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Birds of Michigan




Engage activity

(PowerPoint, questions)

* Present PowerPoint presentation consisting of different pictures on birds in Michigan to get kids interested in learning more.

* Ask students how many different types of birds they see in their backyard.

* Ask student to describe different birds that they see in nature.

Constructivist Theory

Students are describing different birds from their previous experiences.

Brain Based

Students are sharing their thoughts aloud.

Problem Based learning

We are using real life instances to come up with information about birds.

Exploring Activities

(Put into groups, Stations)

* Split the class into six groups of four.

* There will be 6 stations set up for each of the groups to go to. Each station consists on 12 minutes.

*When each station is over the teacher will ring a bell and the kids silently move to the next station.

* The first station consists of a large round table with pictures of six types of birds and their names. The students are to study the names of theses birds together the best they can, knowing that they will be assed on them later.

* The next station consists of six small puzzles of each of the birds that the students are asked to put together the best they can in the amount of time given to them.

* At the next station the

Cooperative Learning

Students are working together in their groups to study the birds and their names.

Learning Centers

Students are learning something at each station they move to.

Choice Theory

Students are choosing their own methods for studying the birds and their sounds.

Brain Based

The bird sounds that the children are listening to on the headphones are processing into their brains as they listen each time.

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