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Licensed Products

Game management shall develop a plan with the participating institutions to market licensed merchandise. Enforcement and infringement issues, rights to the institution’s marks, and the financial accounting for licensed merchandise bearing a team mark should be reviewed upon an institution’s acceptance to participate in a bowl.

Live Microphones

NCAA football-playing rules prohibit microphones from being placed on student-athletes or coaches during the competition. In addition, the subcommittee precludes the use of live microphones on game officials other than for explanation of violations. No electronic equipment (cameras or microphones) or media personnel are permitted in the team area.


A title sponsorship for a bowl game cannot include a lottery. Revenues generated from legal lotteries may be used in other bowl-related activities at the discretion of bowl management.


Institutions displaying or promoting hostile or abusive references on their mascots, cheerleaders, dance teams and band uniforms or paraphernalia are prohibited from wearing the material at NCAA championships, effective August 1, 2008.

Medical Procedures

Although each participating team will have a medical/training staff accompany it to a bowl site, it is recommended that the sponsoring agency supplement this group. Each scheduled practice session or postseason football game should require the following:

  • 1.

    The presence of a person qualified and delegated to render emergency care to a stricken student-athlete or spectator, preferably a certified and/or licensed athletic trainer;

  • 2.

    Planned access to a physician, preferably a team physician, by phone or nearby presence for prompt medical evaluation of the situation, if warranted;

  • 3.

    Planned access to a medical facility, including a plan for communication and transportation between the athletics site and the medical facility for prompt medical services, if warranted; and

  • 4.

    A thorough understanding by all affected parties, including the leadership of visiting teams, of the personnel and procedures involved.

The student-athlete’s team physician should examine each student-athlete injured during NCAA competition and make a recommendation to the student-athlete and the coach as to the advisability of continued participation.

Participating Team Radio Origination

The subcommittee strongly recommends that the sponsoring agency permit the official radio station/network of each participating team to purchase origination rights to the bowl game. If the sponsoring agency implements the policies governing institutional radio rights that can be found on the NCAA Web (http://www.ncaa.org/wps/ncaa?key=/ncaa/NCAA/


Sports+and+Championship/Football/Postseason+Football/forms), it will be permitted to deduct all radio income from gross receipts. Game action will not be interrupted to accommodate a radio commercial format.

Student-Athletes in Uniform

The NCAA Football Rules Committee has determined that any individual in the team area who is wearing an official jersey of the appropriate participating institution shall be considered “in uniform” at a postseason football game.

Playing Rules

The official playing rules of the Association shall govern the conduct of all postseason football games. The Football Rules Committee, however, has authorized the intermission between halves to extend to 30 minutes.

Postgame Press Interviews

Bowl management shall provide an area near the locker rooms to conduct postgame interviews with representatives of each team. An individual should be identified to moderate the conferences, and a specific format should be distributed to the participating teams and the media before game day.

Practice Facilities

If practice facilities for each institution to use for pregame preparation cannot be provided free of charge, game management is requested to help the participating institutions negotiate a reasonable rental charge for practice facilities.

Pregame Meeting

The following individuals shall attend a pregame meeting the day before the bowl game: the athletics director and/or designee(s), head coach or full-time assistant, sports information director, and band director of each participating institution; the game referee and clock operator(s); and a representative of the television network or syndicator that has been granted live rights to the game.

The postseason football game’s executive director will review administrative and procedural details that may be found on the NCAA Web site (http://www.ncaa.org/wps/ ncaa?key=/ncaa/NCAA/Sports+and+Championship/Football/Postseason+Football/forms), and the television format for the game. Decisions reached at that meeting that require institutional input are final.

When an institutional representative (director of athletics or designee, head coach or full- time assistant, sports information director, or band director) does not attend the pregame meeting, the sponsoring agency shall withhold $1,000 from the institution’s share for each person not in attendance.

If the sponsoring agency fails to notify the institution that a meeting will be held the day before the game, or if it fails to properly follow the format approved by the subcommittee, bowl management will be subject to a $4,000 financial penalty from the subcommittee.


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