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Departmental Information and Course Listings (continued)

IR304 The Politics of International Economic Relations

IR305 Strategic Aspects of International Relations

IR306 Sovereignty, Rights and Justice: Issues in IPT

IR308 Systemic Change in the Twentieth Century: Theories of the Cold War

IR309 International Security IR311 Europe’s Institutional Order IR398 Dissertation

Information Systems (IS)

Information technology is absorbing an ever-increasing proportion of the resources of organisations and governments, both in terms of money and human resources. Consequently, there is a need for people who are educated to understand and assess the complex interactions between information technology and people. To do this it is essential to look beyond the technologies themselves and investigate the rich social and organisational contexts in which they are deployed.

IS143 Information Technology and Society IS340 Information Systems in Business

Law (LL)

The study of law involves examining and analysing the rules and institutions that society establishes to promote justice and order. In addition to being a preparation for the legal profession, knowledge of law and the analytical and logical reasoning skills it develops will be valued by many employers.

LL104 Law of Obligations LL105 Property I (H) LL106 Public Law LL108 Criminal Law LL109 Introduction to the Legal System (H) LL201 Administrative Law LL203 Law of Business Associations LL205 Medical Law LL207 Civil Liberties and Human Rights LL209 Commercial Law

LL210 Information Technology and the Law

LL212 Conflict of Laws LL221 Family Law

LL232 Law and Institutions of the European Union

LL241 Introduction to Civil Law

LL242 International Protection of Human Rights

LL251 Intellectual Property Law LL257 Labour Law

LL259 Legal and Social change since 1750

LL272 Outlines of Modern Criminology

LL275 Property II LL278 Public International Law

LL284 Sentencing and Treatment of Offenders (H)

LL293 Taxation LL295 Media Law LL300 Competition Law LL305 Jurisprudence

Language Studies (LN)

Although the School does not offer full degrees in languages, the LSE Language Centre runs a successful programme of courses in English Literature and Society, Russian Language and Society, German, French and Spanish.

LN100 Russian Language and Society 3 (Advanced)

LN101 Russian Language and Society 1 (Beginner)

LN102 Russian Language and Society 2 (Intermediate)

LN110 German Language and Society 3 (Advanced)

LN112 German Language and Society 2 (Intermediate)

LN120 Spanish Language and Society 3 (Advanced)

LN121 Spanish Language and Society 1 (Beginner)

LN122 Spanish Language and Society 2 (Intermediate)

LN130 French Language and Society 3 (Advanced)

LN131 French Language and Society 1 (Beginner)

LN132 French Language and Society 2 (Intermediate)

LN200 Russian Language and Society 4 (Proficiency)

LN210 German Language and Society 4 (Proficiency)

LN220 Spanish Language and Society 4 (Proficiency)

LN230 French Language and Society 4 (Proficiency)

LN250 English Literature and Society

LN251 Comparative Literature and Society

LN252 Contemporary Literature and Global Society

LN320 Spanish Language and Society 5 (Mastery)

LN330 French Language and Society (Mastery)

Mathematics (MA)

Discover how modern advances in economic theory are made possible by use of techniques drawn from mathematics.

MA100 Mathematical Methods

MA103 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics

MA107 Quantitative Methods (Mathematics) (H)

MA110 Basic Quantitative Methods

MA200 Further Mathematical Methods (Calculus) (H)

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