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Departmental Information and Course Listings (continued)

Social Psychology (PS)

Most challenges and bottlenecks in managing systems such as corporations or cities are not technical, but rather psychosocial, for instance solving inter-group conflicts, overcoming resistance to change, fostering constructive decision-making, avoiding exclusion, etc. Social Psychology provides psychological science and tools to future managers and professionals; it trains the new generation of leaders who will face the acute problems of governance foreseeable around 2030-2050.

SO110 Key Issues in Contemporary Societies: An Introduction to Contemporary Sociology

SO201 Sociological Analysis SO203 Political Sociology SO208 Gender and Society SO210 Crime, Deviance and Control SO211 Sociology of Health and Medicine SO212 Work, Management and Globalisation SO215 Evolution and Social Behaviour

SO221 Issues and Methods of Social Research

SO224 The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

SO250 Multi-Culture and Multi- Culturalism (H)

SO305 Environmentalism: theory, politics and practice (H)

ST102 Elementary Statistical Theory

ST103 Statistical Methods for Social Research

ST107 Quantitative Methods (Statistics) (H)

ST108 Probability and Statistics for the Social Sciences

ST201 Statistical Models and Data Analysis (H)

ST202 Probability, Distribution Theory and Inference

ST203 Statistics for Management Sciences

ST205 Sample Surveys and Experiments (H)

ST211 Applied Regression (H) ST212 Applied Statistics Project (H) ST218 Projects in Applied Statistics

‘LSE gave me the intellectual firepower to critique and question academic material.’

Andrea Gallego Stony Brook University

PS102 Self, Others and Society: Perspectives on Social and Applied Psychology

SO306 Atrocity, Suffering and Human Rights (H)

ST226 Actuarial Investigations: Financial (H)

ST227 Survival Models (H)

PS203 Societal Psychology: Theory and Applications

Sociology (SO)

Sociology helps us to understand not only the unparalleled changes that are occurring throughout the world and the changing patterns of relationships between peoples, but also our own lives, predispositions, values and expectations in a way which no other academic subject can rival.

SO100 Key Concepts in Sociology: An Introduction to Sociological Theory

Statistics (ST)

The Department offers expert teaching and supervision in time series, stochastic modelling, financial mathematics, actuarial statistics, latent variable modelling and sample survey theory and methods. Actuarial science applies mathematical skills to a range of applied subjects, and helps to solve important problems for insurance, government, commerce, industry and academic researchers.

ST300 Regression and Generalized Linear Models (H)

ST302 Stochastic Processes (H) ST304 Time Series and Forecasting (H) ST305 Actuarial Mathematics: Life

ST306 Actuarial Mathematics: General (H)

ST307 Aspects of Market Research (H) ST308 Bayesian Inference (H)

ST327 Market Research: An Integrated Approach

ST330 Stochastic and Actuarial Methods in Finance (in conjunction with ST302)

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