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legal research memorandum of law.20 hours of law library atten-

dance required in this course. PARA 103 Civil Procedure

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PARA 101.The first of two semesters devoted to the study of the Indiana Trial rules,small claims,court rules,and local rules.(The second course is PARA 202) Topics include filing require- ments, the rules regarding service of process,and calculation of deadlines.Projects include drafting summonses,complaints,

answers,and various motions. PARA 106 Tort Law

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PARA 101.Concerns the law of non-criminal injuries to persons or property.Topics include negligence,strict liability,product liability,intentional torts,affirmative defenses,basic evidence law, and pre-trial investigation techniques and resources.

PARA 107 Contracts and Commercial Law

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PARA 101.Examines the nature of contracts and com- mercial law under both the common law and the Commercial Code of Indiana.Topics include contracts for sales of goods (UCC Article 2),

the Statute of Frauds,performance,remedies,warranties,assign- ment law,negotiable instruments law (UCC Article 3),and secured

transactions law (UCC Article 9). PARA 108 Property Law

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PARA 101.A survey of the law of real and personal property in Indiana.Property law concepts are analyzed.Topics include the different types of property generally,estates in land, concurrent ownership,legal descriptions and deeds,easements, encumbrances on title,title searches and title insurance,real estate purchase agreements,closings,mortgages and UCC Article 9 security interests,foreclosures,landlord-tenant law,and personal property law topics such as bailments,lost property,and intellectual proper- ty.This is an introductory course in real and personal property law

for paralegal majors. PARA 200 Legal Ethics

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PARA 101.Examines rules of professional conduct that apply to all legal professions including:the American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct,the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct,the American Bar Association Guidelines for the Utilization of Legal Assistants,and various other sets of rules of

conduct created by paralegal associations. PARA 202 Litigation

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PARA 101 and PARA 103.The study of Indiana trial rules pertaining to actual trial.Topics include discovery process and discovery tools,litigation support - including organization and retrieval of trial documents - techniques in preparing witnesses for trial,and preparing jury instructions.Main project is compiling a trial notebook.

PARA 203 Law Office Technology

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PARA 101.A hands-on survey of software support available to the law practitioner,including word processing,elec- tronic spreadsheets,database management,presentation software, docket control,litigation support,timekeeping,and billing.Also included is information on computer-assisted legal research servic-

es,web based research,and electronic filing.

PARA 204 Legal Writing

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PARA 102 and PARA 103.Further develop the legal writing skills the students touched upon in Legal Research.The stu- dent will be exposed to various legal writing techniques that are used in drafting a wide variety of legal documents.Throughout the semester,a strong emphasis is placed on proper writing methodolo- gy and formatting.Projects include drafting research,correspon-

dence, litigation and transactional documents. PARA 205 Business Associations

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PARA 101.Introduces the student to the various forms of business entities,including sole proprietorships,general and lim- ited partnerships,limited liability companies (LLC’s),and business corporations.Topics include key concepts of law (the relationship between principals and agents),the scope of employment doctrine, and respondeat superior,the distinguishing characteristics of com- mon business entities,the formal requirements for establishing and doing business in various types of business organizations in Indiana, respective advantages and disadvantages of each type,and relevant tax issues.Students will review sample business formation docu- ments and will draft a general partnership agreement.

PARA 206 Advanced Tort Law

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PARA 106.A continuation of the principles and issues discussed in Tort Law class,including res ipsa loquitur,attractive nui- sance, premises liability and wrongful death.Litigation support and

strategy will also be discussed. PARA 209 Family Law

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PARA 103.An introduction to the Indiana law of mar- riage, dissolution,custody (including UCCJA),visitation,support (including URESA),adoption,and guardianship of minors.Students will review many pleadings and intake forms and will draft a divorce petition,a financial statement,a summary decree with child support

worksheet. PARA 210 Wills, Trust, and Estates

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PARA 101.Concerns the law of wills and trusts,the administration of estates,and guardianships according to Indiana common law and the provisions of Titles 29,30 and Title 6 (death taxes) of the Indiana Code.Students study the intestate succession, the elements of a valid will,of a valid trust,and laws of will con- struction.

PARA 212 Bankruptcy Law

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PARA 101.A survey of the Federal Bankruptcy Act, including the various bankruptcy proceedings.There under empha- sizes how to accumulate the debtor’s financial information,compile initial schedules,prepare the list of creditors,collect and organize data for the first meeting of creditors,complete proofs of claim,and pursue creditors’rights.Including preparation of a Chapter 13 bank-

ruptcy case. PARA 255 Practicum

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.An opportunity for the intermediate paralegal student to acquire valuable field experience by working under attorney supervision.The student keeps a journal and prepares a report of his or her experience at the end of the

semester. PARA 271 Medical Malpractice

3 Credits

Prerequisite:PARA 101. The student shall receive instruction in the elements of medical malpractice and how this differs from inten- tional tort and negligence claims.The course also concentrates on instruction on ethical and criminal violations that sometimes occur in the medical field.The student shall also receive instruction on the intricacies of Indiana law,including an analysis of the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act.The course will also cover the defenses available to defendants of medical malpractice claims.

PARA 280 Internship

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.An opportunity for inter- mediate paralegal student to acquire valuable field experience by working under attorney supervision.The student keeps a journal and prepares a report of his or her experience at the end of the semester.

PARM 102 Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Training

7.5 Credits

Prerequisites: Completion of the ASSET or COMPASS,18 years of age prior to course completion,copy of high school diploma or GED must be supplied by course completion,completion of the College Health Examination Form and required immunizations and tests,regionally determined,current Health Care Provider CPR card.Based on the training program developed by the Department of Transportation and the Emergency Medical Services Commission of Indiana.Covers theories,techniques and operational aspects of pre-hospital emer- gency care within the scope and responsibility of the basic emer- gency medical technician (EMT-B).Requires laboratory practice and clinical observation in a hospital emergency room and ambulance. Successful completion of the course meets Indiana requirements to

test for certification as an EMT-B. PARM 105 Basic Ambulance Internship

2 Credits

Prerequisites:PARM 102.Students will participate in a field intern- ship that provides on the job experience in all phases of pre-hospital


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