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finishes,and architectural detailing including floor and wall treat- ments.Addresses environmental issues and problems in specifying,

estimating,and installing these materials. INTD 202 Contract Design

3 Credits

Prerequisites: INTD 108 and INTD 115 or INTD 216.Studies include commercial technological and base building requirements,sustain- ability and environmental impact,barrier-free,building and life safety codes,analysis of existing conditions,client interview,and square footage and space planning standards.Emphasis is on task analysis and workstation design,systems and equipment manufac-

turers and finish selections within the office. INTD 203 Professional Practice

3 Credits

Prerequisites: INTD 103 or GRDN 114.Introduction to business prin- ciples and practices as they relate to the environmental design pro- fession. Includes business formation and management,professional ethics and organizations,certification and licensing,design liability and project management.Special topics involving consumer behav- ior, sales techniques and fee structuring will also be addressed.

INTD 204 Interior Design III

3 Credits

Prerequisites:INTD 108 and INTD 115.Students will research and develop creative project solutions for commercial interiors in visual merchandising,hospitality,adaptive reuse and special population projects.Students will define,research,and develop a program for an advanced design problem including concept development,space planning,all necessary working drawings and specifications and appropriate presentation materials.

INTD 209 Portfolio Preparation/Internship

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Efforts are directed toward achieving a career in environmental design.Includes a comprehen- sive program assessment exam,the development of a quality port-

folio and resume,and necessary field experience. INTD 211 Kitchen and Bath Design

3 Credits

Prerequisites: INTD 102 and INTD 103.Involves the requirements and space planning for kitchens and baths,utilizing both standard and custom cabinetry and fixtures.Topics also include casework for

media and conference centers. INTD 212 Historic Preservation

3 Credits

Prerequisites:INTD 102 and INTD 110.Introduces the process of establishing historic properties.Preservation,restoration and adap- tive reuse will be differentiated as applied to both public and pri- vate properties.Includes appropriate exterior and interior color and finish selections,and architectural detailing.

INTD 215 Advanced CAD and Digital Rendering3 Credits Prerequisite:INTD 115 and INTD 216.Reviews the fundamentals of Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) for environmental designers.

Includes overview of advanced architectural CAD systems and use of

3-D and rendering software. INTD 217 Visual Merchandising

3 Credits

Prerequisites:INTD 102 and INTD 115.Presents students with a sur- vey of the many elements of visual merchandising and display cur- rently used in retail design and decorative accessorization to attract customers.Students are introduced to the principles of retail space planning,fixture arrangement and the display equipment required in visual merchandising including fixtures,mannequins,signage,light- ing and props.Includes research in marketing,color psych,lighting. Field trips and hands-on projects are an integral part of the course.

INTD 221 Kitchen and Bath Systems and Project Management

3 Credits

Prerequisites:INTD 102 and INTD 103.Students will develop a knowledge of lighting systems,mechanical systems,HVAC and proj- ect and construction management. Students will also demonstrate a knowledge of ethical business practices,including the NKBA Standards of Conduct,Common Business contracts and the NKBA

business tools and forms. INTD 224 Travel Study

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Offers the student an opportunity to study the culture and history of another region,with an emphasis on art,architecture,interior and garden design.Includes pre-trip meetings and lectures,trip journals and

summary papers. INTD 233 Sustainable Design

3 Credits

Prerequisite:INTD 102.Introduces the fundamental principles in the ecological planning and development of the natural and built home and work environment. Presents the concepts of human impact on the environment through studies involving site selection and analy- sis, soil and climate conditions,efficient space planning and building design,renewable and environmentally responsible construction methods,material selections and sustainable practices.

INTD 241 Faux Finishing: Basic Glazing


1 Credit

Prerequisites:None.Presents the basics in glazing techniques and wall finishes including traditional and contemporary single and multi-colored wall glazing. Pigment selection,surface preparation, and handling of materials will be discussed and demonstrated.

INTD 242 Faux Finishing: Italian Plasters

1 Credit

Prerequisites:None.Introduces the traditional Italian plaster finish- es. Learn how to replicate and incorporate the beautiful textures of

the Old World into the modern setting.The history of lime-based plasters and the interior decorative arts will be discussed.

INTD 243 Faux Finishing: Patterns and Stenciling

1 Credit

Prerequisites:None.Introduces the use of stencils and hand painted patterns that will repeat and match perfectly.Learn techniques to cut patterns and to paint them on the wall or furniture pieces.

INTD 244 Faux Finishing: Advanced Glazing


1 Credit

Prerequisites:INTD 241.Presents the latest trends in advanced glaz- ing techniques and wall finishes.Students will explore in-depth an advanced level of faux and decorative finishing while building profi-

ciency in both techniques and product knowledge.

INTD 245 Faux Finishing: Painted Furniture and Decorative Accessories

1 Credit

Prerequisites:INTD 241.Covers the techniques of creating unique, oneof- a-kind painted furniture and decorative accessories pieces. Students will learn how to create a variety of professional finishes including multi-layered painted and wood-toned finishes that are suitable over raw wood,pre-existing finishes and painted base coats.

INTD 246 Faux Finishing: Floors and Floor Coverings

1 Credit

Prerequisites:INTD 243.Building on the skills acquired in the INTD 243 course,students will learn the processes and materials required to create faux floor finishes and floor coverings.Instruction will be given in color,design,painting and finishing techniques.Each stu- dent will make one 5’x 8’floor cloth.

INTD 247 Faux Finishing: Frescoes and Murals 1 Credit Prerequisites:ARTS 120 or INTD 105.Applies basic drawing and perspective skills to create frescoes,murals and trompe l’oeil on the

wall palette. INTD 280 Co-op/Internship

1-6 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Chair Advisor Approval.Students work at job sites that are specifically related to career objectives.Provides on-

the-job experience while earning course credit. IVYT 070 College and Life Success

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Enhances success in college by assisting stu- dents in obtaining skills necessary to reach their educational,career, and life objectives.Topics include time management,memory tech- niques, textbook usage,note taking,test taking,problem solving and decision making,group interaction,communication skills,and

resource and technology utilization. IVYT 071 Study Skills Survey

1 Credit

Prerequisites:None.Enhances success in college by assisting stu- dents in obtaining skills necessary to reach their educational,career, and life objectives.Topics include memory,reading,note-taking, test-taking techniques,strategies for scheduling time to study,and dealing with test anxiety.

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