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VISC 116 Electronic Illustration

3 Credits

Prerequisites: VISC 115.Provides intermediate instruction in illustra- tion techniques using computer software designed for creating illustrations, technical, drawing, logos, packaging,maps, charts, and graphs.Emphasis is on preparing effective,creative illustrations for

various media applications in an efficient,productive manner.Produces samples for student portfolios.

VISC 200 2-D Animation

3 Credits

Prerequisites:VISC 115.Provides students with a solid introduction to digital 2D Animation.Primary emphasis will be placed on the var- ious tools and techniques needed to create 2D movies.Strong emphasis will also be placed on effective information delivery as well as cutting edge design,both for the web and other media.

VISC 201 Electronic Imaging

3 Credits

Prerequisites: VISC 101 and VISC 102.Examines the area of raster image editing and current electronic darkroom software packages. Experience with the digital imaging environment includes calibrat- ing scanning processes,digital camera input,manipulating images in black and white and color,working with retouching for advertis- ing, illustrating text,and working with various output devices. Digital color spaces as they relate to various output devices will be covered.Calibration for 4-color separations and prepress procedures will be discussed as well as preparing images properly for the web.

VISC 202 Special Projects I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:VISC 114.Provides advanced instruction in specific areas of student interest or in areas where there is a need to strengthen skills.Requires performance and completed work to be portfolio quality and reflect applicability to the main areas of the program.Suggested projects may include annual reports,catalogs, newsletters,menus,direct mail and/or other multi-piece or multi- page communications.Also may include actual community or non-

profit projects. VISC 203 Independent Study

3 Credits

Prerequisites:VISC 114.Provides advanced students with opportuni- ties to design projects for specified areas of interest.Requires the project plan to be approved by the instructor.Restricts work to stu- dent program area and requires it to be portfolio quality.

VISC 205 Business Practices for Visual Artists 3 Credits Prerequisites:VISC 101 and VISC 115.Examines legal and business

issues affecting the professional visual artist. VISC 206 Interdisciplinary Studies

3 Credits

Prerequisites:VISC 210 or VISC 217 or PHOT 109.Offers students the opportunity to complete selected projects while working in a team environment with students of other disciplines.Simulates situations found in industry.

VISC 207 Portfolio Preparation

3 Credits

Prerequisites:Program Advisor Approval.Provides advanced facilita- tion focusing on the students’final preparation for the workforce. Requires an evaluation and portfolio development plan to be approved by the instructor.Finalizes project work demonstrating acquired knowledge and skills,along with resume and cover letter,

for presentation to prospective employers.Also provides students with the opportunity to use one credit for field of study.

VISC 209 3D Rendering and Animation I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:VISC 201.Examines the virtual world of 3D and how it

can be applied as an illustration and animation element in multi- media. Students will explore navigation,modeling,rendering,ani-

mation, and camera and lighting techniques. VISC 210 Web Design II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: VISC 102 and VISC 110.Further focuses on the tools, strategies,and techniques for web site design,architecture,naviga- tion, language and production.Explores more in depth the methods for creating successful web sites from concept to implementation. Examines the process of integrating text,graphics,audio,and video

for effective communication of information. VISC 211 Interactive Media II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: VISC 103 and VISC 201.Further explores various soft ware programs involved in creating;multi-media presentations,digi-

tal movies,digital animation and scripting. VISC 212 3-D Rendering and Animation II

3 Credits

Prerequisites: VISC 209.Further examines the virtual world of 3D and how it can be applied as an illustration and animation element in multimedia.Students will expand on navigation,modeling,ren- dering, animation,and camera and lighting techniques.

VISC 213 Advanced Electronic Imaging

3 Credits

Prerequisites: VISC 201.The creation of the electronic image from digital imaging and scanning devices is further investigated. Advanced Adobe Photoshop illustration techniques are taught.Other software such as Adobe Dimensions and Fractal Painter are intro- duced. Students will work with both raster and vector software to create final output.An emphasis in final output is given to portfolio

projects that are in the print,web,and film media. VISC 217 Graphic Design II

3 Credits

Prerequisites:VISC 102,VISC 114 and VISC 116.Provides intermediate instruction in design for communication primarily for print media. Further explores design theory by applying concepts to achieve meaningful marketing and advertising results.Produces samples for student portfolios,which may include elements or comprehensive projects appropriate to trade/industrial advertising,brochures,fly-

ers,pamphlets,posters,direct mail and/or consumer magazine

advertising/ branding, etc. VISC 218 Digital Production

3 Credits

Prerequisites:VISC 114.Addresses the issues of electronic prepress (preparing electronic files for digital production).Topics covered include the tasks of prepress,paper knowledge,the entire printing production process (complete with requirements of the process) and electronic file management.A strong emphasis is placed on prepress

terminology and jargon. VISC 219 Graphic Design III

3 Credits

Prerequisites:VISC 201 and VISC 217.Provides advanced instruction and experience with design projects/branding identity,which com- municate a common theme or campaign through several different media – magazine,billboard,radio,television,direct mail, brochures,point of purchase,sales promotions and/or package design,etc.Produces samples for student portfolios.

VISC 280 Co-op/Internship

1-6 Credits

Prerequisite:Advisor’s Approval.Students work at job sites that are specifically related to career objectives.Provides on-the-job experi-

ence while earning course credit. WELD 100 Welding Processes

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Provides general study of oxy-fuel,shielded metal arc,gas tungsten arc,gas metal arc,submerged arc,plasma arc,resist- ance, flash and upset,friction,electron bean,and laser welding processes.Covers equipment,techniques,electrodes,fuel gases and/or shielding gases,weld joint design,advantages and limitations,process

applications,process variables and operational costs. WELD 101 Gas Welding I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Introduces basic oxy-fuel brazing,soldering and braze welding.Involves detailed study of the techniques of making a strong braze or solder joint.Demonstrate proper technique for mak- ing a good braze weld joint on mild steel and cast iron.Provides additional background essential to performing maintenance and

repair welds in industry. WELD 103 ARC Welding I

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Covers the welding of ferrous metals and alloys utilizing metallic manual arc welding methods.Includes procedures in joint design using“T”joint,lap joint,and butt joint designs.Covers single pass and multi-pass techniques.Emphasizes safety hazards and safe practices in arc welding.

WELD 105 Welding Equipment and Electrical Maintenance

3 Credits

Prerequisites:None.Focuses on the design of oxy-fuel welding and cutting equipment and electric arc welding and cutting equipment. Enables students to perform troubleshooting on the equipment and

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