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CBS Company Profile (2009)

Established by the Greater Manchester PCTs in 2007, the Commissioning Busi- ness Service (CBS) recognises the need to strengthen business competencies that underpin the commissioning of health services for the NHS.

Support is offered to PCTs in develop- ing new models of service; procuring and management of healthcare markets; effec- tively managing care contracts and pro- vider relationships; and accelerating the drive for improved health outcomes. This support is underpinned by robust busi- ness intelligence infrastructure, systems and applications.

Tel: 0161 743 3777 Fax: 0161 743 3778 E-mail: info@gmcbs.nhs.uk Website: www.gmcbs.nhs.uk

Address: 2nd Floor, Innovation Forum Frederick Road Salford University Business Park Salford, M6 6FP

Kevin Pritchard Director Commissioning Business Service

Over the past 18 months, Kevin has led the deployment of the Commissioning Business Service. The CBS provides sup- port to PCTs in Greater Manchester and beyond through:


The CBS is the ‘implementation arm’ for the collective commissioning strategy of the Association of Greater Manchester PCTs.

Kevin is a professionally qualified Procure- ment, Contracting and Supply chain ex- ecutive with broad industrial experience, including his role as Director of Procure- ment during the set up and deployment of the NHS North West Collaborative Pro- curement Hub, and served as first Chair of NHS National Procurement Enablement Strategy Group.

Prior to joining the NHS, Kevin built up ex- tensive experience of leading change and delivering organisational development over 20 years in operational supplychain functions, including procurement, con- tracting and logistics in oil and gas, con- struction, automotive and international manufacturing.

Unipart Expert Practices helps organisa- tions achieve exceptional levels of opera- tional performance.

Manchester Academic Health Sci- ence Centre (MAHSC)

Our team of 200 consultants has success- fully implemented projects for a broad range of clients including the NHS, Central & Local Government and those in the man- ufacturing, utilities, banking and insurance sectors.

We believe that the best way to drive op- erational performance is to engage with people as effectively as possible, giving our clients’ employees the skills and con- fidence to sustain improvement long term. These methods have allowed us to deliver important performance improvements in more than 20 projects across the NHS, in- cluding those within the North West SHA. To find out more about how UEP’s ap- proach can deliver definite results visit our website www.unipartep.co.uk.

Website: www.unipartep.co.uk Contact: Amanda Molloy Telephone: 01865 382862 Mobile: 07920 546036 Email: health@unipart.co.uk

MAHSC is a partnership between The Uni- versity of Manchester, Central Manches- ter University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester Mental Health and So- cial Care Trust, Salford Primary Care Trust, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foun- dation Trust. The MAHSC vision is “To be a leading centre nationally and globally for the uptake of innovative applied health re- search and education into healthcare”.

Manchester combines excellence in academia, clinical service delivery, re- search management and education, with a population that has some of the poorest health in the country. The health partners in Manchester have worked together over ten years to realise the potential opportu- nities that this mix presents and to deliver health and economic gains to the popula- tion. This led to the launch of the MAHSC in June 2008 and its designation as one of the UK’s five AHSCs by the Department of Health in March 2009.

Frank Nigriello is Unipart Group’s Direc- tor of Corporate Affairs and a board direc- tor of Unipart Expert Practices. He began his career as a freelance journalist then led communications departments in IBM and Barclays Bank. In Unipart, Frank has led breakthrough initiatives in leadership development, IT application development and organisational learning; and estab- lished and ran a successful consultancy business.

Dr Linda Magee

Linda is the Chief Operating Officer of the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC), one of only five in the UK designated by the UK Government’s De- partment of Health in March 2009. MAHSC is a federated partnership between Uni- versity of Manchester and six of the Great- er Manchester NHS Trusts.

Frank is a frequent conference speaker and contributor to publications. He has worked on several public policy projects and chairs Oxfordshire’s Economic Part- nership, the county’s Employment and Skills Board and is a member of the South East Regional Economic Delivery Council.

Prior to joining MAHSC in 2009, Linda was Biotechnology Sector Director and Head of Bionow® for the North West De- velopment Agency (NWDA) having been co-founder and General Manager of Man- chester Biotech Ltd, the UK’s first dedi- cated biotechnology incubator company, at the University of Manchester.

Following a PhD at the University of South- ampton, Linda worked for a US based healthcare company Pall.



She was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2009 for services to bio- technology.

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