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TTRCK 127 Engine Repair

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None.Studies precision tools,equipment,and proce-

dures needed to repair modern diesel engines.Repair,proper assembly,and component identification are studied along with

service of removable cylinder liners. TRCK 219 Diesel Engine Performance

3 Credits

Prerequisites: TRCK 224.Covers advanced concepts in diesel opera- tion and computerized systems.New and future Federal emission standards will be covered along with the sub-systems required to meet these standards.Emphasis will be placed on the diagnosis and repair of computerized system controls,engine brakes,injection sys- tems, emission components,and buss communication systems.

TRCK 224 HT Electrical Systems

3 Credits

Prerequisites: AUTC 123.Tractor and trailer wiring systems will be discussed along with proper diagnosis and repair procedures. Lighting and warning systems along with computerized engine controls will be examined.Dash switches,controls,and gauges will be studied along with factory wiring diagrams.This is the capstone

course for the Medium/ Heavy Duty Truck specialty. VIDT 106 Video Producing and Planning

3 Credits

Prerequisites:VISC 105.An introduction to producing and planning techniques.Focuses on knowledge and skills necessary to plan for video and audio productions.Develops visual flow and continuity, and applies principles of visual design to video storyboards.

VIDT 110 Production Editing I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:VISC 105.An introduction to non-linear,computer- based editing techniques and post-production skills.Focuses on knowledge and skills necessary to edit video and audio produc- tions.Develops visual flow and continuity,and applies principles of

visual design to video editing. VIDT 111 Studio and Field Production I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:VISC 105.Hands-on training in basic technical skills. Students will be provided with an overview of the video production process,and help the student learn the terms and concepts used in the industry.This understanding will serve as the foundation for

subsequent courses in video technology. VIDT 113 Introduction to Film Appreciation

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of“C”or better in ENGL 025 and ENGL 032.An introduction to understanding and appreciating movie and film.Students will analyze movies for narrative and story telling properties,cinematography,acting,editing and sound design.

VIDT 202 Studio and Field Production II

3 Credits

Prerequisites:VIDT 110 and VIDT 111.Focuses on knowledge and skills necessary to create and execute good video and audio produc-

tions.This course is designed to provide the student with a more complete view of the process of videography techniques and the video production process.Student will use the terminology and con-

cepts used in the industry. VIDT 203 Studio and Field Production III

3 Credits

Prerequisites: COMM 101 or COMM 102,ENGL 111 and VIDT 202.Advanced studio and fi eld production skills.Focuses on writ- ing,producing and shooting projects both in the studio and on-loca- tion.Projects include remote video“shoot”planning,location scout- ing and site preparation,and hands-on studio practicing.Focuses on knowledge and skills necessary to create and execute good video

and audio productions. VIDT 204 Studio and Field Production IV

3 Credits

Prerequisites: VIDT 203.Masters studio and field production skills with a focus on production,programming and project management

both in the studio and on-location. VIDT 211 Production Editing II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: VIDT 110 and VISC 105.An advanced look at non-lin- ear, computer-based editing techniques and post-production skills. Focuses on knowledge and skills necessary to edit video and audio productions for a variety of media outlets.Continues development of visual flow and continuity while applying advanced principles of

visual design to video editing. VISC 101 Fundamentals of Design

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduces students to fundamental design the- ory. Investigations into design theory and color dynamics will pro- vide experiences in applying design theory,ideas and creative prob- lem solving.Provides design experiences in applying design theories

and concepts,and creative problem solving. VISC 102 Fundamentals of Imaging

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduces students to a full range of image input technology and manipulation including conventional photog- raphy, digital imaging,and computer scanners.Students will learn to communicate concepts and ideas through various imaging devices.

Explores composition and fosters creativity. VISC 103 Interactive Media I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:VISC 101,VISC 102 and VISC 115.Explores various soft- ware programs involved in creating multi-media presentations,digi- tal movies,digital animation,introductory scripting through a series of short projects.Explore the role of interactive in contemporary

marketing and design. VISC 105 Video and Sound

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.An introduction to the field of video technology. Students will learn the basics of planning,shooting,editing and

postproducing video and sound.Projects include exercises in techni- cal and creative skills application,equipment usage and production

techniques. VISC 110 Web Design I

3 Credits

Prerequisites: VISC 101 and VISC 115.An introductory level course, which focuses on the tools,strategies,and techniques for web site design,architecture,navigation,language and production.Explores the methods for creating successful web sites from concept to implementation.Examines the process of integrating text,graphics, audio,and video for effective communication of information.

VISC 111 Drawing for Visualization

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduces students to the tools and methods of

drawing.Presents drawing as a catalyst to seeing and a way of recording ideas.Gives students the necessary drawing preparation

for the study of design. VISC 112 Electronic Layout

3 Credits

Prerequisites:VISC 113 and VISC 115.Provides intermediate instruc- tion in practical and creative page layout.Uses an industry standard desktop publishing package designed for single and multi-page documents as a tool for executing layouts.Produces samples for stu- dent portfolios,which may include stationery,charts,forms,

brochures, and calendars. VISC 113 Typography

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.An introductory course which addresses the issues pertinent to the proper and creative use of type and the enhancement of communication.Covers the history of type,typo- graphic terminology,design,attention to aesthetics,common sense, and how we read.Projects emphasize an appreciation of and the

practical use of type. VISC 114 Graphic Design I

3 Credits

Prerequisites: VISC 101 and VISC 115.Provides introductory instruc- tion in design for communication primarily for print media.Teaches the steps in design development with meaningful message and concept.Produces samples for student portfolios,which may include elements or comprehensive projects in logo,stationery,newspaper, magazine,billboard,and interface design,etc.

VISC 115 Introduction to Computer Graphics 3 Credits Prerequisites:None.A fundamental course which introduces stu- dents to the computer’s use in visual communication.The beginning focus of the course is on basic computer terminology and use,mas- tering fundamental skills,and developing efficient working styles.These skills are then developed by creating work with imag- ing,drawing, interactive,and page layout software.


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