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by mail or fax not later than April 1. The changes in Net Assets form is required to be completed for bowl games with a payout of $1.5 million or less to each participating team. Any application or financial report received after that date must be postmarked not later than March 25. Additionally, a complete audited financial report shall be filed with the football issues committee not later than September 1.

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    A postseason football contest that has not distributed an average minimum of $1 million to each participating institution during the preceding three-year period shall secure annually an irrevocable letter of credit, a sample of which may be found on the NCAA Web site (http://www.ncaa.org/wps/ncaa?key=/ncaa/NCAA/ Sports+and+Championship/Football/Postseason+Football/forms), in the amount of the contractual financial distribution commitments between the sponsoring agency and participating teams or conferences. Any bowl that has not been licensed for three consecutive years shall include in the letter of credit an additional 25 percent to cover expenses related to game management, operations and administration. The letter of credit shall be made payable to the NCAA and annually shall cover the period from November 1 until the participating institutions have notified the NCAA that they have received their distribution of gross receipts, or not later than May 1. It shall specify that the Association is responsible for the distribution of revenues to the participating institutions in the event of default. The cost of the letter of credit shall be deducted from the contest’s gross receipts.

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    Each licensed postseason bowl game shall pay annually, upon notice of licensing, a $12,000 fee payable to the Association by November 1 of each year, which is deductible from gross receipts.

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    The management of each licensed postseason bowl game annually shall make available loss-of-income insurance for a participating institution to purchase at its option and expense, which may be deducted from the respective institution’s share of gross receipts.

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    Bowl management shall certify that the stadium has a minimum seating capacity of 30,000.

  • 13.

    Bowl management shall acknowledge that the football issues committee has the authority to review any document related to the bowl game, which would include title and other corporate contracts, and any television contract(s).

Conditions of Receiving a License

  • 1.

    By receiving an NCAA bowl license, the licensee may acknowledge to the NCAA membership that it is licensed by the NCAA to conduct a bowl game. The licensee also may advise the media that it holds a license from the NCAA to conduct a bowl game.

  • 2.

    Said notifications above do not give the licensee authority to use the NCAA primary logo (blue disc) or other logos and graphics of the NCAA without advance written approval by the NCAA national office staff, who shall have sole discretion in these approvals.

  • 3.

    NCAA marks may not appear in any manner as the official name of a bowl game.

  • 4.

    NCAA marks shall not be used in a manner to suggest, directy or indirectly, endorsement or affiliation with a product, company, organization or service.

  • 5.

    NCAA marks may not be used in conjunction with, or in close proximity to bowl


sponsor logos or other advertisers in-venue, on-field, or in any other manner.

  • 6.

    Bowl sponsors, advertisers, and bowl licensees do not have any right to use the NCAA marks in any manner.

  • 7.

    The licensee’s television broadcaster shall be responsible for clearing use of NCAA marks during the bowl broadcast directly with the NCAA.

  • 8.

    When notified by the NCAA of an infringement, the licensee shall immediately cease and desist from unauthorized use of NCAA marks at bowl sponsor expense. The NCAA reserves the right to pursue any and all other remedies available as a result of licensee’s infringement, including, but not limited to, revocation of the license to conduct a bowl game.

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    Promote and administer a postseason football game consistent with the image, integrity and values of the NCAA as outlined in this handbook.

  • 10.

    Pay an annual license fee of $12,000, by November 1 of each year.

  • 11.

    Comply with NCAA postseason football criteria, guidelines and reporting.

Penalties for Failure to Comply With Requirements

If the management of a licensed game fails to comply with Bylaw 30.9, the requirement for an audited financial report for the immediate past game, or the NCAA’s approved policies and procedures, the football issues committee has the option to withhold licensing for the postseason bowl game for one year or fine it a percentage of its gross receipts, not to exceed 50 percent, from the contest involved in the noncompliance, with the amount to be determined by it and approved by the Division I Championships/Competition Cabinet.

The fine shall be paid to the NCAA, which shall forward 50 percent of any new revenues received to each participating institution within 10 working days after the financial penalty has been paid.


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