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students will sit at computers and put on headphones. The website that they need will already be up on the computers. It is http//www.prestogalaxy.com/html/birdssounds.html. They need to click the icons and listen to each bird noise that they make for the thirteen minute period.

* For the next station there will be many resources such as Mi. Geographic magazines and nature books. The students are asked to cut out any bird that they see and past them onto a piece of construction paper given to them.

* When the students go to the next station there are just blank pieces of paper with crayons. Each student is to draw and color a picture of their favorite picture that they studied in at the previous stations.

* At the last station the students are back on computers and they are typing each one of the six birds into google and write down two facts about each one of the birds. For example, their sex, their colors, what they eat, how they reproduce…etc

Integrated Curriculum

The children are also integrating art into their lesson on the birds as they draw and color their birds.

Processing activities

(Pictures and sounds)

* The teacher will now bring the groups together to their own seats.

* To process the information that the students learned the teacher will now hold up the pictures of each one of the six

Multiple Intelligences

The children are visualizing the pictures and then writing their names down on paper.

Prepared curriculum

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