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PHYS 101 Physics I

Transfer IN 4 Credits

Prerequisites:MATH 121 or MATH 131,or MATH 134 or MATH 137. Introduces the basic concepts of mechanics,including force and torque,linear and rotational motion,work,energy and power,fluids,

and the physics of heat.Includes lab. PHYS 102 Physics II

Transfer IN 4 Credits

Prerequisites:PHYS 101.Introduces the physics of light,periodic and wave motion,electricity and magnetism,and concepts of modern

and current physics.Includes lab. PHYS 220 Mechanics

Transfer IN 5 Credits

competency through appropriate assessment or a grade of“C” or better in MATH 035 or MATH 043.Introduces the concepts and applications of physics.Leads students to develop an integrated understanding of the theory and applications of measuring (or unit) systems, scalars, vectors, force,work, rates, energy,momentum, power,force transformers (simple machines),vibrations and waves, and time constants.Emphasizes understanding concepts,factual knowledge, computation, and application.

Prerequisites:MATH 211.A calculus based physics course that pro- vides a detailed analysis of uniform and accelerated motion; Newton’s laws;gravitation and planetary motion;energy;momen- tum; conservation principles;circular motion;angular momentum; dynamics of rotation;statics;hydrostatics and hydrodynamics;simple harmonic motion and wave motion.Includes lab.


Prerequisites: PHYS 220 and MATH 212.A calculus based physics course that provides a detailed analysis of heat and energy;kinetic theory; elementary thermodynamics;heat transfer;electrostatics;electric cur- rent; AC and DC circuit analysis;electromagnetism;magnetic proper-

ties of matter;geometrical and physical optics.Includes lab.

PLAS 101 Introduction to Plastics

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduction to the main plastic processing

Prerequisites: PLAS 101.Introduces structure,properties,and pro- cessing characteristics of plastic polymers and additives.

PLAS 107 Injection Molding

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PLAS 101.Expands the student’s knowledge of injec-

Prerequisites: PLAS 101.Introduces the extrusion processes,equip-

Prerequisites: PLAS 107.Covers the procedures and techniques nec-

PHYS 221 Heat, Electricity and Optics

Transfer IN 5 Credits

industries,techniques,and commonly used polymers. PLAS 106 Plastic Materials and Testing

3 Credits

tion molding process,components,and industry. PLAS 108 Extrusion Process

3 Credits

ment and industrial applications. PLAS 201 Advanced Injection Molding

3 Credits

essary to fully utilize the capabilities of modern injection molding equipment to properly process thermoplastic materials.

PLAS 202 Advanced Extrusion

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PLAS 108.Expands the student’s knowledge of extru-

sion processes,equipment and industrial application. PLAS 208 Computer Applications in Plastics

3 Credits

Prerequisites:PLAS 107 and PLAS 108.Introduces the computer products and services available to aid in the design and manufac- turing of plastic products.

PLAS 209 Manufacturing of Plastics Products 3 Credits Prerequisites: PLAS 107 and PLAS 108.Covers the economic,organi- zational, and quality control strategies employed by production tech- nicians to maximize efficiency in plastics manufacturing operations.

POLS 101 Introduction to American

Government and Politics

TransferIN 3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032. Studies federalism,theories of the origins and purposes of gov- ernment and other aspects of the American government including interest groups,political parties,and the electoral process.Emphasis

is placed on constitutional backgrounds and the organization and functions of the executive,legislative,and judicial segments of the national government,civil liberties and civil rights,public opinion,

media,bureaucracies,and domestic and foreign policy. POLS 112 State and Local Government

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assess- ment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032. Covers the basic organization and operation of state and local govern- ments.Topics include federalism,state constitutions,courts,governors, legislatures,elections,campaign finance,interest groups,local govern- ments, budgets and taxes,education and law enforcement.

POLS 201 Introduction to Political Science

TransferIN 3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032.Introduces students to the basic principles of political science, government and its institutions,international relations,political phi- losophy, and political theory.Emphasis on the impact of economy, culture,history,and environment on political behavior/events.

POLS 210 Personal Law

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032.Examines the basis and principles of our legal system,how legal decisions are made and how they affect citizens’lives.Topics to be covered include federal and stare jurisdictions,criminal and civil

law and procedures,freedom of speech,press and religion,privacy rights,workplace rights,property rights,the role of juries in our legal

system and the death penalty.

POLS 211 Introduction to World Politics

TransferIN 3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032 and MATH 044 or MATH 015.Investigates the interaction of modern international political institutions,leaders,and events. Discussion includes comparative analysis from a global perspective and the impact of international relations on individual lives.

POLS 220 Public Administration

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032.Focuses on bureaucracy in the federal government and its rela-

tion to local and state agencies. PPTC 101 Power Plant Fundamentals

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.An introduction to power plant systems. Emphasizes the use of schematics and diagrams in discussing power plant systems and identifying major components including boilers, turbines,generators,condensers,pumps,and auxiliary equipment. Includes the study of pre-heaters,feed water,superheat,and reheat systems.Plant safety training and workplace procedures emphasized

PPTC 102 Power Plant Mechanical Equipment

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.Introduces the various pieces of mechanical equipment found in power plants including compressors,pumps, fans,blowers,valves,heat exchangers,power transmission equip- ment and turbines.Mechanical concepts of work,force,and torque will be used to describe equipment operation and performance. Studies basic types of bearings,seals,and lubrication used in power plant equipment. Mechanical assembly drawings and diagrams will

be utilized to understand equipment operation and function.

PPTC 103 Power Plant Electrical Equipment

3 Credits

Prerequisite:INDT 113.Introduces the study of electrical equipment and systems used in power plants.Topics include three phase power, generators,motors,transformers,and switching gear.NEC and NESC

Code requirements,automatic and manual motor controls,variable speed drives,and circuit protection will also be studied.

PPTC 121 Power Plant Steam Systems

3 Credits

Prerequisite:PPTC 101 and demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or a grade of“C”or better in MATH 044 or MATH 015.Studies the use of steam as a means of transferring ener- gy and doing work.It will include principles of boiler operation to produce steam and the use of thermodynamics to understand the behavior and properties of a steam system.Major components will be studied along with how they play a role in the steam generation

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