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equal protection for staff and clients,and discrimination.The Human Service Ethical Code and related codes are covered with an overview of ethical dimensions of practice.

HUMS 240 Rehabilitation Process: Probation and Parole

3 Credits

Prerequisites: HUMS 105.Provides an understanding of probation and parole as an integral part of the criminal justice system with special emphasis on current and future trends in this area. Explores the role of community corrections and its impact on the role of pro- bation and parole in our society in view of the increase in the num-

ber of offenders.

HUMS 270 Multicultural Practice

3 Credits

Prerequisites: HUMS 101,HUMS 102,and HUMS 103.This course examines,from a theoretical and experiential social work perspec- tive, the personal behaviors and institutional factors that have led to oppression of ethnic minorities,persons of color or other oppressed populations and those practices that serve to maintain inter-group tensions. Attention is given to discriminatory practices

as related to gender,age,religion,disablement,sexual orientation, culture,etc. It will explore the strategies that the various groups have employed to deal with discrimination. Implications to the

individual,society and the profession are explored.

HUMS 279 Human Services Social Work Bridge Course

1 Credit

Prerequisites:HUMS 201.Orientation to the profession of social work. Course addresses origins,ethics,accreditation,theoretical foundations, fields of social work,populations served and diversity.Course builds on material already covered in HMS 101:Introduction to Human Services.Course will meet both at IvyTech and the related campus. Course will provide an orientation to the School of SocialWork.

HVAC 101 Heating Fundamentals

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduces fundamentals applicable to the heat- ing phase of air conditioning.Includes types of units,parts,basic controls,functions,and applications.Emphasizes practices,tool and meter use,temperature measurement,heat flow,the combustion process and piping installation practices.Covers the basic sequence

of operation for gas,oil and electric furnaces. HVAC 103 Refrigeration I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduction to compression systems used in mechanical refrigeration including the refrigeration cycle and sys- tem components.Introduces safety procedures,proper use of tools used to install and service refrigeration equipment,refrigerant charging and recovery,system evacuation,calculating superheat and subcooling and using a refrigerant temperature/pressure chart.

HVAC 107 Duct Fabrication and Installation

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Emphasizes reading blueprints common to the

sheet metal trade,floor plans,elevations,section,detail and mechanical plans.Requires students to develop a layout of an air conditioning duct system and fittings.Fabrication of these parts, including proper use of hand-tools and shop equipment used to fabricate duct systems and fittings.

HVAC 120 Basic Carpentry and Building


3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Includes carpentry basics,power tool and hand tool safety and use,framing,hanging doors and windows,trim

basics,drywall basics,and painting basics. HVAC 122 General Maintenance

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Covers required record keeping,plumbing basics (fixture repair and replacement,piping,basic plumbing code,etc.), major appliance installation and repair,chemical usage and storage, MSDS files,ADA compliance and safety and liability topics.

HVAC 171 Boilers I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None. Students learn to perform boiler operations, develop a feed water system,analyze steam systems and maintain hot water heating systems,as well as analyze cooling systems. Students in this class will learn boiler operation safety,and follow- ing an exam,if successfully completed,the student will obtain a

boiler operator license. HVAC 201 Cooling Service

3 Credits

Prerequisites: HVAC 103.Covers procedures used to diagnose electri- cal, control,mechanical and refrigeration problems common to cool- ing systems.Familiarizes students with using the refrigeration cycle and temperature/pressure charts as diagnostic tools in trou- bleshooting refrigeration system problems.Includes various meth- ods of checking refrigerant charges,methods for charging air condi- tioning and refrigeration systems,electrical and refrigeration system

components,and schematic and pictorial diagrams. HVAC 202 Electrical Circuits and Controls

3 Credits

Prerequisites: INDT 113.Studies heating,air conditioning and refrig- eration controls typically found on residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning equipment.Includes gas,oil and elec- tric heating controls,cooling controls,thermostats,humidistats, aquastats,and electronic controls.Covers operation of controls,inte- gration of controls into controls systems,reading schematic and pic- torial diagrams,and component troubleshooting and testing.

HVAC 203 Heat Loss and Gain Calculation

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in MATH 044 or MATH 015.Introduces the student to calculating structural and other heat losses for winter heating,and structural and other heat gains for summer air conditioning using an industry standard method of heat loss and heat gain calculation.Discusses building construction tech-

niques,energy consumption reduction methods and equipment

selection. HVAC 204 Commercial Refrigeration

3 Credits

Prerequisites: HVAC 221. Examines air conditioning and refrigera- tion systems for commercial use,including medium and low tem- perature applications.Includes specialized commercial refrigeration and A/C accessories,metering devices,setting pressure controls for direct temperature control,fan cycling and pump down,commercial ice production,methods of low ambient control,and advanced con-

trol arrangements. HVAC 205 Heat Pump Systems

3 Credits

Prerequisites: HVAC 103.Familiarizes students with the refrigeration cycle as it applies to the heat pump system and the different types of heat pump systems.Covers procedures used to diagnose electrical, control,mechanical and refrigeration problems common to heat pump.Includes sizing of heat pumps,specialized heat pump refriger- ation components and electrical controls,the air-to-air heat pump

defrost cycle,and schematic and pictorial diagrams. HVAC 206 Advanced Cooling Service

3 Credits

Prerequisites: HVAC 211.Studies methods of troubleshooting elec- trical and mechanical components of air conditioning and refrigera-

tion systems. HVAC 207 HVAC Codes

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Study of state and local codes covering installa- tion, repair,alteration,relocation,replacement and erection of heat- ing, ventilation,cooling and refrigeration systems.Includes job-relat- ed costs of material and equipment,labor,warranty,taxes,permits and subcontracts.Students will estimate service and maintenance

contracts. HVAC 208 Heating Service

3 Credits

Prerequisites: HVAC 101.Covers procedures used to analyze mechanical and electrical problems encountered when servicing heating systems. Covers electrical schematics and connection diagrams,combustion testing,venting and combustion air requirements,sequence of opera- tion, heating controls,troubleshooting techniques,installation prac- tices, basic codes applying to furnace codes,and service procedures.

HVAC 209 Psychrometrics/Air Distribution

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in MATH 044 or MATH 015.Studies the properties of air during the operational variations of temperature and humidity.Discusses the atmospheric conditions and the impact of those conditions on the heating-cooling and ven- tilation processes and the design of systems for residential and com- mercial structures.Includes the sizing and confi gurations of air delivery duct systems and system design methods.


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