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AGRI 203 Livestock Selection and Evaluation 3 Credits Prerequisite: AGRI 100.Principles of selection and evaluation of breeding and market livestock:emphasis on modern breeds and- types of livestock.Performance programs available for producers to improve livestock to meet economic,market,and consumer needs. Students participate in field trips and may participate in intercolle giate livestock judging contests to gain skill in livestock selection/

evaluation. AGRI 204 Agriculture Salesmanship

3 Credits

Prerequisite: AGRI 100.Role,dynamics,and principles of sales com- munications as related to food and agriculture;methods for analyz- ing, setting objectives,planning,conducting,and evaluating sales

communications efforts;sales presentations. AGRI 205 Animal Nutrition

3 Credits

Prerequisite: Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or higher in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032 and MATH 050 or MATH 015 or MATH 023.Basic principles of managing animal diets to maximize health and minimize or pre- vent disease in animals and humans. Includes nutrient classes and functions,digestive processes,symptoms of nutrient deficiency, characterization of feed products,diet formulation and manage- ment. Familiarizes students with disease processes and mecha- nisms and recognition and management of insects of animals.

AGRI 206 Animal Anatomy and Physiology

3 Credits

Prerequisite: AGRI 100.Principles of organ and tissue structure, operation,function,regulation,and integration of domestic farm animals. Examines mechanisms and processes of growth and devel-

opment, reproduction,and lactation,and effects of environmental conditions. Includes basic genetic principles and theory,and their applications to physiological development and reproduction.

AGRI 207 Marketing Agricultural Products

3 Credits

Prerequisite: AGRI 100.Includes principles of demand,supply and price determination in agricultural markets. Examines effects of costs and margins,market structure,marketing channels and sys- tems, horizontal and vertical integration,government regulations, government programs,and cooperatives on farm marketing deci- sions. Also examines the difference between marketing commodi-

ties and differentiated products. AGRI 208 Agriculture Financial Records

3 Credits

Prerequisite: AGRI 100.Application of principles of financial and cost accounting,finance,and management to recording the farm’s input, cost,production,price,and revenue information. Use and organiza- tion of financial data to assist farm management and decision-mak- ing, such as financial analysis,budgeting,strategic decisions for eval- uating and improving operations,credit needs,and tax liabilities.

AGRI 209 Agricultural Commodity Marketing 3 Credits Prerequisite: AGRI 100.Fundamentals of the mechanics of commod- ity futures and options,for both grain and livestock. Examine how these markets connect to the cash market and influence risk man- agement and pricing of commodities. Fundamentals of the cash market pricing alternatives available and development of marketing


AGRI 210 Management Methods for Agricultural Business

3 Credits

Prerequisites:AGRI 110.Examines the management of non-farm, agriculturally related businesses. Topics include tools for manage- ment decision making,legal forms of business organization,basics of accounting,and important financial management techniques. Incorporates case studies and computer simulation game.

AGRI 211 Swine Production

3 Credits

Prerequisite: AGRI 100.The principles,skills,and practices of han- dling swine and managing commercial swine production and pro- duction of pork products. Includes breeding,selection,feeding,and health of swine. Provides concepts of animal and animal-human interactions and animal behavior and practices to ensure animal

and human well-being.

AGRI 212 Environmental Systems Management

3 Credits

Prerequisite: AGRI 100.Principles of using,storing,controlling and dis- posing of agricultural waste,chemicals,and other hazardous materi- als, and using and maintaining application equipment,to maintain human and animal health and environmental quality. Includes basis for and knowledge of state and federal regulatory requirements. May include instruction for certification in hazardous materials manage-

ment or private pesticide applicator licensing.

AGRI 213 Agriculture Equipment Power Systems

3 Credits

Prerequisite: AGRI 100.An introduction to power generation and transfer in mechanical and fluid power systems.Internal combustion engines,fuels,and cycles are introduced.Clutches,mechanical trans- missions, automatic transmissions,hydrostatic transmissions,and final drives are discussed.Principles of hydraulics,fluids,cylinders, pumps,motors,valves,hoses,filters,reservoirs,and accumulators are studied.

AGRI 214 Physiology of Animal Reproduction 3 Credits Prerequisites:AGRI 100.Successful and efficient reproduction is an economically important aspect of modern animal agriculture. Course emphasizes the anatomy of male and female food animal reproductive organs,the effect of hormones on reproduction,the effect of environmental factors on reproduction,and the ways to

maximize reproductive efficiency. Includes basics of genetics,but emphasizes the practical application of reproductive physiology.

AGRI 216 Disease and Insect Identification and Control

3 Credits

Prerequisite:AGRI 100.Identification and control of the economically important diseases and insects that impact agricultural production in the U.S.Emphasis is placed on disease pathogens and insects that affect grain and forage production in the Midwest.Current technolo- gies in chemical control as well as integrated pest management will

be explored with emphasis on environmental and personal safety.

AGRI 217 Soil Fertility

3 Credits

Prerequisite: AGRI 100.Use of fertilizers for peak production at opti- mum cost;evaluation and comparison of different forms of macro- and micro-nutrients,their manufacture,handling,and application;

plant and soil chemistry. AGRI 218 Weed Identification and Control

3 Credits

Prerequisite:AGRI 100.Identification and control of the economically important broadleaf and grass weeds that impact agricultural pro- duction in the U.S.Identification of seeds,seedlings and full-grown plants is addressed.Weed control programs are examined in the context of herbicide chemistry,timing and economics.Emphasis is placed on pesticide formulations,application methods,rate calibra- tion, environmental concerns,safety,laws and regulations.Students will participate in training for and receive a Certified Pesticide

Applicators Permit as part of the course requirements. AGRI 219 Crop Machinery and Equipment

3 Credits

Prerequisite:AGRI 100 Principles of choosing,operating,and main- taining machines and equipment used in production of field crops. Emphasizes basics of electrical and hydraulic machines and common operating techniques and practices. Includes use of computer soft- ware and hardware and GIS to manage planting,tilling,and fertilizer and pesticide applications. Special focus on operator safety and

environmental quality maintenance. AGRI 220 Applied Agronomy

3 Credits

Prerequisites:AGRI 100.Principles of agronomy related to nutrient management,soil management,water management,integrated pest management and cropping systems. Course prepares students to take the certified crop advisor exam.

AGRI 222 Agriculture Applications of Geographic

Information Systems

3 Credits

Prerequisites:AGRI 100.Fundamental processes of geographic infor- mation systems (GIS) with application to agriculture.File formats, database management,spatial analysis,and manipulation of data. Georeferenced data from mapping and yield monitoring.


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