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Joplin Valley Council Minutes February 3, 2010 Laclede County Shrine Club Lebanon, MO. The meeting was called to order by Valley Chairman, Ill. Brother Harry Guinn, 33°. An Opening Prayer was given by Ill. Brother Dale Roller, 33° and the Craft was lead in the Pledge of Allegiance by Ill. Harry Guinn, 33°. The following men were then installed into their respective offices:

Lodge of Perfection James Watson, 32°, KCCH – Venerable Master David Gray, 33°– Senior Warden Roger Wreath, 32°, KCCH - Junior Warden John Watson, 32°, KCCH - Orator (not installed) Brad Wells, 32°, KCCH – Captain (not installed) Don Haden, 32°, KCCH - Expert Michael Wallace, 32° KCCH - Asst. Expert Knights Kadosh James Bewley, 32°, KCCH – Commander ( n. i.) Robert Stines, 32°, KCCH – 1st Lt. Comm. ( n. i.) Tim Couch, 32°, KCCH – 2nd Lt. Comm. James Davis, 32°, KCCH – Chancellor John Kuehn, 33° - Orator (not installed) Mark Hagen, 32°, KCCH – Master of Crmn’s Charlie Mason, 32°, KCCH – Turcoplier ( n. i.) Doug Davis, 32°, KCCH – Master of Cvlry ( n. i.) Matt Ruth, 32°, KCCH – Master of Inftry ( n. i.)

Chapter Rose Croix Michael Bodine, 32°, KCCH – Wise Master Charles Hagen, 32°, KCCH – Senior Warden James Ayers, 32°, KCCH – Junior Warden David McDaniel, 32° - Orator (not installed) Robert Gephardt, 32° - Master of Ceremonies ( n. i.) Kevin Knewtson, 32° - Expert (not installed) Rodney Trimble, 32° - Asst. Expert (not installed) Consistory James Carpenter, 33° – Venerable Master Carlin Smittle, 32°, KCCH – Prior David Collignon, 32°, KCCH – Preceptor Phillip Kent, 32°, KCCH– Chancellor Forrest Maxey, 32°, KCCH - Minister of State John VanSlyke, 32°, KCCH – Prelate (not installed) Jeremy Bass, 32° - Marshal of Ceremony ( n. i.) Steven Tygart, 32°, KCCH - Expert

After Installation, the Valley Council meeting was called to order by Valley Chairman, Ill. Brother Harry Guinn, 33°. A motion made by Brother Jim Watson, 32° KCCH to accept the minutes of December 3, 2009 as written, seconded by Brother Carlin Smittle, 32° KCCH, was carried by a vote of the Council.

The Personal Representatives report was presented by Ill. Brother Harry Guinn, 33°. He asked the Council for approval to sell the Scottish Rite’s 1992 GMC Van that was bequeathed to the Joplin Valley by Ill. Brother James Doran, 33°. Ill. Guinn advised that the Van was costing the Scottish Rite almost as much as it’s worth. It’s costing us $900 a year just for insurance. It still looks good and has been used periodically. Brother Mike Bodine, 32° KCCH made a motion to sell the Van, which was seconded by Ill. Brother David Gray 33° and the motion carried. Next, Ill. Guinn presented the duties of the Line Officers for the Scottish Rite Bodies to the Council and asked that the printed copies be shared with the rest of the Line Officers. The proposed budget for the Joplin Valley was then shared with the Council. Ill. Guinn pointed out that the budget includes $22,500 in fund raising for the maintenance of our Cathedral. He advised that times are hard, but building maintenance must be done to keep the building functioning. We must be frugal. Ill. Guinn also pointed out that renting the building has been very profitable for us. Finally, Ill. Guinn presented a request by the organizers of the George Washington Celebration to allow them to use the Cathedral and waive the regular rental fee. He advised that subordinate bodies already get a 25% discount and that we have rented the building for as little as $300 per day. Ordinary utilities have been costing the Valley about $100 per day. Discussion ensued with Ill. Brother Bart Tucker and Brother Keith Anderson, 32° KCCH explaining the event. A good meal is provided at no cost to attendees. Ill. Brother David Gray, 33° made a motion to rent the facility to the Organizers for $400.The motion was seconded by Brother Tim Couch, 32° KCCH and passed by a vote of the Council.

The Valley of Joplin Treasurer’s report was presented by Ill. Brother Harry Guinn, 33°. A motion made by Brother James Watson, 32° KCCH to accept the report was seconded by Ill. Brother David Gray, 33°, and carried by a vote of the Council.

There was no new business announced. Ill Brother Harry Guinn, 33° reminded the heads of the Scottish Rite bodies that the next regular Valley Council meeting will be held in Joplin on March 4, 2010.

No further business appearing the Valley Council Meeting was closed in regular form by Ill. Brother Harry Guinn, 33°.

________________________________ Valley Chairman

__________________________________ Executive Secretary

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