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CINT 251 Introduction to Systems Security

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINT 121 and CINT 225.Provides a fundamental under- standing of network security principles and implementation.The stu- dent will learn the technologies used and principles involved in creat- ing a secure computer networking environment including authentica- tion, the types of attacks and malicious code that may be used against a network,the threats and countermeasures for e-mail,web

applications,remote access,and fi le and print services. CINT 252 Routers and Firewalls

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINT 251.Provides a basic understanding of the fun- damental concepts involved in fi rewalls,intrusion detection and VPN’s.This course prepares students to take the Check Point certifi- cation test 156-210.4 (Check Point Certified Security Administrator

NG,Management I). CINT 253 Microsoft Network Security

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINT 125,CINT 225,and CINT 227.This course teaches the fundamentals of implementing and administering security on Windows Server 2003 networks.This course will provide instruction to demonstrate the ability to implement,administer,and trou- bleshoot information systems that incorporate Microsoft Windows Server.This course is designed to follow a preparation path towards the Microsoft exam 70-298 Designing Security for a Microsoft Server

2003 Network. CINT 254 Linux/Networking Security

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CINT 201 or Program Advisor Approval.Introduces concepts of security for Linux servers for computer students to build a foundation of knowledge about server systems and server appli-

cations security.

CINT 260 Cisco Exploration: LAN Switching and Wireless

4 Credits

Prerequisite:CINT 161 or CINT Program Advisor Approval.The pri- mary focus of this course is on LAN switching and wireless LANs.The goal is to develop an understanding of how a switch communicates with other switches and routers in a small- or medium-sized busi- ness network to implement VLAN segmentation.This course focuses on Layer 2 switching protocols and concepts used to improve redun- dancy, propagate VLAN information,and secure the portion of the network where most users access network services.This course goes to great lengths to explain the underlying processes of the common Layer 2 switching technologies.

CINT 261 Cisco Exploration:Accessing the WAN

4 Credits

Prerequisite:CINT 260 or CINT Program Advisor Approval.The pri- mary focus of this course is on accessing wide area networks (WAN).

The goal is to develop an understanding of various WAN technolo- gies to connect small- to medium-sized business networks.The course introduces WAN converged applications and quality of serv- ice (QoS).It focuses on WAN technologies including PP ,Frame Relay,and broadband links.WAN security concepts are discussed in

detail,including types of threats,how to analyze network vulnera- bilities, general methods for mitigating common security threats and types of security appliances and applications. The course then explains the principles of traffic control and access control lists (ACLs) and describes how to implement IP addressing services for an Enterprise network,including how to configure NAT and DHCP. IPv6 addressing concepts are also discussed.During the course,stu- dents will learn how to use Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) to secure a router and implement IP addressing services.Finally,students learn how to detect,troubleshoot and cor- rect common Enterprise network implementation issues.

CINT 263 Cisco IP Telephony

3 Credits

Prerequisites:CINT 161 or CINT 240.Course content will focus on topics and lab activities surrounding voice and data convergence.IP Telephony will focus on entry level skills required to implement IP

Telephony in a SOHO environment. CINT 270 Seminar II

2 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Discusses topics of current interest in computerized information management with emphasis on applications of information management skills during lab time. Identifies and offers various seminar topics each term under this

course number. CINT 271 Field Study

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.A field study class is comparable to on-the-job training activities directly related to the CINS program of study.This must be approved by the program chair and the student must be in his/her last semester.A student must have a GPA of 3.0 to apply for

this study position. CINT 272 Cisco Wireless LANs

3 Credits

Prerequisite:CINT 260 or Program Advisor Approval.This introducto- ry course to Wireless LANs focuses on the design,planning,imple- mentation, operation and troubleshooting of Wireless LANs.It con- tains a comprehensive overview of technologies,security,and design best practices with particular emphasis on hands on skills.

CINT 274 Wireless Network Administrator

3 Credits

Prerequisite:None. This course includes the understanding of the fundamentals of RF behavior,ability to describe the features and functions of wireless LAN components,and knowledge of the skills

needed to install,configure,and troubleshoot wireless LAN hard-

ware peripherals and protocols. CINT 275 Cisco Network Security

3 Credits

Prerequisite:CINT 261 or Program Advisor Approval. The Fundamentals of Network Security course focuses on the overall security process based on a security policy with an emphasis on hands-on skills in the areas of secure perimeter,secure connectivity, security management,identity services,and intrusion detection.This course prepares students to take the Cisco 642-502 SNRS (Securing

Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches) and the Cisco 642-522 SNPA (Securing Networks with PIX and ASA) Exams.

CINT 279 Capstone Course

1 Credit

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Prepares the student for entry into the Information world.Reviews procedures for interview- ing, team participation,and ethical and productive job performance. Provides for taking program outcomes assessments.

CINT 280 Co-op/Internship

1-6 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Provides students with the opportunity to work at a job site that is specifically related to their career objectives.Provides on-the-job experience while earning credit toward an associate degree.Fourth semester standing and a cumula-

tive GPA of 2.0 or better is recommended for Internship students.

COMM 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking

TransferIN 3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032.Introduces fundamental concepts and skills for effective public speaking,including audience analysis,outlining,research,delivery, critical listening and evaluation,presentational aids,and use of

appropriate technology. COMM 102 Introduction to

Transfer IN 3 Credits

Interpersonal Communication Prerequisites: Demonstrated competency through appropriate assess- ment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032. Focuses on the process of interpersonal communication as a dynamic and complex system of interactions.Provides theory,actual practice, and criticism for examining and changing human interactions in work,family,and social contexts.Includes topics such as perception, self-concept language,message encoding and decoding,feedback,lis- tening skills,conflict management,and other elements affecting interpersonal communication.

COMM 201 Introduction to Mass Transfer IN 3 Credits Communication Prerequisites: ENGL 111.A survey of the print and electronic media that compose the mass media industry.Included in the survey are the history,technology,utilization and influence of each of the medi- ums as well as their symbiotic relationship to each other.

COMM 202 Small Group Communication

3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENGL 111.An introduction to communication princi- ples and practices that enable small groups,such as committees, conferences and public discussions,to function effectively as well as

the practices which limit small group effectiveness.The course is pragmatic in approach,and the student will learn small group dynamics through participation.


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