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Life Line Screening UK is a company fo- cused on health promotion through com- munity-based prevention programs.

We offer screenings to detect the leading causes of stroke: carotid artery stenosis, blood pressure, and atrial fibrillation; as well as screenings for abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral arterial disease and finger-stick blood tests for cholesterol and glucose.

The company’s mission is to make people aware of the existence of potential health problems and guide them to seek follow- up care with their own GP.

Contact Details

John Dickinson UK Country Manager Life Line Screening Mobile:07553354635 Office:01903223360

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Cambridge Theranostics is a bio-tech company, evolved out of Cambridge Uni- versity and the British Heart Foundation based at the Babraham Institute, involved in cutting edge research towards the gov- ernment’s QIPP agenda - focusing on the PREVENTION of the alarming increas- ing rate of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Having worked in partnership with leading global researchers from Nestle, they have recently launched a compact delivery of the key cardio-vascular element of the Mediterranean diet that has been proven globally by renowned researchers to be effective in the PREVENTION of heart dis- ease and stroke, branded as Ateronon.

The Mediterranean diet is associated with 30% reduction of mortality from cardio- vascular events, similar to the level of as- pirin which is the preeminent life saving drug in cardiology.

Cambridge Theranostics will be running a series of pilots across the NHS to assist with the QIPP agenda, interested parties should contact Collette Holt on 0161 242 6876 ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Counterweight is a novel and exten- sively evaluated approach for addressing obesity in primary care.

Primary care clinicians participate in a competency-based training and mentor- ing programme to promote modest weight loss (5-10%) and then weight (loss) main- tenance using evidence based approach- es.

Evaluation has demonstrated that if clini- cians are provided with this training and mentoring programme and robust systems to support weight management, they can achieve and maintain clinically beneficial weight loss in their obese patients.

The programme is not only clinically ef- fective, but also cost effective using the economic model by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

Counterweight is highly cost effective and under best case scenario is referred to as “dominant”. This means it is more clinical- ly effective and cheaper than providing no weight management intervention.

The Centre for Transformation in

Health and Wellbeing has been recently created to provide leadership and focus for research and workforce development supporting broad issues of population health and wellbeing relevant to the popu- lation of the North West.

The Centre will provide opportunities for:

s .EW WAYS OF THINKING AND DOING s -AXIMISING IMPACT IN REDUCING HEALTH inequalities through effective, joined up rapid learning and action. s #REATING A HIGH PROlLE FOR THE .ORTH 7EST with established internationally renowned collaboratives supporting leaders across all sectors to meet the ever demanding public health challenges. s ! COHESIVE PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEM TRANS- forming health and wellbeing supported by fully engaged and powerful networks. s ! PUBLIC HEALTH WORKFORCE WHICH IS lR FOR future challenges.

For further information please contact: Cara Callaghan – Project Support Email: cara.callaghan@northwest.nhs.uk Tel: 0161 625 7394

Kelvin Connect’s Healthcare suite is a mobile system for Community and Hos- pital base professional Healthcare teams.

Using PDAs together with web access and designed with a team of senior nurses and doctors. Delivering increased patient safe- ty and productivity savings of up to 30%.


Up to 30% efficiency saving.

Improved accuracy information.

Improved communication between team members.

Scheduling and analysis.

Support for evidence-based service plan- ning and monitoring.

MSD Informatics has a long history of working with the NHS and provides mar- ket leading clinical data management and support tools with major contracts in Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man to provide the GP Contract Payments Systems for the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF).

Clinical Manager provides detailed infor- mation to GP practices and PCTs across a range of national and local priorities in- cluding NHS Health Checks, NICE Guid- ance, NSFs and DESs. Practice Com- parison provides a web-based data management tool for PCTs and the Medi- cine Management Module identifies pa- tients who are not being optimally treated

for their conditions.

To be launched soon,








web-based tool providing Monitoring reports.




For a demonstration and details of a free trial please contact the MSD Informatics stand. Following the conference please call 01992 452335 or email: msdinformat- ics@merck.com; www.msdinformatics. com

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