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Assignment of Bowl Officials

Officials for postseason football games licensed each year by the Association shall be assigned under the jurisdiction of the College Football Officiating LLC (CFO). The national coordinator along with the CFO will coordinate crew assignments and make any changes to ensure neutral crews are assigned to games after the teams have been invited to participate. Any changes necessary will be made in the same group of bowls as the game for which the conflict occurred.

These tasks shall be performed as quickly as possible after the annual selections of teams to facilitate travel and other arrangements made by and for game officials. The CFO will conduct a teleconference to determine the officiating assignments for all bowls in early December.

The supervisors of officials of each conference (assigning agency) shall remind each official assigned to postseason games that he is a guest at the bowl, he should conduct himself in a professional manner similar to the regular season, and that his role is to manage the competition for the benefit of the participating student-athletes rather than become a focal point of the game.

Each person should be aware of policies that govern the conduct of game officials, particularly as they relate to permissible fees, expenses and amenities. Officials should not expect or request additional items from the game management of the bowl.

The CFO will not authorize for one or more following years the assignment of any official who does not follow the policies in this handbook or who is not a dignified representative of college athletics while at the bowl site.

Assignment Policies Officials will be assigned under the following guidelines:

  • 1.

    An organization that is eligible to nominate officials for a postseason football game shall be approved annually by the CFO and meet specific criteria to receive a crew assignment for a postseason football game. It shall:

    • a.

      Be a member of the Collegiate Commissioners Association (CCA) and ultimately subject to the authority of institutional chief executive officers, or assign varsity football officials for a minimum of eight Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) members;

    • b.

      Provide an annual clinic, training and supervision for its officials;

    • c.

      Require its supervisor of football officials to attend the annual meeting sponsored by the CCA; and

    • d.

      Assign officials for a minimum of eight Division I FBS-playing institutions for three years.

  • 2.

    Bowls are divided into two groups. The first group includes bowls that comprise the Bowl Championship Series (i.e., the Fiesta, Orange, Rose, Sugar and the BCS National Championship). The second group includes all other bowls.

  • 3.

    Each assigning agency that represents a Division I FBS conference that has a 32

contractual relationship that annually guarantees participation in the BCS shall be eligible to assign a crew to one of the BCS games. Neutral-crew assignments shall rotate annually. If a team representing a conference not included in this group participates in a BCS game, it shall receive a commensurate assignment the following bowl season.

  • 4.

    After the BCS assignments have been made, each remaining Division I FBS conference will be assigned to a bowl game in the second group. These games would be divided geographically east and west. Neutral-crew assignments shall rotate annually.

  • 5.

    There will be no maximum placed on the number of officiating crews assigned from any one conference to post-season football contests during a particular season.

  • 6.

    Each FBS conference with a team participating in a postseason football contest shall have at least one officiating crew assigned to work in a postseason football contest during that season.

  • 7.

    At the conclusion of the regular season, each conference shall submit to the national coordinator a prioritized order of officiating crews to be considered for assignment to bowl games. The information listed in paragraph 8 shall be provided for each official nominated and will be considered by the national coordinator in assigning officiating crews to bowl games.

  • 8.

    The national coordinator shall consider the following criteria in establishing assignments of officiating crews to postseason football contests:

    • a.

      The quartile rank of the officiating crew’s members within the conference making the recommendation;

    • b.

      The officials’ history of assignment to officiate games televised on a national network;

    • c.

      The officials have officiated games with attendance minimally consistent with the average attendance of the assigned bowl game;

    • d.

      The officials have been assigned to officiate games involving ranked teams; and

    • e.

      In total, every effort should be made to match the three-year performance evaluation history of the members comprising each officiating crew and assignment to games as described in paragraphs 8-b, 8-c and 8-d to the level of television coverage, atttendanceandnationalrankingofteamsintheassignedbowl.Actualassignmentsof officiating crews shall be made following announcements of teams participating in bowl games.

  • 9.

    A process shall be implemented for conducting a review of officiating performance in post-season games. The national coordinator and three additional officiating coordinators from FBS conferences, who shall be selected by the national coordinator and shall serve for a period of three years, shall conduct this review. The review group shall complete an evaluation of each post-season game involving controversy or concern. Those evaluations along with a written summary shall be submitted to all FBS conference commissioners within 90 days of the final bowl game.

  • 10.

    The performance evaluation results (from the process identified in paragraph 9 should be supplemental information in determining future postseason officiating assignments.

  • 11.

    Each crew shall include a standby official.

  • 12.

    When any adjustments in the assignments are required, the officiating subcommittee 33

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