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All tickets shall be accounted for at face value and are a part of gross receipts. It is permissible for a sponsor to scale, but not discount, the price of tickets. The sponsoring agency shall provide the NCAA full accountability of tickets sold and collected at the gate.


Each competing institution may be allocated a number of tickets up to one-sixth of the total seats in the stadium. Any agreement for a greater number made between the sponsoring organization and the institution must be approved by the chief executive officer of the institution.

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    A sponsoring agency of a postseason bowl game shall be required to average, over a rolling three-year period, actual attendance of at least 25,000, or 70 percent of stadium capacity.

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    An institution that accepts an invitation to participate in a bowl game shall not purchase more than one-sixth of the tickets available in the stadium. The chief executive officer of the institution may submit a written request for an exception to this policy from the subcommittee, stipulating that the additional tickets will be purchased at face value by constituents of that institution. (This requirement does not apply if the bowl distributed more than $1 million to each institution in the preceding year.)

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    A participating institution may negotiate an agreement with bowl management that permits it to purchase less than one-sixth of the total seats in the stadium. An institution is not required to purchase one-sixth of the tickets that will be sold, unless it is contractually obligated as an institution or by the conference in which it is a member.

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    The institution shall determine the number of tickets that it shall be responsible for purchasing, and, once claimed, shall notify the management of the licensed game, not later than noon (institution’s time) on December 1 or one week after the institution has been invited or qualifies by contract to participate in a bowl, of the total number of tickets for which it shall become financially responsible.

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    A participating institution has an obligation to meet the deadline or be responsible for purchasing all tickets in its possession thereafter.

6 A participating institution may not return any tickets to bowl management after the deadline, unless this option is approved by bowl management.

7. Tickets sold by the sponsor and the participating institutions shall be the same price for comparable seating. Ticket prices may be scaled but not discounted.

Bowl management shall not advertise the availability of tickets for which it is responsible for selling in the geographical market of a participating team, unless the market is the same for the bowl and the institution. Conversely, the team cannot market tickets in the city in which the bowl is played, unless the geographical area is common for it and the venue.

Armed Services Discount

The sponsoring agency may, with subcommittee approval, sell discount-priced tickets to representatives of the armed services who are assigned to the geographical area in which the game is being played.


Handling Fee

The sponsoring agency is permitted to charge a handling fee of not greater than five percent of the face value, which may be excluded from gross receipts.


Each participating institution shall receive at least 1,000 prime tickets with 250 between the 35- and 50-yard lines and 750 between the 35-yard line and the goal lines. Prime tickets generally would begin 10-15 rows from the bottom of the stands.

Seating Plan

Game management shall provide the institution a ticket seating plan that graphically identifies all seating areas to determine potential locations before the team becomes financially responsible for its allocation. It is imperative that tickets sold by the institution and those sold by the sponsoring agency be priced the same for comparable stadium seating.

Student-Athlete Tickets

An institution may award complimentary admissions to student-athletes as governed by the provisions of Bylaw An institution shall not award more than six complimentary admissions per student-athlete, nor any complimentary admissions to student-athletes in other sports.

Student-Athlete Ticket Gate - “Pass List”

Bowl management shall identify at least two weeks before the game the physical location for the student-athlete “pass list” ticket gate.

Each participating institution shall administer a gate to admit individuals who are listed on the student-athlete complimentary “pass list.” This listing only may include names of individuals who have been designated by the student-athlete. Hard tickets shall not be issued. Once inside the stadium, however, a seat identification ticket may be provided to assist individuals in locating their assigned seats.


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