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MATH 043.Introduces the student to Process Control and Automation,combining the elements of the prerequisite classes into a culmination of a complete manufacturing process.Basic elements of the automation system and programming fundamentals are studied and individual systems are examined.

INDT 208 Process Control and Automation II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: INDT 207.Continues to explore the Process Control and Automation system combining the new elements with previous classes into the culmination of a more complex manufacturing process.The student will study hardware elements of the automa- tion system and intermediate programming fundamentals for indi-

vidual systems.

INDT 209 Process Control and Automation III 3 Credits Prerequisites: INDT 208.Finalizes the Process Control and Automation system by employing new hardware and software elements to com- plete process.The student will build,operate and troubleshoot the process system to stimulate manufacturing procedures.

INDT 210 Pumps

3 Credits

Prerequisites: INDT 104.Covers the construction and operation of centrifugal,reciprocating,metering,special,and rotary pumps and their components.Includes procedures of troubleshooting,installa-

tion and maintenance. INDT 211 Industrial Instrumentation

3 Credits

Prerequisites: INDT 113 and demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in MATH 050 or MATH 015 or MATH 023.Provides instruction in the purpose, function,and application of process control instruments relative to

manufacturing and industrial technology. INDT 212 Programmable Controllers III

3 Credits

Prerequisites: INDT 206.Serves as an introduction to advance topics the field of programmable controllers.Use of the latest technology and software will be stressed.ControlLogix,Operator Interfaces,and Networking will be some of the areas covered.In addition use of special high level functions and I/O modules will be covered such as PID loops,servo control,and use of multiple processors.

INDT 213 Pipe Fitting Basics

3 Credits

Prerequisites: INDT 102 or CONT 106.Acquaints the maintenance technician with a basic foundation and pipe fitting skills necessary to make repairs or layout new pipe.Includes determination of the type and quantity of material needed to complete a task and joining those

materials in the proper manner with a minimum of supervision.

INDT 214 Advanced Industrial Mechanics I

3 Credits

Prerequisites: INDT 203.Examines the operation and design of mechanical systems including belt drives,chain drives,gearboxes, and bearings.Includes the proper use of portable tools and the study of different metals.

INDT 215 Advanced Industrial Mechanics II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: INDT 203 and INDT 103.Teaches advanced mechanical maintenance skills which specifically include vibration analysis,laser shaft alignment,lubrication oil analysis,pumps,seals,gaskets,and couplings.Half of the semester is also devoted to teaching the basics

of heating and air conditioning. INDT 216 Industrial Automation

3 Credits

Prerequisites: HVAC 105,INDT 207 and TECH 104.Covers the field of industrial automation.Introduces the principles of control systems both analog and digital based.Covers instrumentation and sensors; position,speed,thermal,pressure,flow,and level.Develop an under- standing of analog and digital signal conditioning as applied to auto- mated systems.Covers the principles of process controllers both ana- log and digital.Understand control loop characteristics and tuning.

INDT 217 Advanced Motor Drives

3 Credits

Prerequisites: INDT 103 and HVAC 105.Covers the field of industrial motor drives,dc,ac,servo and stepper motors.Introduces students to variable voltage dc drives and variable frequency ac drives.Topics covered will include installation,setup,maintenance,and trouble-

shooting of drive systems. INDT 218 Power Plant Mechanics

3 Credits

Prerequisites: INDT 207 and MATH 111 or demonstrated competen- cy through appropriate assessment or earning a“C” or better in MATH 035 or MATH 043.Presents the basic elements in the power plant,the function,their mode of operation,and the mechanics,with emphasis on the construction and repair of power plant mechanics. The student selects,troubleshoots,repairs power plant mechanics.

INDT 231 Safety, Health, and Environment I

3 Credits

Prerequisite:None.Provides an introduction to the field of safety, health,and environmental concerns within the process industry. Within this course,you will be introduced to various types of plant hazards,safety and environmental systems and equipment,and the

regulations under which processing plants are governed.

INDT 232 Principles of Quality

3 Credits

Prerequisite:INDT 131.Provides an introduction to the field of quali- ty within the process industry.Students will be introduced to many process industry-related quality concepts including operating con- sistency, continuous improvement,plant economics,team skills,and

statistical process control (SPC). INDT 233 Process Instrumentation I

3 Credits

Prerequisite:INDT 131.Provides introduction to the field of Instrumentation and covers process variables and the instruments used to sense,measure,transmit,and control those variables.Course also introduces control loops and the elements that are found in dif- ferent types of loops,such as controllers,regulators,and final control elements.Course concludes with study of instrumentation drawings and diagrams and a unit on troubleshooting instrumentation.

INDT 234 Process Troubleshooting

3 Credits

Prerequisite:INDT 132.Course involves instruction in different types of process technology troubleshooting techniques,procedures,and methods used to solve process problems.Topics:application of data

collections and analysis,cause-effect relationships,and reasoning.

INDT 260 Problem Solving and Teamwork

3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENGL 111 and MATH 118 or MATH 111 or demonstrat- ed competency through appropriate assessment or earning a“C” or better in MATH 035 or MATH 043 and Program Advisor Approval. Covers critical thinking skills,collection and analyzing data,and qual- ity control overview,teamwork,problem solving and decision making techniques as they apply to a technological environment.As a cap- stone course for the Manufacturing and Industrial Technology pro- gram, course is designed to reinforce and apply the knowledge and skills learned in previous communication,mathematics and technical courses and foster team and individual skills through experiments, case studies,problem solving projects,and a writing project.

INDT 272 Control Logix

3 Credits

Prerequisite:None. This course serves as a further introduction to the field of industrial controls. Students will learn the principles of control systems and how they are applied to a production system to achieve automation.Systems included in the courses are stepper motors,programmable logic controllers,microprocessors,computers and feedback systems.Emphasis is placed on programmable logic

controllers and the local area network. INDT 273 Electrical Troubleshooting

3 Credits

Prerequisite:None. Presents methods and techniques for trou- bleshooting appliances,motors,motor controls,relay wiring,com-

mercial wiring and industrial wiring systems. INDT 274 Flux Core Arc Welding

3 Credits

Prerequisite:INDT 114 or background in GMAW or Instructor’s Approval. Provides basic skills and fundamental knowledge in Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW).Gas shielded wire as well as Innershield wires are utilized in the course.Safe lab practices include oxy-fuel cutting,plasma arc cutting (P.A.C.),and storage and handling of

high pressure cylinders. INDT 280 Co-op/Internship

1-3 Credits

Prerequisite:Program Advisor Approval. Gives students the opportu- nity to work at a job site that is specifically related to their career objectives.Provides on-the-job experience while earning credit

toward an associate degree. INSC 101 Introduction to Insurance

3 Credits

Prerequisite:None.Presents an introduction to the profession of insurance.The course includes an overview of the insurance indus- try, types of coverage that exist,insurance processes and expected outcomes.

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