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Only student-athletes eligible to compete in a postseason football bowl game may receive awards from the management of the event or from the participating member institutions.

Agent/Gambling Affidavit

Any student-athlete participating in a football bowl game is required to complete and sign an affidavit stating that he has not entered into an agreement to be represented by an agent. A sample of the affidavit may be found on the NCAA Web site (http://www.ncaa.org/wps/ ncaa?key=/ncaa/NCAA/Sports+and+Championship/Football/Postseason+Football/forms.)

Each institution selected or qualified for a postseason game shall be required to keep a copy of this affidavit on file at the institution to attest to the eligibility of its student- athletes.

If a student-athlete answers one or more of the odd-numbered questions other than “no” or refuses to agree to the truthfulness of his answers, or to execute the document, a copy of his affidavit shall be forwarded to the NCAA national office immediately.

A sports agent who participates in a bowl organization’s committee structure shall not have access to the press box or other areas and activities that would provide the individual access to student-athletes.

Drug Testing

Student-athletes who compete in a postseason football bowl are subject to drug tests in accordance with Bylaws and 31.2.3 and may be determined to be ineligible as a result thereof. Only student-athletes who have consented in writing to such testing are initially eligible for the bowl; and thereafter, student-athletes who are tested shall remain eligible only if they test negative.

All NCAA championships and postseason football bowls are subject to the drug-testing program. Student-athletes will be selected for testing on the basis of place finish, playing time, position and/or random selection. The goal of the drug-testing program is to provide fair and equitable competition for student-athletes competing in NCAA championships and postseason football bowls. The program involves urine collection on specific occasions and laboratory analysis for substances on a list of banned drugs developed by the Executive Committee. This list comprises drugs generally purported to be performance enhancing and/ or potentially harmful to the health and welfare of the student-athlete. The list specifically includes stimulants (such as amphetamines and cocaine) and anabolic agents, and other drugs. Refer to the 2009-10 Drug-Testing Programs booklet or the NCAA Web site (www. ncaa.org/wps/ncaa?ContentID=282) for the published list of banned substances and the procedural guidelines for testing. Coaches are urged to review this material with their student- athletes before any NCAA championship or postseason football bowl participation.

Persons who test positive at one championship or postseason football bowl automatically will be tested at the next championship or postseason football bowl at which they appear and at which drug testing is being conducted.

It is the responsibility of an institutional representative at an NCAA championship or postseason football bowl testing site to notify the drug-testing crew chief that a student-


athlete is present who must be tested to satisfy the retesting requirement. Institutional Eligibility

An institution must recognize football as a varsity intercollegiate sport and shall meet the institutional requirements applicable to Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) to be eligible to enter teams or individual student-athletes in a postseason football game. In order for student-athletes to be eligible, the provisions of NCAA Bylaws 14.10, 18.7.3 and 30.13 must be met. Finally, an institution’s team must satisfy the criteria of a “deserving winning team” as noted on page nine of this handbook and the provisions of NCAA Bylaw 30.9.2.


An institution shall have evidence on file that it has adequate medical insurance before it is eligible to participate in a licensed postseason football game.

Student-Athlete Eligibility

In order for student-athletes to be eligible, the provisions of NCAA Bylaws 14.10, 18.7.3 and 30.13 must be met.


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