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niques,infection control and safety and applications of communica-

tion concepts and stress management. MEDL 197 Clinical Phlebotomy Experience

3 Credits

Prerequisites:MEDL 196.Covers the practice and demonstration of clinical applications of phlebotomy in the clinical setting.

MEDL 198 Clinical Phlebotomy Discussion

1 Credit

Prerequisites:Student must be in good standing and currently enrolled in MEDL Program.Designed for students to develop the professional socialization process that is necessary for functioning in a health care setting as well as review routine and special phleboto-

my procedure in light of phlebotomist-patient interaction.

MEDL 201 Immunology Techniques

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Provides the student with a basic understanding of the principles of the human immunologic sys- tem as well as an understanding o ,and experience in,routine testing.

MEDL 202 Immunohematology Techniques

3 Credits

Prerequisites:MEDL 201 and Program Advisor Approval.Provides instruction on the principles,practice,and procedures used for blood

banking in the clinical laboratory. MEDL 205 Hematology Techniques I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:MEDL 101,MEDL 102 and Program Advisor Approval.This course presents theory of blood formation and func- tion and routine hematologic procedures,with emphasis upon dif- ferentiation of normal and commonly encountered abnormal blood

cells.Also presents clinic pathologic correlations. MEDL 206 Hematology Techniques II

3 Credits

Prerequisites:MEDL 205 and Program Advisor Approval.This course continues the study of principles and procedures in hematology.It introduces procedures which lie outside those routinely performed. Continues cell differentiation,with emphasis upon early and less commonly encountered abnormal cells,with associated special

stains.Includes clinic pathologic correlations. MEDL 207 Chemistry Techniques I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:CHEM 101 or CHEM 111 and Program Advisor Approval.Presents principles,procedures and clinicopathologic cor- relations in routine chemical analysis of the blood and other body fluids.Provides laboratory experiences in basic methods,selected to develop routine analytical abilities and to promote the ability to rec-

ognize sources of error. MEDL 209 Routine Analysis Applications

1 Credit

Prerequisites:MEDL 102.Provides the student with study of the clin- ical applications of routine analysis in the hospital laboratory including physical,chemical,and microscopic examination of urine.

MEDL 210 Hematology Applications

3 Credits

Prerequisites: MEDL 206 and Program Advisor Approval.Knowledge

and skill development pertaining to the principles and techniques of

hematology in the hospital laboratory. MEDL 212 Immunology Applications

1 Credit

Prerequisites:MEDL 201 and Program Advisor Approval.Studies and practices the clinical application of serology in the hospital laboratory.

MEDL 213 Immunohematology Applications 3 Credits Prerequisites:MEDL 202 and Program Advisor Approval.Applications of principles and procedures used in blood banking in the hospital

laboratory are taught in the clinical laboratory setting. MEDL 215 Parasitology and Mycology

1 Credit

Prerequisites:MEDL 222.Examines the isolation,identification,life cycles and disease processes of pathogenic and opportunistic fungi

and parasites. MEDL 218 Clinical Pathology

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.The course is a review course in preparation for the National Registry Examination and will include current testing procedures,disease conditions,diagnosis,eti- ologies, clinical symptoms and related laboratory findings.

MEDL 221 Clinical Microbiology Applications 3 Credits Prerequisites: MEDL 222.Provides the student with the study of applications and clinical practices of microbiology found in a clinical

laboratory. MEDL 222 Microbiology Techniques

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.This course will instruct the student in the principles of bacteriology including:gram-negative and gram-positive bacilli and cocci,fastidious organisms and an overview of anaerobic organisms and acid-fast bacteria.Instruction in basic lab- oratory techniques in clinical bacteriology will also be included.

MEDL 224 Chemistry Applications

3 Credits

Prerequisites: MEDL 227.Corequisites:MEDL 208.Study and practice of the analytical aspects of clinical chemistry in the hospital laboratory.

MEDL 227 Chemistry Techniques II

2 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Continues the study of prin- ciples, procedures and clinicopathologic correlations in the chemical analysis of blood and other body fluids.Introduces procedures which lie outside those routinely performed in the clinical chemistry labo-

ratory, including clinicopathologic correlations. MEDL 280 Co-op/Internship

1-5 Credits

Prerequisite:Program Advisor Approval. Provides clinical laboratory experience in an affiliated laboratory. Gives students the opportuni- ty to practice and employ fundamental lab skills and learn advanced techniques in a supervised setting. Provides on-the-job experience while earning credit toward the associate degree. Also provides a mechanism for a skills refresher course for credentialed individuals who have been out of the field for a period of time.

METC 105 Introduction to Engineering Technology

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Provides the beginning engineering technology student with the basic tools necessary for success in their chosen field. Topics include:survey of engineering technology careers,prob- lem solving,introduction to engineering mathematical and statisti-

cal concepts,technical laboratories,data presentation and report writing,use of scientific calculators,engineering calculations, metrology,use of spreadsheets for data analysis and presentation,

and engineering ethics and responsibilities. METC 111 Statics

3 Credits

Prerequisites:MATH 136.Studies applied mechanics dealing with bodies at rest without the use of calculus. Covers units,vectors, forces,equilibrium,moments and couples,planar force systems,dis-

tributed forces,analysis of structures,and friction. METC 143 Materials and Processes

3 Credits

Prerequisites:MATH 111 or demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in MATH 035 or MATH 043 and ENGL 025 and ENGL 032.Introduces students to structures,properties,processing,and applications of metals and ceramics commonly used in industry and develop problem solving skills in the areas of material selection,evaluation,measurement and testing.

METC 201 Engineering Projects in Community

Service (EPICS)

3 Credits

Prerequisite:Advisor Approval Required.Projects in this course cen- ter around engineering and technology needs of the community partners,but may involve students from many disciplines as integral members of the team. EPICS projects are intended to solve real problems,and will be defined in consultation with project partners from community service agencies. The scope of the projects will include: problem identification,specification development,concep-

tual design,production and service/maintenance. METC 220 CAD for Mechanical Design

3 Credits

Prerequisites:DESN 102,DESN 103,METC105 An introduction and exploration of solid modeling using AutoCAD Inventor® software. Emphasis is placed on learning the basic concepts of creating parts using software-specific modeling and modification commands. The concepts of parent-child relationships as well as parametric relations are introduced. Assemblies of components are created based upon student-created parts,and the generation of engineering drawings

will be required. MKTG 101 Principles of Marketing

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032 and MATH 044 or MATH 015.Introduces the marketing role in society and how it affects the marketing strategy.Emphasizes the


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