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point release,unwinding,PNF techniques,positional release,and intro to therapeutic exercise.Corporate (chair) massage is intro- duced. Guidelines for setting up a practice,including compliance with local state regulations,are discussed.Together these courses provide training for entrylevel technicians into massage therapy.

TMAS 141 Massage Through the Lifespan

3 Credits

Prerequisites: APHY 101 and TMAS 120.This advanced course teach- es the therapist to work with pregnant mothers to help ease the discomforts and stress that accompany pregnancy.Techniques to help with delivery are also addressed.It also addresses massage of infants and children to enhance bonding,relaxation,and comfort of

the infant and child.Massage aspects of geriatric and disabled

clients are addressed. TMAS 142 Aromatherapy

3 Credits

Prerequisites: APHY 101 and TMAS 120.This advanced course teach- es the therapist the integration of essential oils and aromatherapy

into massage techniques. TMAS 171 Personal Fitness Training

3 Credits

Prerequisite:None. The Personal Fitness Training course presents the concepts behind personal fitness,health and well-being. The course includes basic principles of human anatomy,physiology and exer- cise. Professional and legal practices are presented.Implementation of client’s goals in an exercise program is discussed.Course includes both lecture and lab components. This program is designed to ade- quately prepare the student for the accredited NFPT-CPT Personal Trainer Board Certification Exam. The final exam for this course meets strict criteria and requirements imposed by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accreditation standards. Successful board exam completion qualifies the student as a certi- fied personal fitness trainer. Certification test fee will be in addition

to tuition fees.

TMAS 201 Sports Massage, Injuries and Hydrotherapies

3 Credits

Prerequisites:TMAS 120 and TMAS 140.Presents a specific applica- tion of massage therapy designed to train the therapist in the treat- ment of athletes.Includes:pre-event and post-event techniques, general maintenance massage,and therapeutic exercises.First aid for sports injuries and the use of hydrotherapies will be explored.

TMAS 202 Deep Tissue/Muscle Release

3 Credits

Prerequisites:TMAS 120 and TMAS 140.Helps practitioners apply deeper techniques in the body therapy releasing chronically held tissue from past trauma,illness,or recent injury.Discusses the use of various treatment modalities.Deep tissue techniques include com-

pression and compression with stroke.

TMAS 203 Herbs, Drugs and Massage

3 Credits

Prerequisites: APHY 102,HLHS 101 and TMAS 120.Covers common medical conditions,the most common medications and the herbal remedies used to supplement healthcare.The most common med- ications and herbal remedies will be discussed according to body systems with emphasis on classifications,uses,routes of administra- tion, calcula tions,dosages,interactions,incompatibilities,and side effects.The student will learn how to research medical conditions, medications,and herbal remedies.Also addressed are special pre-

cautions, legal aspects,and patient education. MAS 204 Herbal Remedies

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.Covers the common medical conditions,and the herbal remedies that are used to supplement healthcare.The most common herbal remedies will be discussed,as well as the traditional indications,dose ranges,side effects,and contraindications.The stu- dent will gain a more in depth knowledge of herbal remedies being utilized in healthcare today and know how to research more knowl-

edge on medical conditions and herbal remedies. TMAS 205 Pathology and Massage

3 Credits

Prerequisites: APHY 101,APHY 102 and TMAS 120.Presents the basic concepts of diseases,their courses and functional disturbances as they relate to body systems.Includes the precipitating risk factors and appropriate methods of patient education regarding various disease processes and specifications for massage treatment.

TMAS 206 Palpation Skills

2 Credits

Prerequisites: APHY 102 and TMAS 140.Develops the student’s pal- pation skills in order to enhance the practitioner’s ability to evaluate the human body and energy systems.The course teaches a deeper understanding of muscular anatomy which includes craniosacral and fascial material.A substantial portion of this course will consist

of exercises to refine palpation skills. TMAS 210 Biomechanics

3 Credits

Prerequisites:APHY 102 and TMAS 140.Provides a basic understand- ing of joint movement and body motion.Addresses muscle action, origin and insertion,muscle synergists,antagonists,and evaluations of forces on each body region.Entry-level biomechanical principles with the structure,function and kinesiology of each body region will be explored.

TMAS 220 Advanced Techniques and Hygiene 3 Credits Prerequisites:TMAS 125 and TMAS 140 or TMAS 140 and TMAS 141.Advanced training focusing on more techniques,body mechan- ics, and client management.It also addresses hygiene factors for both the therapist and the client.This course includes thorough client assessment techniques and is designed to expand the thera- pist into the medical field.The relationship of various illnesses and

conditions to massage is discussed.

TMAS 221 Business Development

3 Credits

Prerequisites:TMAS 102,TMAS 122 and TMAS 140.Provides a basic understanding of the administrative responsibilities pertinent to massage therapy.Addresses computer usage,marketing,and office skills that will allow students to create,promote,and maintain their

own business.Students prepare a business plan and define their

goals for massage therapy. TMAS 240 Advanced Sports Massage

3 Credits

Prerequisites:TMAS 201.Prepares the sports massage therapist to be a higher qualified,specific therapist with an understanding of pro- fessional ethics and a team concept of (physician,trainer, coach,physical therapist,and massage therapist) as one team unit.

TRCK 100 Diesel Preventive Maintenance

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.Introduces the maintenance requirements and procedures of modern diesel engines and medium and heavy duty trucks.Proper procedures and requirements for the Federal Highway

Safety Inspection (DOT) will be discussed and practiced.

TRCK 101 Steering and Suspension Systems

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.Studies steering and suspension systems com- monly used on modern tractors and trailers.Study will include steering and suspension components,power steering units,align- ment theory and procedures,tire repair and service,and wheel bal-

ancing. Diagnosis,repair,and servicing of components including modern air suspension systems will be emphasized.

TRCK 105 Drive Train

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Covers the chassis systems of trucks and includes clutch operation removal and adjustment,driveshaft removal and service,frame mounted accessories,truck bodies,and

fifth wheel plates. TRCK 121 Brakes

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Theory,service,and repair of medium and heavy truck brake systems and their components.Emphasis is given to air brakes and their theory of operation,repair,and service of system components.Spring brakes and anti-lock systems will be studied on

tractors and trailers.

TRCK 125 HT Manual Transmission/ Differential

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.Theory,diagnosis,and overhaul procedures related to manual transmissions and differentials.Course includes service of twin counter-shaft,under-drive,overdrive,power- dividers,and air shift systems.

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