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issues include pollution, soil erosion and desertification, loss of biodiversity, ozone depletion and global warming. Although such environmental changes manifest themselves as physical problems, the processes which drive the changes are economic, social and political. Therefore, any attempts to manage the use of environmental resources to achieve more sustainable forms of development have to begin with a clear understanding of the socio-economic processes involved.

GY100 Environment, Economy and Society

GY103 Contemporary Europe

GY120 Environmental Change: Past, Present and Future (new title)

GY121 Sustainable Development (new title)

GY140 Methods in Spatial and Social Analysis

GY200 Economy, Society and Space GY201 Location and Spatial Analysis

GY202 Introduction to Development in the South

GY205 Political Geographies, Policy and Space

GY220 Environment: Science and Society

GY222 Applied Environmental Economics

GY240 Research Techniques (Spatial, Social and Environmental)

GY244 London’s Geographies: An Introduction to Cultural and Historical Geography

GY300 Theories of Regional Development and Change

GY301 Political Geography of Development and the South

GY302 Urban Development: Politics, Policy and Planning

GY303 The Geography of Gender: Global Perspectives

GY305 Applied Location and Spatial Analysis

GY321 Environmental Politics and Policy

GY323 Environmental Assessment and Management

International History (HY)

History is a wide-ranging and challenging subject to study. It seeks to understand the past and to make sense of the present, adding an important dimension to the understanding of many aspects of human society.

HY101 The European Civil War 1890- 1990

HY113 From Empire to Independence: the Extra-European World in the Twentieth Century

HY114 War and Society from the Renaissance to the Napoleonic Era, c.1500-1815

HY116 International History since 1890

HY117 Rule Britannia: Britain and Empire from 1780 to the Present Day

HY203 The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Nationalism, Territory, Religion

HY206 The International History of the Cold War, 1945-1975

HY208 The History of the United States since 1783

HY209 Democracy, Civil War and Dictatorship in Twentieth Century Spain

HY216 Four Reichs: Austria, Prussia and the Contest for Germany since 1618

HY221 The History of Russia, 1682-1825 HY226 The Great War 1914-1918

HY230 Early Colonial Empires: Europe and the World 1400-1750

HY232 Frontiers of Nationalism, Statehood and Independence: the History of South-Eastern Europe 1914-190

HY233 Empire and Nation: Britain and India since 1750

HY234 Muslims, Christians and Jews in the Early Modern World

HY235 Modernity and the State in East Asia: China, Japan and Korea since 1840

HY237 Western Intellectuals and the Challenge of Totalitarianism: Thinkers and Themes

HY238 The Cold War and European Integration, 1947-1992

HY239 Latin America and the United States since 1988

HY300 Dissertation

HY302 Anglo-Spanish Relations in the Age of Elizabeth I

HY303 Russia in Revolution, 1914-1921

HY304 Germany’s New Order in Europe, 1939-1945

HY311 Limited War During the Cold War Era: The United States in Korea (1950-53) and Vietnam (1954-75)


HY312 From Suez to the Six Day War; Britain, the United States and Arab Nationalism, 1952-1970

HY313 The International History of East Asia, 1914-1945

HY314 Representing the Past: Historiography and Historical Methods

HY315 The European Enlightenment, c.1680-1799

HY319 Napoleon and Europe HY320 The Cold War Endgame

International Relations (IR)

International Relations is the study of an international system composed of territorial states which acknowledge no superior authority over matters which they consider of vital interest. It deals with the nature of the changing relations between states and with non-state actors and it studies the functioning of the international system – the forces, factors and interests, the customs, rules, institutions and organisations from which the theory and history of its development are formed.

IR100 The Structure of International Society

IR200 International Political Theory IR202.1 Foreign Policy Analysis 1

IR202.2 Contemporary Foreign Policy in Practice

IR203 International Organisations IR302 The Ethics of War

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