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ENGL 224 British Literature to 1800

3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENGL 111.Survey of English Literature I introduces the student to British literature from Beowulf to the eighteenth century.

Included will be a discussion of the major historical,cultural,intel- lectual, and political events which influenced the development of

British literature. ENGL 225 British Literature After 1800

3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENGL 111.Survey of English Literature II introduces the student to British literature from the Romantic,Victorian,and modern periods.Included will be a discussion of the major historical, cultural,intellectual,and political events which influenced the

development of British literature. ENGL 227 World Fiction

3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENGL 111.This general survey course introduces the genre of fiction through a focus on world authors.It examines themes and literary devices present in novels and short stories.

ENGL 240 Children’s Literature

TransferIN 3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENGL 111.This course provides a survey and analysis of classic and modern children’s literature for students interested in understanding literature read to/by children preschool-middle school. The course focuses on different genres of literature and may include picture books,folk tales,poetry,short stories,and novels.In addition, the role of art,illustrations,and media adaptations will be examined

in conjunction with children’s literature throughout the years.

ENGL 245 Literature of the Old Testament

3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENGL 111.Surveys the Old Testament/Hebrew Scripture as a literary work.Emphasizes history,composition,struc- ture, cultural context,and recognizing the contribution it has made

to human development. ENGL 249 Linguistics

TransferIN 3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENGL 111.Designed to introduce students to the vari- ous disciplines which comprise the scientific study of language.These include a survey of applied,comparative,descriptive,and historical linguistics.The course will primarily focus on the English language.

ENGL 250 English Grammar

3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENGL 111.An in-depth study of the grammatical structures of American English.A course designed to acquaint stu-

dents with descriptions of modern English syntax.

ENGR 116 Geometric Modeling for Visualization

2 Credits

Prerequisites:MATH 050 or MATH 015 or MATH 023.This is a funda- mental course which introduces students to geometric modeling for visualization and communication.Modeling construction techniques to produce computer models for graphic visualization and commu- nication will be explained and used.

ENGR 140 Engineering Software Tools I

3 Credits

Prerequisites: MATH 133 and MATH 134 or MATH 136 and MATH 137.This course introduces the students to the engineering profes-

sion and to computer programming.The programming techniques which will be introduced are applicable to all computer languages.The C programming language will also be introduced. Examples and engineering applications will be used to illustrate programming concepts.

ENGR 160 Engineering Software Tools II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: MATH 133 and MATH 134 or MATH 136 and MATH 137.Introducing students to object-oriented programming and design.Emphasis on engineering application.

ENGR 190 Introduction to Engineering Design 2 Credits Prerequisites: MATH 133 and MATH 134 or MATH 136 and MATH 137.This introductory course provides the student an opportunity to be introduced with fundamentals of the design process from

mechanical and electrical aspects. ENGR 251 Electrical Circuits I

4 Credits

Prerequisites:MATH 211.Provides an integrated lab/lecture sequence in which students are introduced to the fundamentals of circuit analysis.Topics include resistive,capacitive,and inductive cir- cuit elements,nodal and mesh analysis,transient response of RLC circuits,steady state sinusoidal response,operational amplifiers,and

an introduction to diodes and transistors. ENGR 252 Electrical Circuits II

4 Credits

Prerequisites: ENGR 251.An integrated lab/lecture course which continues ENGR 251.This course covers sinusoidal steady state analysis,LaPlace and Fourier analysis,transistors,diodes,op-amps, and threephase systems.An introduction to computer aided design

and analysis is provided. ENGR 260 Vector Mechanics-Statics

3 Credits

Prerequisites:MATH 212.Includes resolution and composition of forces,moments,principles of equilibrium and application to trusses and jointed frames,friction,center of gravity and second moments

of areas.Uses vector analysis throughout. ENGR 261 Dynamics

3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENGR 260.Covers rectilinear and curvilinear motions, force,mass and acceleration,projectiles,pendulums,inertia forces in machines,work and energy,impulse and momentum and impact.

ENGR 270 Engineering Project Management 3 Credits Prerequisites:After 45 credit hours in the program.An introduction to principles of engineering project management and techniques. Topics include technical feasibility studies,project specifications, scheduling,validation,life cycle costing,and economic analysis.The focus is on managing an engineering project through scheduling, budgeting,resource management,execution and control.

ENRG 101 Introduction to the Energy Industry 1 Credit Prerequisites:None.This course introduces the student to the energy industry.Students will visit various energy utilities,such as:a power plant,a switchyard,a substation,a natural gas regulator station, welding facilities,ethanol plants,biodiesel plants,and other renew-

able energy sites. ENRG 102 Climbing

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.The student will gain the knowledge of the proper care of climbing tools,and the mastering of climbing wood pole structures. The student must master climbing wood pole struc- tures with and without the use of a pole safety strap. Upon comple- tion of this course the student will also be able to determine the proper aspects of pole inspection,and be able to recognize the haz- ards of climbing. Upon successful completion of this course,the stu- dent will be qualified in two methods of pole top rescue. An intro- duction to aerial pole framing is included in this discipline.

ENRG 103 Electrical Essentials for Power Line Workers

3 Credits

Prerequisites:INDT 113.An introduction to the electrical principles required for installation,maintenance and troubleshooting of power line.Topics include electrical units,power systems overview,ac cur- rent and voltage,single and three phase circuits,conductors and cables, transformers, grounding, protective equipment.

ENRG 107 Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power

3 Credits

Prerequisites:INDT 113.A study of the principles and components required for the transmission and distribution of electric power.To

provide the student with an understanding of high voltage sys- tems, single and three phase circuits,voltage regulation,power grids.Overhead and underground distribution.Safety,buying and

selling of power. ENRG 109 Rigging for Line Workers

3 Credits

Prerequisites:ENRG 102. The student will gain the knowledge of rig- ging gear inspection,safe rigging procedures and load control,using almost any vertical or horizontal rigging system. Students will tie knots.Splice rope,install block and lines or power lines for hoisting purposes,as well as calculate hook strain and haul line tension for safe working loads. Wire and chains will also be covered.

ENRG 203 Electric Line Distribution and Construction Practices I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:ENRG 102 and ENRG 103. This course offers an intro- duction to basic field practices for electric distribution employees, such as managing risk in power line work,working with conductors and cables,and operating switchgear.The various connections of transformers,troubleshooting transformers,and maintaining volt- age levels to the customer will be covered.

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