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covers,and herbaceous plants important to landscaping including evaluation of growth habits,species quality,and site adaptability.

LAND 103 Landscape Management I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Methods in the practice of landscaping,tree care,and turf management are briefly introduced through lectures, slides,videos,and field trips.Weed problems and their control are studied.A large segment of the course is devoted to the study of non-pathogenic problems of landscape plants and turf as well as their pathogenic diseases,and management of these problems.

LAND 104 Turf Management

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.A study of the particular growth characteristics of the grass species used in lawn areas in the Midwest and Great Lakes area.Also covers the competitive influences and how to con- trol these problems and promote good turf.

LAND 105 Landscape Botany

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Chair Approval.The study of the life of a plant;cell structure;the structure and function of roots,stems, leaves,flowers,and seeds;the assimilation of water and nutrients in the plants growth and the stages of development as well as the place and importance of soils.This class is important to one seeking

qualification as a licensed pesticide applicator. LAND 106 Landscape Design I

3 Credits

Prerequisites: LAND 101 and LAND 102.Landscape drafting tech- niques and basic landscape planning for residential and small busi- ness settings utilizing the proper selection of ornamental plants consistent with design and environmental requirements.Included are lectures,slide and fi lm presentations,and lab work with draft-

ing tools and equipment. LAND 201 Landscape Management II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: LAND 103.Takes advantage of growing season experi- ences to reinforce what is taught in the prerequisite course by text- book and lecture.Actual on-site observation,as well as hands on experience is planned.Actual practice in the monitoring of pest

problems is given. LAND 202 Landscape Design II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: LAND 106.A follow up to Landscape Design I to show and give practice in somewhat more sophisticated techniques such as enhancement of drawing by color-use.Also,guidance and prac- tice in making elevation drawings is given.Some introduction to the use of computer-aided drawings is given to the student.

LAND 203 Insect Pests of Ornamentals

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Chair Approval.Covers insect identification, structure,and life history;pest management of insects important to

landscaping and tree care.

LAND 204 Herbaceous Ornamentals and Grasses

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Chair Approval.The identification of 125 annuals,perennials,and grasses that is important to landscape management.Slides and videos are used to introduce a list of non-

woody plants which students may encounter in operating a land- scape business.Bed principles for effective landscape displays will be covered.Cultural practices propagation technique,foliage,and flower descriptions,watering,disease and insects are discussed.

LAND 205 Tree Care Practices

3 Credits

Prerequisites: LAND 101.Covers the basic knowledge and techniques used by one employed as an arborist in the care of larger mature trees.Includes climbing,pruning,takedowns,removals,soil relation- ships and fertilization,tools and equipment,and safety procedures.

LAND 206 Fundamentals of Horticulture

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Chair Approval.Studies the basic horticulture of plant structure,growth,function,and development,including propagation,maintenance,and selection.Studies will include use of

fertilization and pesticides for the control of diseases and pests.

LAND 207 Soils

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Studies the growth habits and culture of plants not particularly ornamental or frequently used in the landscape. However,knowledge of these plants will be useful to one employed in a garden center or service organization where this person is fre- quently expected to know answers to questions pertaining to gar-

dening and horticulture. LIBA 279 Liberal Arts Capstone Course

1 Credit

Prerequisites:Successful completion of 40 program hours and Program Advisor approval.Provides a culminating experience designed to demonstrate the student’s mastery of information liter- acy; ethical and responsible behavior;political,social and environ- mental responsibility;and diversity awareness,both in general and in the student's area of concentration.May require a research proj- ect, presentation,and/or portfolio.Requires students to complete two sections of a college-approved standardized assessment of pro- ficiency in math,writing,scientific inquiry,and/or critical thinking.

LIBR 101 Introduction to Libraries and Library Services

3 Credits

Prerequisites: Demonstrated competency through appropriate assess- ment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032. Surveys the history,organization,services,and functions of libraries. Provides LibraryTechnical Assistant students with an introduction to and overview of the Library field and the different types of libraries.

LIBR 102 Introduction to Reference Sources and Services

3 Credits

Prerequisite:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assess-

ment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032. This course gives an overview of the reference function with empha- sis on the role of the LTA. Reference interview techniques,process and strategy are introduced. The course also covers knowledge,use, and evaluation of basic reference tools and sources in all formats, basic search strategy,and referral and interlibrary loan procedures. Emphasis is placed on using this knowledge and skill to help library users locate needed information. Bibliographic and citation formats, legal issues,and ethics are also covered. This course is approved for use towards Indiana Public Librarian Certification Level 4 as admin-

istered by the Indiana State Library.

LIBR 103 Introduction to Libraries Public Services

3 Credits

Prerequisites: Demonstrated experience working in public libraries using a check list signed by employer and demonstrated competen- cy through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or bet- ter in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032 and MATH 015 or MATH 044. his course gives an overview of the role of the Library Technical Assistant (LTA) in access service areas of a library. Emphasis is placed on circulation,interlibrary loan,and customer service.The course also covers knowledge and use of classification schemes,copyright, reserve services,confidentiality,serials,special collections,collection maintenance,financial transactions and record keeping.

LIBR 104 Introduction to Technical Services

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032.This course is designed to prepare Library Technical Assistants with the skills necessary to:assist in acquisitions and processing, serials control,resource preservation and maintenance.Emphasis will be placed on processes necessary for seamless incorporation of tech-

nical services into library services delivered to patrons.

LIBR 201 Cataloging and Classification

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032.Introduces students to the basic concepts of classification and cataloging within a library setting.Emphasis is placed on the devel- opment of a working knowledge of both descriptive and subject cat- aloging resources,Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal classifica-

tion systems,copy cataloging,and MARC format.

LIBR 202 Electronic Resources and Online Searching

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032.This course introduces students to essential electronic informa- tion sources (library catalogs,digital libraries,academic or gated databases,government resources,and the Internet) used in a variety

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