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Having a healthy diet in the UK’s hectic life style is far from easy to achieve for the UK population.

The Mediterranean diet is associated with 30% of reduction of the mortality from cardio-vascular events - this is on the level of aspirin - the best life saving drug in cardiology.

To date lycopene is the only one ingredient of the Mediterranean diet which is convincingly linked with a significant reduction in cardio-vascular events

Cambridge Theranostics have launched the supplement Ateronon to address this issue.

Peter Kirkpatrick, whose team are about to start a year long 200 patient study at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge and at Harvard Medical School, said that Ateronon could be more powerful than statins

ATERONON™ is the first supplement to prove it can make lycopene bio available and therefore represents a breakthrough.2 Alf A. Lindberg (Professor emeritus, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden)

We know that diets rich in anti-oxidants are beneficial in reducing the plaque build up and welcome the findings of this research. Dr Peter Coleman (Deputy Director of Research, The Stroke Association)

The naturally occurring compound lycopene (a carotenoid from tomatoes) has been rendered more bio-available and thus more potent. Professor Anthony Leeds (Trustee of HEART UK - The Cholesterol Charity)

As the UK's largest pharmacy retailer, our passion is about helping people understand how they can help maintain good health. We're really excited about the launch of ATERONON™ as it represents a potential breakthrough in technology in the supplement market. Simon McCandlish (Director of Healthcare, Boots UK)

The natural supplement developed by Cambridge scientists is a huge breakthrough Lisa Smith (Nutritional Therapist, Nutriology)

For information on running a pilot in your NHS Trust contact Collette Holt on 0161 242 6887 Email: info@link-gov.org All costs will be covered by Cambridge Theranostics subject to agreement


The Mediterranean Diet in a Pill

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