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Professional Football Credentials

Representatives of the National Football League (NFL) may be provided press box credentials to 2009-10 NCAA postseason football bowl games, depending on space availability in the press box. The NFL will administer this program and will contact each sponsoring agency to request the credentials.

Radio and Television Promotional Messages

A minimum of 120 seconds shall be reserved on radio broadcasts and telecasts for promotional messages of the participating teams and higher education. Each institution shall receive one 30-second position in the telecast to air its promotional message. The NCAA shall receive 60 seconds of promotional time. It is the responsibility of each institution to provide this video directly to the network and/or syndicator.

Sideline Management

NCAA Football Rule 1, Section 2, Articles 3 and 4 and interpretations apply to postseason games. Each institution must limit the number of nonuniformed personnel in the team area to 60, which includes the coaching and medical staffs, managers, and other designated team personnel directly involved in administering the conduct of the game. The 60 individuals not in uniform shall wear special team area credentials numbered 1 through 60.

Sideline credentials should be distributed only to individuals who have responsibilities that require their presence on the field level.

Each team shall receive four credentials to distribute to the “ball crews” assisting the game officials.

Sideline Telephones

Policies related to the usage of sideline telephones in the team area should be established at the pregame meeting, after game management consults with the director of athletics representing each participating institution.

Team Bench Area

NCAA Football Rules and Interpretations define the team area on the sidelines. The participating team may have contracts in effect for equipment and supplies used by student- athletes, trainers, managers and staff, in both the team area and in its dressing room.

Participating institutions shall not distribute team-area credentials to former student- athletes or anyone else who does not have a responsibility that requires presence in this restricted zone.


The television producer (and other representatives) of the network or syndicator that will televise the game shall attend a pregame meeting that shall be scheduled by the bowl’s executive director to review applicable football-playing rules, the television commercial format, etc., with representatives from each participating institution and the game’s referee. The sideline restrictions applicable to regular-season games shall be used in postseason telecasts.


Uniform Logos

NCAA Football Playing Rule 1-4-5-l shall govern the use of logos on uniforms in all postseason football games. This rule states, in part, that uniforms and all other items of apparel (e.g., socks, headbands, wristbands) may bear only a single manufacturer’s or distributor’s normal label or trademark on the outside, regardless of whether or not this label or trademark is visible. The single label or trademark, including any additional material surrounding it on a patch, must be contained within a four-sided geometrical figure (i.e., rectangle, square, parallelogram) no more than 2¼ square inches in area. This rule does not preclude the use of patches that identify the institution’s conference or the bowl game in which the team is playing.


Championships Information

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