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DENT 130 Clinical Externship

5 Credits

Prerequisites: DENT 122 and Program Advisor Approval.An in-depth clinical learning experience that provides increased practical chair- side dental assisting experience to be gained from private dental practices in general and specialty areas of dentistry.Opportunity for increased skill development in clinical support and business office procedures also provided.Weekly seminars are included as an inte- gral part of the learning experience.Simulated exams are adminis-

tered to review for the national certification exam. DENT 131 Basic Integrated Science

2 Credits

Prerequisites:Admission to the Dental Assistant program.An intro- ductory course that examines human body as integrated unit; includes anatomy,physiology and medical terminology.

DENT 132 Expanded Functions for Dental Assistants

3 Credits

Prerequisite:DENT 129,DENT125,DENT 122,DENT 123.Applies theo- ry and techniques at the laboratory competency level of restorative dentistry to facilitate increased production potentials in the dental office. Students are instructed in the various extended functions as allowed by the Indiana Dental Law and the Board of Dental Examiners.

DENT 171 Introduction to Dental Terminology 3 Credits Prerequisite:None. Addresses basic terminology required for allied health professionals,with a focus on dental assisting.Provides a review of terms associated with anatomy and physiology,pathology, special procedures,laboratory procedures,and pharmacology. Emphasis is on forming a foundation for a dental vocabulary includ- ing meaning,spelling,and pronunciation.Dental abbreviations, signs,and symbols are integrated.

DESN 100 Introduction to Design Technology 3 Credits Prerequisites:None.Provides the beginning design technology student with the basic tools necessary for success in their chosen program.

DESN 102 Technical Graphics

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Provides students with a basic understanding of the detailing skills commonly used by a drafting technician.Areas of study include:lettering,sketching,proper use of equipment,geo- metric constructions with emphasis on orthographic (multi-view) drawings that are dimensioned and noted to ANSI standards.

DESN 103 CAD Fundamentals

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Provides students with a basic understanding of the features and considerations associated with the operation of a computer-aided design (CAD) system.Students will gain valuable hands-on experience using CAD software.They will be expected to complete several projects (increasing in difficulty) relating to com-

mand topics covered on a weekly basis. DESN 104 Mechanical Graphics

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 103.Covers working drawings both in detailing

and assembly.Presents fastening devices,thread symbols and nomenclature,surface texture symbols,classes of fi ts,and the use of

parts lists,title blocks and revision blocks. DESN 105 Architectural Design I

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 103 OR PLTW IED AND PLTW POE.Presents a histo- ry and survey of architecture and focuses on creative design of build- ings in a studio environment.Covers problems of site analysis,facilities programming,space planning,conceptual design,proper use of mate- rials, selection of structure and construction techniques.Develops presentation drawings,and requires oral presentations and critiques.Generation of form and space is addressed through basic architectural theory,related architectural styles,design strategies,and

a visual representation of the student’s design process. DESN 106 Descriptive Geometry

3 Credits

Prerequisites:DESN 102.Introduces fundamental principles in devel- oping graphical solutions to engineering problems.Topics covered in this course include true length,piercing points on a plane,line inter- sections, true shapes,revolutions,and developments using succes-

sive auxiliary views. DESN 107 History of Architecture

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025,ENGL 032 and MATH 044 or MATH 015.Studies the ingenuity and imagination of the human spirit in shaping the built environment related to cul- tural, political,social,and technological history.Presents a survey of architectural styles,architects,design philosophies,and building materials used by time,period,country,region and city.Requires oral presentations,essays,term papers,research and small projects.Field trips to historical architectural sites are a part of this course.

DESN 108 Residential Design

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 103.Covers residential design and drafting. Includes interior space planning,structural design and development of working drawings.Provides opportunity for students to design a

residence using accepted building standards.

DESN 109 Construction Materials and Specifications

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduces various construction materials,com- position and application.Studies specifications of materials,construc- tion contracts,and applications required in the building industry.

DESN 110 Architectural Rendering

3 Credits

Prerequisites:DESN 102.Presents a survey and history of pictorial drawings.Studies light and color,rendering media,and application of different architectural rendering techniques and media through a

series of exercises. DESN 113 Intermediate CAD

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 103.Improves the student’s CAD ability by pre-

senting intermediate CAD commands,which will lead to the creation of advanced prototype drawings,graphic manipulation of symbol libraries,the utilization of advanced dimensioning techniques,and application of data sharing techniques.Detailed plotting instruction will also be covered.Students will be expected to complete several projects relating to command topics covered on a weekly basis.

DESN 130 Fundamentals of Computer Graphics

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduces students to raster & vector based applications as they relate to the CAD field.Demonstrates the knowl- edge of devices used in the creation and for the output of drawings. Understand the importance of graphics in the design process and how it impacts the design field.These skills are developed by pro-

ducing work from related applications. DESN 131 Industrial Sketching

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.Combines fundamental computer graphics concepts of design, visualization, communication and display within an industrial sketching metaphor.Exercises and projects in graphic theory, problem solving and sketching skill development provide students with activities that focus on further develop- ment within CADD, vector imaging, raster imaging and other related formats.A variety of sketching techniques are used to gather critical information and transform graphical data into effective design communication instruments.Produces samples

for student portfolios. DESN 132 Raster Imaging Fundamentals

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Provides intermediate instruction in illustration techniques using computer software designed for creating illustra- tions, technical,drawing,logos,packaging,maps,charts,and graphs utilizing CADD data.Emphasis is on preparing effective,creative illus- trations for various media applications in an efficient,productive

manner.Produces samples for student portfolios. DESN 133 Vector Imaging Fundamentals

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 130.Provides fundamental instruction in work- ing with vector images (CAD drawings) while applying elements and principles of design to illustrations for various output.Combines color theory,creativity,type and layout design for renderings.

DESN 138 2D Animation

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 130.Provides fundamental instruction how ani- mation scripts are developed as well as how visual stories are told through technical elements such as composition,lighting,framing and perspective.Exploring how to tap into creativity and create

interesting original animations. DESN 201 Schematics

3 Credits

Prerequisites:DESN 102 and DESN 103.Includes the layout of the various types of schematic drawings.Students will prepare finished


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