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communication.Emphasizes form,meaning,and usage of basic structures in American English.Provides practice through extensive

and varied communicative activities.

ESOL 017 English for Speakers of Other Languages – Grammar/Structure II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: Level I ESL Grammar/Structure Mastery.Focuses on the study and acquisition of patterns of advanced structure and syn- tax. Emphasizes the acquisition of sentence structure for verbal and written communication of ideas and their relationship.

ESOL 018 English for Speakers of Other Languages-Grammar/Structure III

3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENGL 017.Focuses on the acquisition of more advanced patterns of structure and syntax.Emphasizes the develop- ment of competent verbal and written expression in critical analysis

for academic purposes.

ESOL 019 English for Speakers of Other Languages – Writing I

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CASAS/IRCA Pre-enrollment Appraisal.Focuses on conventions for basic written communication in English,emphasiz- ing sentence construction and paragraph development.Uses writing strategies to produce coherent expression in journals,free writing exercises,paragraphing,and short essays.Student collaboration is

part of the learned writing process.

ESOL 020 English for Speakers of Other Languages – Writing II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: Level I ESL Writing Mastery.Focuses on techniques of written communication for coherent expression of ideas,through paragraph development and essay writing.Emphasizes the writing process using strategies for pre-writing,development,and revision through peer collaboration.Highlights the structure and syntax of

written expression for effective communication

ESOL 021 English for Speakers of Other Languages – Writing III

3 Credits

Prerequisites: Level II ESL Writing Mastery.Focuses on techniques of written communication for the analysis and elaboration of academic material through paragraph and essay writing.Emphasizes the strategies of the writing process through rhetorical modes of com- position for varied purposes.Stresses the extended use of syntax and

structure for thoroughly coherent expression. FIRE 100 Fire Suppression

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.Designed for non-firefighters.An introduction to the fire service. Terminology,history and basic firefighting skills

are applied. FIRE 101 Fire Technology

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.A general introduction to the study of fire sci-

ence.This course examines the history and growth of the fire service from its beginning to modern day firefighting.Covers the life safety code (NFPA-101),fire protection systems,firefighter safety and sur- vival, along with identifying and analyzing the fire problems we face in the fire service today.Also covers what fire is,the chemical hazards of combustion and related by-products of fire.Fire depart- ment organization,administration,operations,and basic firefighting strategies and tactics,as well as community fire protection strate-

gies will be covered. FIRE 102 Fire Apparatus and Equipment

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.Examines in detail the various types of appara- tus on the market today.Study is made of pumpers,aerials,elevat- ing platforms and special apparatus.The students utilizing NFPA standards 1901,1904,and 1500,will identify the proper chapters on a given situation.Topics will include:apparatus placement on an emergency incident,types of pumps,tests,equipment,drafting, relay,nozzles,fittings and hose lays,and maintenance on various types of apparatus.Apparatus driving may be covered and practiced. When taken with the Hydralics class,may prepare students to take

the IDHS certification test on Pumping Apparatus. FIRE 103 Fire Fighting Strategy and Tactics

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.The course prepares students to make responsi- ble decisions concerning incident objectives and the development of various strategies and tactics at the company level. Areas covered include pre-incident planning,size up and the development of strategic options. Also,the student will learn basic building construc- tion, fire -behavior,fire control,fire ground factors,fire stream man- agement and support activities.Responsibilities of engine and ladder companies are discussed.Emphasis is placed on safety in all the above areas. Command scenarios are used throughout the course. The NIMS/ICS is used as the Incident Command System of choice.

FIRE 104 Building Construction Fire Service

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.Examines the design principles involved in the protection of a structure from fire involvement.Additionally,the signs,symptoms,and indicators of partial or total building collapse during fire-fighting operations are studied.The course includes the study of legislative codes and laws concerning the following:building

design,building fire safety,classification of building construction, blueprint reading,plan review and in-house fixed fire protection.

FIRE 106 Fire/Arson Investigator

3 Credits

Prerequisites: Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in MATH 040 and ENGL 032.Focuses on the responsibility of the firefighter,the investi- gator, and the department in fire scene investigations.Fire cause and loss,collection and preservation of evidence and determination of fire origin will be studied.Emphasis will be placed on the applica- tion of various scientific aids that assist in investigations.Hands on

labs with property and vehicle investigations will be included.On

completion of this course the student is eligible to take the national

testing certification for Fire Investigator I. FIRE 108 Fire Inspection/Code Enforcement

3 Credits

Prerequisites: Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in MATH 040 and ENGL 032.Examines the function of the fire inspector and organiza- tion of the fire prevention unit.Emphasizes the identification of the various codes and regulations utilized by the inspector,with special attention given to the Indiana Fire Code and IFSTA Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement.Includes the legal authority governing fire prevention,applications of the firecode,and management’s princi-

ples as applied to a bureau. FIRE 109 Fire Department Specifications

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.Specifications for firefighting apparatus,equip- ment, protective clothing,facilities and other sources of materials necessary to a fire department.The student will have a better understanding of NFPA Standards 1500 and 1901.

FIRE 116 Fire Fighter I

3 Credits

Prerequisite:None.Corequisite:FIRE 117.This course is designed to be an entry level training program coupled with Fire Fighter II. Introduces the student to the fire service,terminology,history and basic firefighting skills needed to complete and pass the require- ments as designed by the Department of Homeland Security for

Basic,Mandatory and Fire Fighter I. FIRE 117 Fire Fighter II

3 Credits

Prerequisite:None.Corequisite:FIRE 116.This is a companion course to Fire Fighter I and expands upon the principles and techniques of fire fighting. Students will study fire protection systems,firefighter safety and survival. This course will also cover what fire is,the chemical hazards of combustion and related by-products of fire. Fire department organization,administration,operations,and basic

strategies and tactics will be covered. FIRE 201 Fire Protection Systems

3 Credits

Prerequisites: Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in MATH 040 and ENGL 032.Provides an introduction into fire alarm monitoring devices and extinguishing systems.A strong base for application to either fire protection or a commercial application can be developed. Technical areas to be covered:fire extinguishing agents,portable fire extinguishers,carbon dioxide systems,dry chemical systems,halo- genated systems/foam systems,explosive suppression systems, thermal/smoke/flame detection systems,and building monitoring systems.Standpipe and sprinkler systems will be covered in detail.

FIRE 202 Fire Service Management

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.Principles and functions of administrative and management personnel in the fire service.Topics discussed include:

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