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Saint Martin’s University Biology Journal

safety and health, and that the results of comparing bacteria growth in acrylic and native nails will be meaningful, leading to the reduction of bacteria within nails and increase of nail health.


I am glad to give special thanks to the many individuals; my senior seminar research project would not have been successful without your help. First I would like to thank Dr. Mary Jo Hartman for helping me prepare nutrient agar and broth for my research, edit my papers, analyze my

results statistically, and with presentation. I thank Dr. Olney for

my also

helping me prepare nutrient agar and broth for my research, and for helping me with questions that I had about my papers and presentation. I would like to thank Cheryl Guglielmo as well, for showing me where tools were around the biology lab room and providing me with hints on how to make my research in lab quick and safe. I thank my participants for volunteering their time to be a part of my research. I am glad to thank the following individuals for their time and company during the weeks I was doing my research. Last but not least, I thank the Saint Martin’s University Institutional Review Board for allowing me to do my research on the topic of comparing bacterial growth between native nails and acrylic nails. I appreciate all your help and guidance with gratitude.

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