network Technician jobs.

CINT 160 Cisco Exploration: Network Fundamentals

4 Credits

Prerequisite:CINT Program Advisor Approval.The focus of this course is on learning the fundamentals of networking.In this course,stu- dents learn both the practical and conceptual skills that build the foundation for understanding basic networking.Human versus net- work communication are compared,and the parallels between them are presented.Students are introduced to the two major models used to plan and implement networks:OSI and TCP/IP.The OSI and TCP/IP functions and services are examined in detail.Various net- work devices,network addressing schemes and the types of media

used to carry data across the network are also presented.

CINT 161 Cisco Exploration: Routing Protocols and Concepts

4 Credits

Prerequisite:CINT 160 or CINT Program Advisor Approval.The pri- mary focus of this course is on routing and routing protocols.The goal is to develop an understanding of how a router learns about remote networks and determines the best path to those networks. This course includes both static routing,and dynamic routing proto- cols. By examining multiple routing protocols,students will gain a better understanding of each of the individual routing protocols and a better perspective of routing in general.Developing an under- standing of routing concepts is critical for implementing,verifying,

and troubleshooting routing operations. CINT 170 Seminar I

1 Credit

Prerequisites: Program Advisor Approval.Discusses topics of current interest in computerized information management with emphasis on applications of information management skills during lab time. Identifies and offers various seminar topics each term under this course number.

CINT 201 Advanced Operating Systems: LINUX 3 Credits Prerequisites: CINT 106.Studies advanced topics in operating sys- tems as they apply to networking applications.Provides data relat- ing to the different types of operating systems including worksta- tion and server.This course will provide the necessary information in preparation for the CompTia Linux+ Certification Exam.

CINT 210 PC Technology Essentials

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINT 106.Includes identification of basic terms,con- cepts and functions of system modules,and basic procedures for adding and removing field replaceable units.Reviews of portable system components,identification of system resources,and other detailed information concerning PC architecture,hardware and stan- dards. Includes identification of basic terms,concepts and function of operating systems in microcomputers and basic procedures for installation,upgrade and utilization.Reviews of basic concepts and

procedures for creating,viewing,and managing files,using utility programs and understanding normal operation and symptoms

relating to common problems. CINT 211 IT Technician

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINT 210.Includes the understanding of more advanced PC terminology,concepts,functions of system modules, and more complex procedures for troubleshooting issues regarding PCs.Includes analysis of portable system components,an indepth study of system resources,and other detailed information concern- ing PC architecture,hardware,software,and standards.Includes a more sophisticated study of advanced terminology,concepts and functions of systems software in microcomputers and basic proce-


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