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will attempt to make the new assignment commensurate to the bowl to which the affected officiating crew was assigned.

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    Final officiating crew assignments for all postseason football games shall be subject to approval of the subcommittee.

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    The supervisor of the assigning conference will identify for game management by fax transmission the names of the officials who have been assigned to the bowl and where each official may be contacted.

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    The sponsoring agency shall distribute basic information that may be found on the NCAA Web site (http://www.ncaa.org/wps/ncaa?key=/ncaa/NCAA/ Sports+and+Championship/Football/Postseason+Football/forms) to the supervisor of officials for distribution that includes key contacts for the bowl, lodging information and an opportunity to purchase tickets. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to distribute the information to the officiating crews.

Background Checks

The NCAA’sAgent, Gambling andAmateurismActivities staff administers the background check program. These are conducted on at least 50 percent of all officials assigned to work bowl games. The pool of officials is a cross section of all officiating crews, including replay officals, assigned to work the previous season’s bowl games. This is to ensure that each officiating crew has a least one or more officials selected for a background check.

Clock Operator The clock operator shall attend the pregame meeting on the day before the bowl game.

Courtesy Automobiles

Each sponsoring agency shall provide the officiating crew two courtesy automobiles to use during the three days that these individuals are required to be at the bowl site.


Game management shall provide credentials for the officiating crew. The bowl’s executive director will receive a copy of a fax transmission that will identify all members of the crew and where each official may be contacted.


It is appropriate for the sponsoring agency to entertain game officials the day they arrive at the site at any bowl activity that excludes coaches or student-athletes from the participating teams. The day before the bowl, game officials may participate in a breakfast or luncheon that is not attended by coaches or student-athletes from the participating teams, but they shall not be invited to attend evening bowl activities. The night before the actual day of the game, officials are prohibited from attending any bowl-sponsored activity.

The only exception to the prohibition of officials attending an event where team representatives are present is a kickoff breakfast or luncheon, at which they should be segregated from the teams and coaches.


Game Fee

Officials, including the standby, shall receive a $1,900 game fee from BCS bowls and a $1,575 game fee from other licensed bowls. Payment must be received at the game site. Game management is authorized to deduct game fees from gross receipts.

Game Management Responsibilities

Game management shall be responsible for providing the clock operator(s), ball persons, chain crew and television liaison official. Fees and expenses for these individuals shall be determined by game management.

Game Tickets

Each official, including the standby, shall receive two game tickets in a prime location at the bowl’s expense. The sponsoring agency also may make additional tickets available for officials to purchase, at its discretion. Any such requests for additional tickets should be made through the conference supervisor of officials, who shall make the request to bowl management. Officials shall not contact the bowl directly.

Game officials are prohibited from contacting a participating institution to purchase tickets.


The bowl game’s management shall present each game official, including the standby official, a watch as a gift. Game management may deduct from gross receipts the cost of the gifts to officials, provided the value is approximately $350 per official.

Hotel Accommodations

Sleeping accommodations for officials, including the standby, shall be reserved at a hotel that will not be used by the official parties of the two participating teams. The media hotel or “official” hotel of the sponsoring agency of the postseason football game may be used. The expenses for the room and applicable taxes for three nights shall be paid by the sponsoring agency, which may petition the subcommittee for an exception if the hotel requires a longer guarantee. An official may request a reservation for an additional hotel room (if available) at his cost, not the bowl’s.

Instant Replay

Instant replay should be used during the conduct of a bowl game. It has been determined that the conference assigning the game officials shall also assign the instant replay crew. It is imperative that consistency be maintained and every effort should be made to avoid the perception that might impact on the integrity of the system. If an unusual and unique situation develops, the assigning conference may recommend to the Postseason Football Licensing Subcommittee an exception to this policy.

The assigning conference shall determine the equipment used for instant replay purposes; however it is highly recommended that the same equipment used during the regular season by the assigned instant replay crew be used for the bowl game. It is the responsibility of the conference supervisor of officials is to make all of the arrangements for the instant replay equipment. If necessary, the bowl is responsible for all equipment shipping charges. Instant


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