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drawings for the manufacture or installation of plumbing,heating,

electrical,electronic and fluid power drawings.

DESN 202 CAD Customization and Programming

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 103.Covers customizing of a CAD system. Covers methods used to make CAD system more efficient for the

individual user. DESN 204 Architectural Design II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 105.Presents advanced computer-aided design topics in architectural design.Utilizes current (UBC) information for project design.Includes all necessary drawings needed for the con- struction process.

DESN 206 Mechanical and Electrical Equipment

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 103 and MATH 133 or MATH 136.Focuses on mechanical and electrical requirements for buildings.Studies electri- cal load calculations,wire sizing and circuits,plumbing require- ments, fixture units and pipe sizing.Includes heating systems,duct

layout and sizing. DESN 207 Die Design

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 104 and ADMF 115.Studies the detailing and design of blanking,piercing,and forming dies.Covers material reac-

tion to shear,cutting clearances and net gauging. DESN 208 Structural Design and Detailing

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 109,DESN 103 and MATH 134 or MATH 137. Focuses on the design and detailing of commercial structural mem- bers, their connections,materials and methods of construction. Concentrates on traditional materials such as reinforced concrete, masonry,steel,and timber.Develops understanding of element behavior,its significance to detailing,and establishes the ability to

prepare working drawings for structural projects. DESN 209 Estimating

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 109.This course provides students with an understanding of building an estimate of the probable construc- tion costs for any given project.To prepare an estimate of quanti- ties, the student estimator must become familiar with working drawings, specifications, and various bid documents.While com- puterized estimating software is commonplace in industry, it is also essential that the student is able to apply the math theory

behind quantification. DESN 210 Surveying

3 Credits

Prerequisites:MATH 121 or MATH 131 or MATH 134 or MATH 137.Provides students with a basic understanding of surveying equipment,procedures for performing measurements,turning angles,determining grades and other field applications.Surveying techniques and computations using the level,chain,and transit in calculating areas,lines,and grades will be covered in this course.

DESN 211 Commercial Structures I

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 204 and MATH 134 or MATH 137.Presents the design and drawing of commercial structures utilizing the Uniform Building Code (UBC).Focus is directed to structural systems and details of commercial structures including wood,steel,and concrete. Provides architecture students with essential skills to perform struc-

tural analysis of buildings. DESN 212 Commercial Structures II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 211.Focuses on the planning and drawing of commercial structures.Uses working drawings for pre-engineered and concrete/steel structures.Applies lessons learned from DCT 211

to new structure(s). DESN 213 CAD Mapping

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 103.Covers the concepts of map-making with CAD software and typical media found in the industry.Civil applica- tion of mapping procedures including profiles,topography,and site

plans will also be discussed. DESN 214 Kinematics of Machinery

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 104 and MATH 121 or MATH 131 or MATH 134 or MATH 137.This noncalculus based course studies the application of kinematics theories to real world machinery.Static and motion

applications will be studied. DESN 215 Electronic Schematics

3 Credits

Prerequisites:DESN 102 and DESN 103.Introduces students to elec- tronic schematics,standardized symbols,and acceptable practices in creating various electrical and electronic drawings.Emphasizes the creation and manipulation of basic symbols,connection diagrams, block and logic diagrams,including the use of figure parts and data extraction.Introduction to analog and digital multimeters and other

electronic measuring instruments. DESN 216 Jig and Fixture Design

3 Credits

Prerequisites:DESN 104 and ADMF 115.The processes of drafting and design as applied to tooling.Emphasizes tooling, locators, sup- ports, holding devices, clearances and design as it pertains to jig

and fixtures. DESN 217 Design Process and Applications

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 104.Provides the student an opportunity to apply all previously acquired knowledge in the design of a new or existing consumer product.Students will study the design processes with consideration given to the function,aesthetics,cost economics and marketability of the product.A research paper and product illus-

tration is required in this course. DESN 220 Advanced CAD

3 Credits

Prerequisites:DESN 102 and DESN 103.Focuses on advanced CAD features,including fundamentals of three-dimensional modeling for design.Includes overview of modeling,graphical manipulation,part

structuring,coordinate system,and developing strategy of model- ing. Advanced CAD will enable the student to make the transition from 2D drafting to 3D modeling.

DESN 221 Statics

3 Credits

Prerequisites:MATH 121 or MATH 131 or MATH 134 or MATH 137.Studies applied mechanics dealing with bodies at rest without the use of calculus.Covers units,vectors,forces,equilibrium,moments and couples,planar force systems,distributed forces,analysis of struc-

tures, and friction. DESN 222 Strength of Materials

3 Credits

Prerequisites:DESN 221.Studies internal stresses and physical defor- mations caused by externally applied loads to structural members. Covers stress and strain,shear stress,properties of areas,shearing force and bending moment,deformation of beams,columns and combined stresses.Studies various materials’physical and mechanical properties.

DESN 223 Parametric Solid Modeling

3 Credits

Prerequisite:DESN 103.This course builds upon previous CAD experi- ence and focuses on solid modeling techniques and design intent uti- lizing parametric solid modeling CAD software. Students will use parametric CAD software to create solid geometry for individual parts, create assemblies from the individual parts and then produce engi- neering working drawings from the solid models. Topics include

sketching,part modeling,and assemblies. DESN 225 Portfolio Preparation

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 220 or Program Advisor Approval.Focuses on the student’s final portfolio for graduation and preparation for the job interview.Finalizes design project work demonstrating the required knowledge and skills for degree achievements along with resume and cover letter preparation.A presentation for the portfolio is required in this class.Every student must submit a copy of the final portfolio for departmental archives upon graduation.

DESN 227 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

3 Credits

Prerequisites:DESN 102 or INDT 102.Introduces the fundamental principles of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing according to the latest ANSI standards.Students will apply geometric dimension- ing and tolerancing symbols along with tolerances of form,profile,

orientation,run-out,and location to mechanical problems.

DESN 228 Civil I

3 Credits

Prerequisites: DESN 103 and MATH 134 or MATH 137.Presents an overview of the basics of infrastructure related design topics,includ- ing the study of roadway and drainage systems.Emphasizes the preparation of drawings pertaining to infrastructure design and site

development.Numerical calculations related to the design topics will be discussed.

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