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MPRO 227 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

3 Credits

Prerequisites:MPRO 102.Introduces the fundamental principles of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing according to the latest ANSI standards.Students will apply geometric dimensioning and tolerancing symbols along with tolerances of form,profile,orienta-

tion, run-out,and location to mechanical problems.

MPRO 250 Advanced Lean Manufacturing

3 Credits

Prerequisites:MPRO 201.Continues the philosophical background, historical development,fundamental concepts,operating funda- mentals, and the organizational rationale for the implementation of lean disciplines in manufacturing.Practical application of Lean theo- ry by the Toyota Production System will be demonstrated and explained. Further develops the use and implementation of lean disciplines that results in the ability of an enterprise to develop a work environment that promotes continuous improvement,elimi- nates waste,reduces operating cost,improves quality,and achieves

measurable improvement in customer satisfaction.

MRTC 107 Motorcycle Engine Principles and Design

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduces engine dynamics,theory of engine operation and characteristics of engine design.Studies R & R,visual inspection, precision measuring, gaskets, lubricants, sealants,

coolants of modern engines,and engine servic


MRTC 127 Motorcycle Engine Service and Repair

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Studies precision tools,equipment,and procedures needed to repair today’s modern engine.Repair,proper assemble,and installation techniques applicable to the modern engine are included.

MRTC 173 Motorcycle Transmission/Drive

Service and Repair

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Studies theory and operation,diagnosis,testing

and repair of motorcycle transmissions and drivelines.

MRTC 174 Motorcycle Frame and Electrical System

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduces the fundamentals and principles of motorcycle electronics and diagnosis.Extensive use of digital multi- meters and circuit troubleshooting is covered.Emphasis is placed on reading and understanding wiring diagrams and symbols. Diagnosing,starting,and charging systems are also covered.

MRTC 270 Motorcycle High Performance

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Covers the fundamentals,construction,compo- nents and design of high performance motorcycles for various racing venues.The course will also cover related systems;cooling,lubrication, suspension and braking.Students will study the theory,design and

requirements of high performance engines/systems.Emphasis in this course is placed on bolt on performance modifications.

MTTC 101 Introduction to Machining

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Instructs the student in shop safety,industrial terminology,tools and machine tooling,measurement and layout. Includes laboratory exercises to begin project completion of turning,

milling,and grinding applications. MTTC 102 Turning Processes I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Instructs students in shop safety,industrial ter- minology, and provide laboratory experience toward project com-

pletion on the conventional lathe. MTTC 103 Milling Processes I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Instructs students in shop safety and industrial terminology and provides laboratory experience toward project completion on the vertical and/or horizontal milling machine.

MTTC 104 Machinery Handbook

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a“C”or better in MATH 044 or MATH 015.Explores the intent and use of the machinery handbook.Applies principles and concepts in the machinery handbook to projects in

the industry. MTTC 105 Abrasive Processes I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Provides shop safety,industrial terminology,and laboratory experiences on abrasive processing machines.Includes

super abrasives technology processes. MTTC 106 Print Interpretation

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.Applies mathematics in solving engineering and design related problems in the areas of die design,fabrication, assembly,special machinery,die casting and molds.Emphasizes GDT

tolerancing. MTTC 110 Turning and Milling Processes

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Provides shop safety,industrial terminology and laboratory experiences on conventional lathe and milling machines.

MTTC 202 Advanced Turning Processes II

3 Credits

Prerequisites:MTTC 102 or MTTC 110.Advanced training in shop safe- ty and industrial terminology utilizing the conventional engine lathe.

MTTC 203 Milling Processes II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: MTTC 103 or MTTC 110.Covers shop safety,industrial terminology,and provide advanced laboratory experience towards project completion on the vertical and/or horizontal milling machine.

MTTC 205 Abrasive Processes II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: MTTC 105.Continuing emphasis on shop safety,indus- trial terminology,and advanced laboratory experience towards proj-

ect completion on a variety of abrasive processing machines.

MTTC 206 Tooling Design I

3 Credits

Prerequisites: MTTC 110 and MTTC 105 or MTTC 102 and MTTC 103 and MTTC 105.Introduces concepts of tooling design,assembly,and standards of fabrication.Emphasizes jig and fi xture design/compo-

nents, application and operational characteristics.

MTTC 207 Tooling Design II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: MTTC 105 and MTTC 110.Covers concepts of complex tooling design.Emphasizes forming,blanking,piercing and progres- sive type die design.Includes die applications,components,manu-

facture and assembly techniques. MTTC 208 CNC Programming I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Introduces two and three axis CNC machining.Develops the theory of programming in the classroom with applications of the program accomplished on indus- try- type machines.Studies terminology of coordinates,cutter paths,

angle cutting,and linear and circular interpolation. MTTC 209 CNC Programming II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: MTTC 208.Provides further study in computer-aided numerical control programming.Focuses on canned cycles,loops, macros,thread cycles,drilling,and pocket milling cycles.

MTTC 210 Interactive CNC

3 Credits

Prerequisites: MTTC 208.Introduces advanced applications of com- puter assisted part programming and simulation,language codes setup and operation,troubleshooting,and problem solving in a CNC turning center and CNC machining center.Includes related mathe-

matical sills.

MTTC 211 Advanced Programming Techniques

3 Credits

Prerequisites: MTTC 210.Includes the application of advanced CNC programming techniques to industrial machining.Using down load- ing and up loading techniques utilized through advanced projects.


3 Credits

Prerequisites: MTTC 208.Covers the development of various machine routines.Introduces computer-assisted machining as it relates to automated milling and machining centers.Emphasizes proper pro- gramming techniques,control familiarity,file data and machining

functions. MTTC 221 CAD/CAM II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: MTTC 220.Covers the development of 3-D shapes and the codes necessary to produce parts.Requires student to design a new product or modify an existing design.Includes creating surface curves.Focuses on creating tool paths for complex 3-D surfaces.

MTTC 225 Introduction to Mold Making

3 Credits

Prerequisites: MTTC 110.Introduces the student to the basic funda-

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