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EDUC 250 Educational Psychology

3 Credits

Prerequisites: EDUC 101 and PSYC 101.Focuses on the study and application of psychological concepts and principles as related to the teaching-learning process.Topics covered include educational research methods,cognitive and language development,personal, social,and moral development,behavioral learning,motivation, effective teaching,and measurement and evaluation.Up to 20 hours

of observation/service learning may be required. EDUC 260 The Education Professional II

1 Credit

Prerequisites:EDUC 101 Introduction to Teaching Development of a professional preservice teacher graduation portfolio including analysis of the personal teaching philosophy and development of a resume. Students select artifacts that demonstrate competency of INTASC Standards. Description and rationale of each artifact are written and included in the portfolio. Post-graduation professional

development plans are developed. EDUC 261 Practicum

1-3 Credits

Prerequisites: Program Chair Approval.Provides opportunities for practical experience through observation and supervised participa- tion and assessment in a school-age setting.Students will develop and implement appropriate environments and activities.Requires 144 hours of field experience.

EDUC 270 Contemporary Issues in Education 3 Credits Prerequisites: Program Chair Approval.Surveys and further exam- ines educational philosophies,theories and theorists.Encourages students to form their own theories for learning,discipline,family involvement and self-concept development.Guides students in the development of a professional graduation portfolio.

EECT 101 Introduction to Electronics and Projects

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.The material will concentrate on the physical world of electricity and electronics.Practical techniques for proper and safe use of basic hand and machine tools are introduced.Techniques for connecting various types of circuits are also covered.The process of fabricating printed circuit boards is presented.Communication skills

are utilized to report project progress and results. EECT 103 Soldering

1 Credit

Prerequisites: None.Students practice and develop skills soldering and desoldering through-hole and surface mount components. Students will use and maintain commercial grade solder/desolder stations.Students will be introduced to basic fabrication techniques.

EECT 105 Introduction to National Electrical Code

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduces the role and use of the National Electrical Code Book.Provides an overview of interpretation,calcula- tions, and revisions of the codebook.

EECT 107 - Introduction to Home Automation Technology

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.An introduction to the installation and trou- bleshoot of home automated systems like home security,audio/video,

computer networks,electrical wiring,cable and satellite systems.

EECT 111 Introduction to Circuits Analysis

4 Credits

Prerequisites:MATH 111 or MATH 035 or MATH 043.Voltage,current, resistance,Ohm’s law,Kirchhoff’s laws,resistance combinations,and Thevenin’s,Norton’s,and superposition theorems are studied.DC and AC circuits are studied and utilized with basic AC terminology described.The performance of ideal transformers,capacitors and inductors,and fi rst order RLC circuits are investigated.Fundamental analog electronic circuits are utilized in the lecture and laboratory to enhance the understanding of basic laws and theorems.

EECT 112 Digital Fundamentals

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in MATH 050 or MATH 015 or MATH 023.Introduces basic gate and flip-flop logic devices and their application in combinational and sequential digital cir- cuits.Topics include decoders,displays,encoders,multiplexers, demultiplexers,registers,and counters.Logic circuit analysis,imple- mentation of circuits using standard IC chips or programmable logic

devices,circuit testing and troubleshooting are emphasized.

EECT 115 Home Technology Integration

3 Credits

Prerequisites: EECT 107.Provides the student with an in-depth understanding and knowledge required for the installation and troubleshooting of home integration and security systems including HVAC systems,water systems,video/audio surveillance,and comput- er networks to prepare for the Home Technology Integration (HTI)

certification exam. EECT 119 Introduction to Lasers

3 Credits

Prerequisites:MATH 131 or MATH 134 or MATH 137.Introduces laser action,laser beam characteristics,types of lasers,safety considera- tions, general laser applications,laser and optical equipment. Teaches basics of laser systems and prepares beginning laser stu- dents for future courses.Includes an overview of lasers,physical basics,how lasers work,laser characteristics,laser accessories,gas lasers,solid-state lasers,semiconductor lasers,and other types of lasers.It also includes a brief overview of low-power laser and high-

power applications. EECT 121 Electronics Circuits Analysis

4 Credits

Prerequisites: EECT 111.Capacitors,inductors,switching circuits, transformers,rectifiers,linear regulators,dependent sources,opera- tional amplifiers,BJT and MOSFET based small signal amplifiers,waveform generation,and programmable analog devices are studied.Circuit fundamentals such as Kirchhoff’s laws are utilized in analysis and design circuits.Computer simulation is used.

EECT 122 Digital Applications

4 Credits

Prerequisites: EECT 112.This course continues the study of combina- tional and sequential digital applications.The input and output char- acteristics of the various common logic families and the appropriate signal conditioning techniques for on/off power interfacing are dis-

cussed. Also stressed are standard logic function blocks,digital and analog signal interfacing techniques,and memory devices.

EECT 127 Industrial Electronics

3 Credits

Prerequisites: EECT 126.Presents an overview of electronics in the industrial setting.Instruct students in how electronics is applied to industrial systems.Introduces power machines,polyphase systems, solid-state controls,transducers and industrial computer systems.

EECT 128 Introduction to C Programming

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assess- ment or earning a grade of“C”or better in MATH 050 or MATH 015 or MATH 023.An introduction to the“C”programming language.No pro- gramming experience is needed.After completing this course,the stu- dents will have a good understanding of programming concepts and terminology and should be able to pick up another programming lan- guage if interested. The course is designed to prepare students to use C to solve technical and engineering problems such as programming

microprocessors. EECT 130 Fiber Optics

3 Credits

Prerequisites: EECT 122.Presents overview of fiber optics.Studies uses for fiber optics,advantages,cable details,connectors,splices,

sources,detectors and fiber optic systems. EECT 140 Networking

3 Credits

Prerequisites:EECT 101.Study of types of protocols used in data com- munication systems.Includes an overview of networking,networking control,and interfacing.Areas of emphasis includes protocols,packet switching systems,local area networks,and the OSI model.

EECT 209 Industrial Computer Control

3 Credits

Prerequisite:EECT 101 or equivalent.Corequisite:EECT 112 or equiva- lent. An introduction to the field of industrial controls as it relates to a computer control systems,process control and industrial network- ing. Covers the principles of control systems as applied to a produc- tion system to achieve automation.PLC’s will be covered as the mainstay of industrial computer control.Troubleshooting of produc-

tion control systems are covered. EECT 211 AC Circuit Analysis

4 Credits

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: EECT 121 and MATH 131 or MATH 134 or MATH 137.AC circuits,including the j operator,phasors,reactance, and impedance are studied.Circuit laws,network theorems,and the fundamental concepts of Fourier analysis are applied and used in the study of topics such as passive filters,IC filters,amplifiers,reso- nant circuits,single phase and three phase circuits.Computer aided


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