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A Monthly Publication of the School for Outdoor Leadership, Adventure, and Recreation (SOLAR)

November 2006


by Samanth

a Schafer

The weekend prediction for the weather was for rain and cold. With that kind of weekend to look forward to, we still gathered 12 brave souls and 1 excited dog to go hiking up the Manistee River Trial. Ten of us arrived on Friday night to drizzle and no clearing in sight. We set up tents (ok, Gary and I slept in the van) and started a fire, hoping for the best for the morning hike. It rained all night, but that did not dampen our sprits. In the morning as wet tents and gear were packed away, breakfast was eaten and last minute adjustments were made, the anticipation of the hike ahead was starting to grow. As we headed to the parking lot to start the day, the rain slowed to a stop and the last two hikers arrived.

We started our 8 mile trek with the wind and trees reminding us of the night before. With drops of water falling on us from the trees, the sky held off from dropping anymore. After a quick stop for a clothing adjustment, we were off and hiking. Lunch came to find us sitting with a beautiful view overlooking the river. The fall colors were just starting to pop and the sun was trying hard to show itself. The temperature was still not all that warm, so we need to get moving again to warm back up. We were all stopping to take pictures of the colors and cheered on a pair of fishermen who hooked a fish only to lose it as it got close to the boat.

When morning came, we all hurried to hit the trail and be on our way back. The day welcomed us with the fog that soon would burn off, and revile a beautiful blue sky filled with sunshine to enjoy the Michigan colors of fall. Hiking back to the cars seemed to be much quicker than the hike out the day before. (Why does that happen on the last day anyways?) More pictures were taken along the way and the conversation was about getting back to reality and what the next week was going to bring for us all.

Once we arrived at the cars, we met at a local restaurant to eat our last meal together before our long drive home. The weekend was great fun. I got to meet more people in Solar and learn more about the ones I only knew by name. I need to do more of these kinds of things.

Manistee River Trip


Huckleberry Raileroad


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After making it to the campsites, tents were set up, firewood was gathered, water was filtered and the fire was finally started. Once all the chores were done, we just gathered on the buff to watch the river and the now more sun then clouds in the sky. It was a great time to sit and get to know each other better.

When everyone got hungry, we pulled out the S’mores that were supposed to be for dessert and ate them first. Dinner then turned into a potluck with everyone sharing what they brought, including Thai Noodles, Curry Couscous, and three cheese biscuits cooked over the fire. The evening continued with watching the sunset and enjoying Halloween Oreos carefully hiked in. The evening ended with us enjoying a warm fire, a poem being read and watching the fog roll in below us over the river. For a day that started out so gloomy, it ended perfectly (well except for the burn hole in my hat from the fire).


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