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and play the Monster Bug game to build the ladybug out of the given parts.

Preoperational Stage of Theories of Development-demonstrating memory by building the ladybug

Cooperative Learning- as a class we are going to discuss the parts of the ladybug

Graphic Organizers- as a class we are going to make a concept map

Further Investigation

*nature walk

*worksheet attached

Take the class out for a nature walk around the school or field is possible.  Have them take along a bug jar to catch ladybugs in.  Once they get ladybugs have them fill out the worksheet that is attached about where they found the bug and other inquiring questions about the ladybug

*if it is raining or the weather does not permit, then I will have live bugs in bug catchers that they can work with.

Brain Based- learning through hands on, active processing

Inquiry- the students are going to have to answer questions that they may not know the answers to

Problem Based- within their new environment they are going to be questioned about the ladybugs

Cooperative Learning may occur when out on the nature walk, helping each other find bugs



*take home activity

Have the class discuss what they have learned about ladybugs.  After the discussion, as a take home activity, give them the website they were on earlier, www.geocities.com, and go to ladybug crafts and complete one and have them bring it in to share with the class why they choose that activity.

Choice Theory- students will pick the activity that satisfies their basic need

Inquiry- they will learn more with the project/activity that they choose to do


In grade book write “ladybugs” with total points of 40

* how they worked independently (5)

* Completion of crossword puzzle (10)

* ladybug with labeled parts (10)

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