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Joplin Lodge of Perfection Minutes February 3, 2010

Laclede County Shrine Club

Lebanon, MO. The Lodge of Perfection for the Valley of Joplin was opened in due form in all four bodies by Brother James Watson, 32° KCCH, Brother Mike Bodine, 32° KCCH, Brother Tim Couch, 32° KCCH, and Ill. Brother James Carpenter, 33°.

A motion made by Ill. Brother David Gray, 33° to accept the minutes of December 3, 2009 as written, seconded by Brother Mike Bodine, 32° KCCH, was carried by a vote of the Council.

A motion to pay the bills was made by Ill. Brother James Carpenter, 33°, seconded by Ill. Brother David Gray, 33° and the motion carried by a vote of the Lodge.

Illustrious Brother Carl Carpenter 33°, advised that there was no report for the Scottish Rite Clubs. Brother Denis Anderson 32°, reporting for the Knights of St. Andrew announced a change in the advancing Officers line and that the Knights will be ready for the Reunion. He also advised that the Master Craftsman Program continues to go well. Brother Dave McCann, 32° KCCH, gave us an update on the Greeter Program and outlined plans for new candidates’ hospitality and travel arrangements. The Knights are also working on accompanying candidates that are not with their top-line-signers. He advised that the Knights were working on organizing a Calling and Retention Committee in order to stay in contact with our new members. The Knights will have most of the components in place for the March Reunion. Ill. Harry Guinn, 33° advised that the reason for the change in the KSA line was the situation involving Brother Billy Coleman’s wife and her life threatening medical condition. Prayers were encouraged for them. There is no power greater than prayer.

Illustrious Brother Dale Roller, 33°, reporting for Speech and Language, announced we’ve just helped another child in Springfield with hearing aids. He also announced a Missouri Rite Care meeting in Richland, MO on Saturday and invited all that could to attend. He stated that money problems are everywhere, but we do have a Golf Tournament upcoming. Brother Mike Wallace, 32° KCCH then presented a check for $500.00 to the Joplin Rite Care. The Executive Secretary then presented the Ridgerunners area popcorn proceeds for Joplin Rite Care in the amount of $1,010. Finally, Brother Steve Tygart, 32° KCCH presented the Joplin Rite Care with $1,600 in proceeds from popcorn sales. Ill. Brother Roller, 33° said, “it’s good to be a Mason in hard times!”

Illustrious Brother Larry Houge, 33° reported that the Stage was ready. Illustrious Brother Bart Tucker 33° advised that the Auditorium Committee would be holding a work day on February 13 and that the Auditorium would be ready. It was also reported that the Wardrobe will be ready. Illustrious Brother Jim Heitman, 33° reported the Class Committee will be ready.

The Membership Committee report was made by Brother Greg Ross, 32° KCCH. He reported a goal of 65 candidates for the March Reunion. He said retention was also a big part of the Committee’s goals. He related the story of a child with auditory problems helped by Rite Care and how that child grew to be a Marine Corps Officer and how he owed it to the Masons of the Scottish Rite who helped him. We’re making a difference!

The Kitchen Committee report was made by Brother Chas Hagen, 32° KCCH. He reported that the Kitchen will be ready. Illustrious Brother John Howell, 33° reported that the Dining Room will be ready. He asked that a letter be sent to the Demolay thanking them for their assistance at the October Reunion. Brother Keith Anderson, 32° KCCH reported the Pit Crew was ready. Brother Tim Thomas, 32° KCCH, reported the Library was trying to find some requested books and was still looking. He is compiling a list of books we need.

The Executive Secretary’s report included the affiliation of Brothers Robert Martin, James Hyatt, Michael Whitescarver, and Robert York, and the reinstatement of Brother John Hayes. A motion made by Illustrious Brother Bart Tucker, 33° to accept the affiliations and reinstatements was seconded by Brother Greg Ross, 32° KCCH. The motion carried. The Executive Secretary then announced the deaths of five brethren, Brother Charles Bogart, Brother Marion Guest, Brother George Martin, Brother George Straight, and Brother Alex Hughes. A moment of silence was held for our departed brethren.

In sickness and distress it was announced that Illustrious Brother Buford Balay, 33° and Illustrious Brother Mearle Blake had fallen on the ice and sustained significant injuries. Ill. Brother Blake had broken a bone in his back and Ill. Brother Balay had suffered a head injury. Prayers were encouraged for them.

A discussion of names for Lebanon’s Reunion was then held. Brother Jim Morgan, 32° KCCH advised that he will contact the Office with a suitable name. Illustrious Brother Wallace Willard announced and promoted attending the Scottish Rite Symposium in Branson on Aril 30 and May 1. He also announced the Leadership Conference in New Orleans in April and that all Scottish Rite Masons were welcome at the symposium.

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