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replay officials are to be provided with the same amenities (e.g., gifts, lodging, courtesy cars) that are provided the on-field officiating crews.

The instant replay officials should receive the following game fees: replay official-$750; communicator-$500; and technician-$300. They should also receive a $100 per diem for three days ($300).

The sponsoring agency for the bowl shall assign a sideline assistant, who will serve as a communicator with the referee when necessary. The sideline assistant shall be provided a fee, to be determined by the sponsoring agency. In addition, the sideline assistant should wear his green conference vest.

Per Diems

Game officials, including the standby, shall receive a $100 per diem for three days ($300) and receive payment at the game site. A sponsoring agency may petition the subcommittee for an exception if local requirements demand more than three days.

Practice Game officials shall not attend any practice session of a competing team.

Pregame Meeting

The game referee and clock operator(s) shall attend a pregame meeting to review administrative procedures, the television format and other items of interest that are listed on the NCAA Web site (http://www.ncaa.org/wps/ncaa?key=/ncaa/NCAA/ Sports+and+Championship/Football/Postseason+Football/forms). The meeting will be organized and chaired by the bowl’s executive director and will include representatives of the participating teams and the television network or syndicator. Officials also may have to attend other meetings as scheduled by bowl management.

The crew also will have a private meeting at the hotel or stadium before the game to review officiating mechanics and other details. Game management should consult with the referee to determine if a videocassette recorder will be required for the meeting.

Standby Official

The agency that is assigning the officiating crew for a game shall include a standby official who will receive the same expense reimbursement, per diem and game fee as the other officials.

The minimum duties of the standby official are detailed on the NCAA Web site (http:// www.ncaa.org/wps/ncaa?key=/ncaa/NCAA/Sports+and+Championship/Football/ Postseason+Football/forms).

Supervisor of Officials

The supervisor of officials for the assigning agency shall forward an evaluation of the officiating crew for each game the agency’s crews worked to the NCAA staff liaison for administrative matters.

If the assigning conference elects to have its supervisor or designee attend a game for which it is providing a crew, the sponsoring agency shall provide a credential that gives the supervisor access to the officials’ locker room and a designated seat in the press box.


The supervisor shall contact the participating institutions to make arrangements to receive a copy of the game video/film.


The sponsoring agency shall transport the game officials from their hotel to the stadium before and after the game. It also shall provide two courtesy automobiles for their use at no cost to them on other occasions.

Travel Arrangements

Each game official and the standby official shall receive the lowest available coach airfare as of the date that notification of a game assignment is received. The supervisor of officials (or individual designated by the conference to coordinate officials’ travel) for the assigning conference shall coordinate all travel. The supervisor shall first contact the bowl liaison for officials to discuss the travel options before making firm travel arrangements. No official is to make travel arrangements before receiving instructions from his supervisor.

A game official who uses an automobile to travel to the bowl shall be reimbursed 51 cents per mile round trip, not to exceed coach airfare.

Game management is authorized to deduct the expense for each official’s airfare from gross receipts.


Each game official shall wear a standard uniform and is prohibited from wearing anything that identifies the bowl and/or sponsor(s).


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