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vention of substance abuse;and therapeutic uses of drugs in mental

illness addressed. PSYC 211 Research Methods in Psychology

3 Credits

Prerequisites:PSYC 101 and demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade o f”C”or better in MATH 050 or MATH 015 or MATH 023.The course will familiarize students with the basic concepts,techniques,and problems associated with conducting research in psychology.Students will be provided with the analytical and critical thinking skills required to design,conduct, and interpret empirical research.Problems specific to research in

psychology will be explored. PSYC 240 Human Sexuality

TransferIN 3 Credits

Prerequisites:PSYC 101.Considers sexuality from an historic,scientif- ic, evolutionary and psychosocial perspective including sex research and methods,the biological bases of sexuality,sexual behavior,sex- uality and the life cycle,sexual problems,and social issues.

PSYC 242 Educational Psychology

3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENGL 111 and PSYC 101.Designed for students interest- ed in the educational process at all levels.Included will be topics relat- ed to student motivation,assessment and achievement.Successful students will understand the importance of the application of knowl- edge, as well as the acquisition of knowledge.The course provides a basic understanding of the psychology of teaching and education. Problem solving in the educational setting will be stressed.

PSYC 253 Introduction to Social Psychology

Transfer IN 3 Credits

Prerequisites:PSYC 101 and SOCI 111.The study of social psychology as a science,and how social psychologists study the interactions within and between individuals,social groups and institutions.This

course crosslists with SOCI 253. PSYC 260 Health Psychology

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PSYC 101.An introduction to health and emphasizing mind-body issues,the biopsychosocial model and cognitive behav- ioral theory.The course will emphasize research methods and cur- rent practice related to stress and pain,as well as health related behaviors.Within the course,treatment approaches,behavioral risk factors and public health issues will be addressed.

PTAS 101 Introduction to the Physical Therapist


3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032 and MATH 044 or MATH 015.Explores the history and concepts of physical therapy,physical therapist assisting and rehabilitative med- icine. Introduces fundamentals of patient care including universal precautions;body substance isolation;OSHA guidelines,patien- tassessment including vital signs;body mechanics;and patient han-

dling with applications of physics principles.Includes preparation of patients,treatment areas and equipment.

PTAS 102 Diseases, Trauma and Terminology 3 Credits Prerequisites: PTAS 107. Explores diseases and trauma which neces- sitate physical therapy for the client. Medical terminology,anatomy, physiology,psychology,disabilities and physics related to these con- ditions are discussed along with instrumentation,implants and fixa- tion devices. Provides students with the opportunity to explore their own reactions to illness and disability and to discuss how to recognize patients’and families’reactions to illness and disability.

PTAS 103 Administrative Aspects of Physical Therapist Assisting

3 Credits

Prerequisites: PTAS 107.Addresses the legal and ethical aspects of physical therapist assisting and patient care along with charting,doc- umentation, report writing,patient history procurement,record keep- ing, charges,insurance information including diagnostic and proce- dure coding,third party reimbursement,Medicare,Medicaid,electron- ic claims and patient rights including American Disabilities Act policy and architectural barriers identification. Discusses current issues in health care provision. Explores patient,family,and professional com- munication techniques,body language and electronic communica- tion as well as techniques in patient teaching. Includes performing within limitations of scope of skills,basic principles of levels of authority and responsibility,planning,time management,supervisory process,performance evaluations,policies and procedures.

PTAS 106 PTA Treatment Modalities I

5 Credits

Prerequisites: PTAS 101 and APHY 101.Continues concentration on the fundamentals of patient care including universal precautions, assessment of vital signs,body mechanics and patient positioning. Includes lectures,demonstrations and simulated patient problems in the laboratory portion of the course.Studies new techniques in depth,such as gait training,gait device selection,goniometry range of motion exercises and measuring.Introduces various modalities including hydrotherapy,thermo-therapy,massage,traction and intermittent compression techniques.Safety factors are emphasized in both the lectures and the laboratories.The laboratory provides the

setting for the practice and implementation of theories and tech- niques of PTAS 106.Students practice assessments and treatment methods on themselves and one another under the guidance and

supervision of the laboratory instructor. PTAS 107 Kinesiology

5 Credits

Prerequisites: PTAS 101 and APHY 101.Introduces the physical ther- apist assistant student to the science of kinesiology.By definition, kinesiology is the study of movement.Studies human movement and brings together the fields of anatomy,physiology,physics and geometry.Prerequisite knowledge of skeletal and muscular anato- my and physiology is necessary.Class will consist of equal parts of

lectures,demonstration and student participation in locating, observing and palpating various bony prominences and muscula- tures.Much of kinesiology requires independent study to memorize origin,insertion,action and innervation of all muscles.The knowl- edge gained in this course is an integral part of the students’back- ground preparation for the practice of physical therapy.

PTAS 115 Clinical I

2.5 Credits

Prerequisites: PTAS 102,PTAS 103,PTAS 106 and Program Advisor Approval.Requires the student to perform in a clinical environment

with patients,using applications of theory and techniques of PTAS 106,under the guidance of a registered physical therapist.

PTAS 205 Clinical II

6 Credits

Prerequisites: PTAS 115,PTAS 207,PTAS 217 and Program Advisor Approval.Requires the student to perform in a clinical environment with patients using applications of theories and techniques of PTAS 207 under the guidance of a registered physical therapist.

PTAS 207 Treatment Modalities II

5 Credits

Prerequisites: PTAS 106 and PTAS 107.Reviews joint structure,muscle origins,insertions,innervations,actions and physiology.Covers normal and abnormal gait,orthotics and prostheses,arthritis and joint replacement and postural correcting exercise along with treatment principles and therapeutic exercises for the neck,back,and peripheral joints.Discusses general exercise principles and progression of the orthopedic patient through an exercise program.Addresses appropri-

ate applications of principles of physics and kinesiology.

PTAS 215 Clinical III

6 Credits

Prerequisites: PTAS 205 and Program Advisor Approval.Requires the student to perform in a clinical environment with patients using applications of theory and techniques of PTAS 217 under guidance of

a registered physical therapist. PTAS 217 Treatment Modalities III

5 Credits

Prerequisites: PTAS 106.Provides an in-depth approach to therapeu- tic exercise as performed by the physical therapy assistant.Covers basic anatomy and physiology of the central and peripheral nervous systems and activities of daily living.Includes exercise physiology and neuro physiology and advanced principles and procedures of therapeutic exercise appropriate for cardiopulmonary,cardiovascu- lar,orthopedic and neurologic conditions,stroke,spinal cord and peripheral nerve injuries.Discusses prevention measures,specialized techniques and the utilization of specialized therapeutic equipment and correlates them to exercise applications.Addresses appropriate applications of kinesiology and principles of physics.Provides prac- tice and implementation of theories and techniques of PTAS 106 and PTAS 207 in the lab setting.

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