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Engage Activity

*red cape

*fly around room

*questions about ladybugs/discussion

Come into the classroom wearing a red cape with black spots (try to keep it a secret to see if the students see what you are) Hopefully it draws their attention and engages some conversation about ladybugs (What do we know about ladybugs, What do we want to learn about them?)  If that doesn’t work, ‘fly’ around class room, write the word ladybug on the board, I will also read The Grouchy Ladybug

Inquiry-  the students are going to ask questions about ladybugs

Constructivism- because they are having to think on their own and having t respond to their environment.

Problem Based- because I am wearing a cape ad no one knows why

Reading Aloud- I will be reading the book aloud to the class.

Exploring Activity

*www.geocities.com website (draw ladybug)

*ladybug crossword puzzle

Students will log onto the computer and internet and go to the bookmarked link www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/5924/ladybuganatomy.htm

Draw the ladybug and label the parts.  After, click on Ladybug Games on the left side of the screen.  Complete the crossword puzzle and have teacher look to see that it’s complete.

Brain Based- drawing the parts of a ladybug to label, they are actively processing

Preoperational Stage of Theories of Development- demonstrating memory and symbols through these activities

Graphic Organizer- when the students draw the ladybug, the parts coming off the ladybug are an organizer.

Problem Based- the students are going to complete the crossword puzzle

Processing Activity

*website to play game

As a class, we will fill out a concept map of a ladybug and the parts.  Then go to the benchmarked site www.scholastic.com/magicschoolbus/games/bugs/index.htm

Cooperative Learning- completing the concept map as a class

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