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Launched in September 2007, the NHS

Technology Adoption Centre (NTAC) aims to increase the uptake of innovative technology in the NHS while exploring the barriers to technology adoption in health- care.

The Centre is currently working with a number of Trusts across England to imple- ment several proven technologies which improve patient outcomes into real clinical settings both in primary and secondary care.

These technologies cross a broad range of clinical areas of major focus for the NHS.

NTAC is pleased to be undertaking projects as diverse as Insulin Pump Ther- apy, Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy and a Haptics Clinical Skills Trainer.

Margaret Parton was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the NHS Technology Adoption Centre in July 2007, spearhead- ing this exciting venture to accelerate the adoption of proven and innovative tech- nologies in the NHS.

Formally the Life Science Sector Cham- pion for UK Trade and Investment, Marga- ret initially trained as a pharmacologist but has established an excellent track record in building collaborative programmes to develop and implement new technologies into the health care arena.

Margaret brings all her enthusiasm and expertise to facilitate successful collabo- ration with industry, NHS clinicians and managers, commissioners and procure- ment organisations to ensure cohesive roll out of Technology Adoption Centre outputs.

MIMITTM: Manchester: Integrating Medicine and Innovative Technology

The University of Manchester and partner NHS Organisations (Central Manches- ter University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Salford Primary Care Trust, Mental Health & Social Care Trust, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospi- tal of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust) are engaged in an exciting new ini- tiative to expand the base for innovation in health care. Working with CIMIT® in Bos- ton Massachusetts we have established MIMITTM – the 1st international affiliate of CIMIT®.

The basic premise behind this initiative is to scope unmet clinical need and improve patient care by bringing scientists, engi- neers and clinicians together to catalyze development of innovative technology. In other words a community is created whereby clinical problems that require an engineering solution are addressed by partnering interested clinical and engi- neering colleague(s) and providing pump- priming investment to solve that problem.

Professor Jackie Oldham is Director of Manchester: Integrating Medicine & In- novative Technology (MIMIT) which is the 1st International Affiliate of the US based Centre for Integrating Medicine & Innova- tive Technology (CIMIT®) - a partnership organisation including Harvard, MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital.

On a national basis she is Director of the UK Clinical Research Facility network through which she sits as an invited mem- ber of the UK Clinical Research Network (UKCRN) Education and Experimental Medicine Advisory Committees and the NCCRCD, Integrated Academic Training Pathway for Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professions.

Internationally, Professor Oldham is a member of the CIMIT, Boston, US Scien- tific Review Committee. Locally, Professor Oldham is Director of the Centre for Reha- bilitation Science in Manchester. She is a clinical physiologist with a specific interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation. She has published over 100 peer reviewed journal articles and conference papers and new collaborative grant income over the past five years totals over £6million (including, Wellcome Trust, Cancer Research UK, Industry, Department of Health, NESTA, RCUK and Association of Medical Re- search Charities). She is the inventor of a novel electrical muscle stimulation regi- men (Patent number GB9612388) that is now being adopted in future generations of electrical muscle stimulation devices.

TrusTECH is part of the National Network of NHS Innovation Hubs working with 60 North West NHS organisations to pro- vide an innovation management service, responding to requests to evaluate new technology and service innovations and provide advice to protect develop and ex- ploit them for NHS benefit

It discovers technological solutions to NHS problems and captures service de- livery innovations that are made available widely across the NHS regionally and na- tionally.

TrusTECH also works with private sector organisations to provide access the NHS to undertake trials and evaluations to gen- erate quality clinical evidence of the effec- tiveness of new products, equipments and diagnostics.

Dr Richard Deed TrusTECH Innovation Unit Manager.

Richard is responsible for the manage- ment the TrusTECH, The NW NHS Inno- vation Hub. TrusTECH is part of the NHS Innovation Hub network and provides advice and assistance with managing in- novation arising from all aspects of NHS healthcare.

TrusTECH facilitates the building of rela- tionships across the NHS to develop and disseminate innovative ideas, products and services, and acts as a point of con- tact between the NHS and the healthcare industry to build commercial relationships. Prior to his current position Richard was responsible for the identification, evalua- tion and commercialisation of a number of healthcare innovations, which added the skills of technology evaluation and intel- lectual property management to his sound scientific knowledge.

Previously Richard held senior research positions at the Paterson Institute for Can- cer Research/Christie Hospital in Man- chester, where he worked on novel gene targets for new cancer therapies, and prior to this he worked for Cancer Research UK in London studying mechanisms of gene activation in breast cancer.

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